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Re: WWE 2013

RAW Review

- Great back and forth opening contest with Rey Mysterio and John Cena, it was so back and forth and entertaining that I would definitely watch it if it was given out on free TV but it is a pay-per-view worthy match really if you ask me but Cena has to have that Masked Man still on his mind, that Masked Man who cost him the Royal Rumble Match because I would have thought that The Masked Man would be making another appearance during this match as a way to distract Cena or maybe even cost him the match or perhaps even attack both him and Rey but the Masked Man was nowhere in sight, it seems he might make his presence known at the Elimination Chamber since Cena is obviously in the match

- Punk is full of confidence heading into tonight's main event when he faces Ryback inside that 15 foot high steel cage for the WWE Championship, but I see Punk winning again to keep his championship in tact as a way to stick it to the new RAW General Manager, The Rock

- Kaitlyn vs Layla ending in a No Contest because of Tamina, and then Natalya making the save and it ultimately ending with Kaitlyn making an announcement that the winner of a Triple-Threat Match on Smackdown would face her for the WWE Divas Championship at Elimination Chamber, I for one know who I'm picking in that Triple-Threat Match to face Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber but what about AJ, how come you didn't include her in this discussion?

- Barrett I still think he is crazy or at the very least has a death wish for even using his Royal Rumble title shot to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 but then we get background as to why he chose Taker and it all leading back to Nexus, it is all starting to make sense now, but what I don't get is why you would have Barrett change his theme song, isn't his theme song I Just Don't Care Anymore because if anything that theme song is much better, the one he has now really, but also Barrett having respect for Taker's matches at WrestleMania that he has had with Triple H but that Taker is afraid of Barrett, I don't think so, I just think Taker thinks that Barrett is nothing more than a punk and that he isn't even worthy to face The Undertaker if you ask me, like Taker has nothing to prove to Barrett or to anybody else for that matter because the man is already 20-0, he's a legend while Barrett is just like all the other victims of The Undertaker trying to make a name for himself at Taker's expense but he will ultimately end up failing

- Del Rio beating Miz who is fresh off his most recent heel turn in what I thought was a great match between the 2 of them, it definitely gives Del Rio some much needed momentum heading into the Elimination Chamber pay per view when he faces Dolph for the World Heavyweight Championship while Miz is losing momentum heading into the RAW Chamber

- Team Hell No beating the Primetime Players in relative fashion only for The Shield to attack them and then the new GM Rock comes out and makes the announcement that one of the members of the Shield will face him at Elimination Chamber in a match surrounded with security, I for one hope The Rock faces Roman Reigns and I will tell you why? Because The Rock is a 3rd generation superstar and Roman Reigns is a 2nd generation superstar, they both come from the same wrestling family that being the Anoa'i wrestling family because Roman Reigns his father is a WWE Hall of Famer, his father being Sika of the Wild Samoans and The Rock being somewhat related to The Wild Samoans through The Rock's grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia who is a WWE Hall of Famer and Rock's father Rocky Johnson also being a WWE Hall of Famer, these 2 practically grew up together when you really think about it, this pretty much writes itself when you think about it and that is why I would want Reigns to be the one who faces Rock at Elimination Chamber

- Heath Slater beating R-Truth and then all 3 members of 3MB end up attacking R-Truth right after the match is over, but also attacking him during the match while the referee was distracted as they brutalize Truth, it definitely has me saying that 3MB do definitely deserve to be taken seriously and they should be but if they want to make an impact, they definitely need to go about it in better ways by attacking superstars who are higher up on the food chain like main event worthy superstars

- Triple H wants Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 and I for one want that match-up to take place at WrestleMania 29 but to further up the stakes in that match with those stipulations being that if Triple H wins Brock leaves WWE and his career is over but if Brock wins Triple H retires for good and Brock then is left to rule the WWE, then their match shouldn't be a regular match, how about this, Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in an I Quit Match where the only way to win is by making your opponent utter those 2 humiliating words and especially on the grandest stage of them all

- Paul Heyman having more than 1 client, I wonder how he is going to juggle his time between managing Lesnar and Punk, because Heyman in my opinion he should only be with one of them and he should turn on the other one

- I knew CM Punk would do it again and he does it again and again proving just why he is The Best in the World winning match after match by beating Ryback yet again this time in a Steel Cage Match to retain his WWE Championship but Punk's reign could be in danger at Elimination Chamber when he has to defend that title against Cena, Ryback, Miz, Kofi, and Mysterio, so Punk should enjoy this while he still can

- Great RAW episode and I can't wait until your WWE Main Event, Superstars, and Smackdown episodes because they should be looking to be great ones, that's for sure
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