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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


Always love the PPV for normally just the Rumble match, but this year there's something even better in Punk vs. Rock for the WWE Title. Not to mention I'm also looking forward to seeing Road Scholars facing Team Hell No, even though the match has happened a few times in the past few months. Mainly I'm looking forward to it this time around, as I believe this time they'll finally give Sandow and Rhodes the belts. I'm also even somewhat looking forward to the World Title match, though not for the match itself, but mainly for the possible Ziggler cash-in, which I see happening since it hasn't been teased in a while I think.

On the Punk/Rock match, I'm expecting it to be one of the best matches for both men, and possibly a classic. It'll be Punk's biggest match of his career so I'm sure he's gonna put 110% into it, and it's gonna be Rock's big title win, so it's the same on his side. These two seem to work really really well together, and I hope they put together the match I know they can tomorrow night.

The Rumble match is going to be oodles of fun as they have some good starpower in the match, plus some interesting combinations that could come about. Any combination of Ryback, Cena, Sheamus, and Orton looks really good, and I could see them being the final four... though WWE does normally not put the biggest stars in the match all in the finale normally. I'm thinking a Ryback/Cena finish with Cena getting the win. I see Sheamus eliminating Orton, and either this causes Orton to eliminate Sheamus, or cost him his match at EC and turn heel. I'm actually kinda interested in seeing Ryback/Sheamus. Both men seem to be in line to be the next top face after Cena, so it'd be interesting to see how their interaction goes.

Plus there's also the possibility of some surprise entrants. If Punk/Rock goes on before the rumble, one of them could end up being in the match. There's also the possibility of Taker and/or Lesnar, which is exciting, though Taker could've been a surprise entrant last year and he wasn't, so I have my doubts on him being there. Plus now apparently Carlito and Benjamin are going to be in the Rumble, and they're some damn fine workers, so they could bring some interesting moments into the match. Not to mention guys like Bryan and Ziggler, whom could end up being the MVP of the match, especially Ziggler since he'll be in the start of the match.

Only a little over 26 hours away!

Heard some peeps on the net saying SummerSlam 2011 was the GOAT SSlam since 02. I agree actually, though 08 was great as well.
08 did have one of the best cell matches of all time (number 3), a classic at that in Taker/Edge, as well as an awesome Batista/Cena match. That being said, the HHH/Khali match was poor (which isn't surprising for a Khali match), Punk/JBL was underwhelming, and honestly I don't remember much otherwise. The combination of Punk/Cena and Orton/Christian at Summerslam 2011 might beat the combination of Taker/Edge and Cena/Batista from the 2008 show, but I'd put Taker/Edge easily above that Punk/Cena and Orton/Christian match.

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