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Re: Austin Aries heel turn was a bad idea.

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
One pic where he íntentionally does that expression does not make him a bad guy.

This is the perfect face. TNA doesn't have to overdo it like WWE did with Cena, but this guy is perfectly marketable as a top guy. He has all the tools every top guy has nowadays, except the height, and nobody cares in RL if the top guy is 5'8" or 6'2".
I was being facetious, but I see where you're coming from. Indeed, Aries simply has the material to be a top guy in whatever company he's in. His height is one of the things I like about him, so there's that. Not saying you were, but I think that people need not let Vince McMahon's standard of what a top guy looks like prevail here because frankly I like to separate my mind from the man (V.K.M.) while I'm focusing on IW. If he has no say in IW, then he has no say in my mind as to what a top guy should look like (nor does he in general anyway). I think AA looks like a top guy. I enjoy the work of two men who are drastically different, with 9 inches of height difference and 40 +/- pounds weight difference, but either guy is suitable to represent a company if we're talking about looks alone. My joke was about his face being more suitable for a heel, irregardless of whether he's a top guy or not. To me, the face of the company can still be a heel. I often find faces boring in the long run, so personal preference factors in. Good thing IW doesn't let a person stay one thing or the other for long, unless they're Mickie James.

I can't get why they can't just let the fans cheer the heels if they want to without turning them face. People cheering for a heel does not necessitate a face turn to me because they're cheering for the fact that the person is good at being a heel. Even people who have never watched wrestling can decide within a few minutes if they like a wrestler or not regardless of whether they're "bad" or "good." They're likely just going to be impressed with them in general. I don't like when they try to guide the fans for their own sake so things don't seem awkward. Neutral is better than a forced face turn.
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