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Re: Jake the Snake asking fans to donate for shoulder surgery

Originally Posted by SAMOA View Post
Mr Gimmicky, You have 20 and you have a choice of giving that to Mr.Roberts for his dodgy shoulder and a can of carling, or a young child from Africa who has not eaten for days and hasn't had access to clean water for days. Please answer my question honestly.

I am not ignorant nor bitter, I am realistic and trying to explain to you people of other beneficial charities.
Dear Mr Samoa

Firstly, I spent 10, well a little less actually, pound to dollar ratio is lovely, and that roughly equates to one hour of work at my current job, in exchange for a signed 8 x 10. All I ever get back from Africans is poor drawings and letters about how nice their new school will be. Seriously, that shit isn't going on my fridge, let alone my shelf. And no, he wont spend it on a Carling, you keep banging on about him drinking but I will tell you again and again until you listen to actual facts, he is sober, he doesn't drink the money is for surgery, has it sunk in yet? Worse case scenario is he spends the extra on Pepsi, which is cool. I like Pepsi. Fact sunk in yet? Good boy.

Secondly, I have donated to Indian Children to help build their new school, I know it's not African children but I assume they meet your standards, I've probably donated near a hundred quid through my local Church scheme, and I have yet to solve the Indian Homeless problem, nor have I solved cancer by donating a bit to them or stopped all the rape and spousal abuse, God knows how hard the African problem will be, that's like all those problems and more. I could probably donate all I have and it wouldn't cause a dent, everyone on the forum could and still not a dent. With that in mind I take a realistic approach, I give money but I don't need to give it all my money. I like to buy lovely shit. Like chocolate. Or a frame for that signed 8 x 10. Helping an old man get back on his feet is just as worthy and will cause him happiness and what not. Helping those who need, that is the essence of charity, be it Africa, India, Essex, a local drama group, football ground, a pub and whatnot.

But now we've gone off topic, back on topic, I like his DDT. And LOL at the guy wearing a TNA shirt in his acceptance video.

Polly fucking Anna...

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