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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread


Reading through all of this sure wasn't boring but slightly depressing since McLovin's death was unnecessary, as was Ziggler's need to claim. I think Impulse is right, this game might be moving too fast, not just for 'keep up' reasons but it feels like it's getting messy. I didn't even know there could be Duels in Mafia, tbh. So I'm hoping some of you can clarify who is eligible to call for Duels. On the plus side the lynch on Kenny was swift and an easy one, not much else to celebrate other than Shep being diligent.

That being said my play isn't all that much different ( as Skyfall mentioned ) than my last game, Shep. Also I don't recall you being in that game so how would you even know? Seems pretty scummy of you to make such a bold claim or just pretentious. You're playing a pretty active scum hunting game right now, so I don't really think you're scum at all. Although with the emergence of another scum group, things are more complicated. chr1st0's play comes off as really town to me as he's been trying to show Ziggler the light of how Taz has been playing really suspiciously and Ziggler seems to be acting like he has chr1sto on ignore.

Shep, WOOLCOCK and Chr1sto are true blue the way I see it. Taz's play puts him in a tight spot, new or not his he's done nothing but make himself a distraction. Continuously posting fluff, It's gotten to where I almost think he can't even speak English, since he acts like he doesn't understand us. That's my 2cents for right now, I had to go through almost 30 pages from where I last left off, so forgive me for not compiling more information, I'm a bit more caught up now. So

How about you start adding things of relevance to this game Taz?

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