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Re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Parks was brilliant this week. Seen a couple of people doing columns write about a couple of situations moving in a very TV friendly format, whereas Parks has always excelled at presenting a very realistic environment with characters making conscious and life-like decisions, but I loved one of the story arcs so much and there was enough great quotes throughout that I can overlook that small critique.

Spoiler for Parks greatness:

Leslie learning that back in the day the men in government used to keep menstrual calendars of all female employees, then in the meeting having a councilman ask why she was being so hostile as 'it isn't the 7th yet'. Her face afterwards was spectacular.

Chris realising all the people at the equality commission were men and he'd merely thought departments would send women. His crushing realisation that 'I'm part of the problem' had me in hysterics.

The Councillor commenting that Chris wasn't a woman, but rather a very beautiful man. Chris's inability to not smile at a glowing compliment was perhaps the best bit of visual comedy of the episode.

Ron's face as the shot pans out to see the girls painting his shoes red and him trying to contain his displeasure. The cut to him downing a glass of whiskey when he's forced to agree to watch them tomorrow might have been even better.

Ann desperately struggling to entertain the kids on her first meeting. "Do you guys like..Coldplay?"

Ron commenting that he always thought Ann's surname was Hanson and after being corrected responding, "...you look more like a Hanson".

April's comments about men being superior and women having to walk behind the man. Some of her finest deadpan sarcastic dialogue she's ever produced.

The entire basketball scene. May have been bizarre that Tom has to learn to play basketball to improve his business rather than be educated on the stars, but everything from Ben wearing the classic nerd goggles whilst playing and Andy's spectacular fall when attempting a dunk. He's a master at physical comedy as evidenced throughout the series, and this was no exception.

Ron inadvertantly revealing his feelings for Diane and Ann finally winning their trust feeling like a nice and not overly cliche moment. After being the whipping character the past few episodes it was nice to see Ann have something of a victory in this episode. Her interactions with Ron continue to be arguably the most overlooked chemistry. Him being a closeted individual is the perfect dynamic to her over eagerness and inability to close herself off even when she's heading for embarrassment.

Leslie's comment about 'google earth always watching' when posing for a picture with no camera around.

Jerry's fit of laughter when Ron runs out of his office annoyed people know he has emotions.

The best line of the season so far: Jerry to Diane's kids: "Hi Girls!" and one of them instantly replying "No". His playful 'Ok' response just sealed the deal on how amazing that bit of dialogue was.

Ben Wyatt needs to meet Michael Stipe before this season is over. Give the man his dream for god's sake!
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