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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

His current Team Hell No gimmick is running its course and is near its end, it has been entertaining but in my opinion is getting stale now. I think this staleness in his current character, combined with his current look (of a tramp) is causing more people to detract than normal. Daniel seems incapable of meshing his comedy with an underlying feeling of being a permanent threat, which is something Kurt was excellent at. How ever much of a goof he played, you always knew he could go in the ring. I don't feel that same threat from Bryan at present.

I'd like to seem him return to his singles career with a more serious persona, focusing around his abilities not unlike when Kurt was in his wrestling machine phase. His talent could be enough to solidify him as a main eventer in and of itself, like Benoit. Or maybe not.

His wrestling is definitely the best in the company right now. I don't think he has the look to be a main eventer, and never will, nor do I think he has the necessary charisma. I think he will do well as a top mid carder / infrequent main eventer.

Is he as good as HBK, Kurt etc? No. In tehcnical terms he probably rivals them, but he lacks the showmanship and charisma of the former to really be considered in their category. But purely as a wrestler, he certainly is not overrated.


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