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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Main Event- 06 February 2013
Episode #19

Match 1: Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga

After a somewhat lengthy matchup, Kofi Kingston takes control with a crossbody. The Intercontinental Champion sets up and hits a boom drop on Otunga. Kofi moves to the corner and waits for his opponent to rise, performing his signature theatrics to get the crowd behind him.

As Otunga is gradually pulling himself to his feet, The Miz charges down the ramp and hops up onto the ring apron. The Miz obviously trying to avenge his loss two nights ago, which was caused by Kofi Kingston, enters the ring.

Kofi is quick to react however, hitting The Miz with an emphatic Trouble in paradise which sends The Awesome One tumbling out of the ring!

Kingston then turns his attentions back to Otunga, who is back on his feet. Otunga is quick to capitalize, going for The Verdict on Kingston. But Kingston reverses the move and hits The S.O.S.!

Kingston covers Otunga for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Kingston celebrates while Miz glares at win from ringside.

Match 2: The Usos vs Primo & Epico

The Tag Team Champions control the match for the most part, despite several decent spells of offence by Primo & Epico.

The Usos eventually finish it up with by both hitting The Alley-Us on their opponents, and then both The Samoans heading up to deliver a double Samoan Splash to Epico, with Jimmy Uso getting the pin.

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

While The Usos are celebrating their win, Team Rhodes Scholars’ music hits and the intellectual saviours of the unwashed masses come out.

Rhodes: Usos, you call yourselves fighting champions do you not?

The Usos nod in reply.

Rhodes: You have no right to call yourselves fighting champions, if you cannot defeat us without outside help.

Sandow: If you two truly are deserving of those Tag team titles, put them on the line against us at The Elimination Chamber.

The Usos (in unison): You’re on.

The two tag team who will face off for the titles in eleven days time stare each other down as Main Event goes off the air.
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