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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by oompaloompaTAZ View Post
I dare say that those who tried and succeeded very hard to get me to complain are scum
Would you care to elaborate on this? Most of the people pushing for a claim from you did so because your general play beforehand was suspect and drew speculation you were Cristiano Ronaldo. Posting the comment about Barcelona and Lionel Messi certainly increased said speculation and you never took the time to correct or comment on any of the speculation on your end.

Mikey then flipping as Ronaldo immediately raised suspicion because people remembered your barcelona and messi comment, which now came off as very deliberate play as it was the only comment from you that was directly relevant to the game and your character. Since then you've ducked claims and played very awkwardly and not taken to address speculation/assertions in any great detail. You've made people suspect your play to be scum on the basis that you floated under the radar of a PR which later turned out to be completely different to what people expected it to be, and you've made little contribution by way of enquriring/reading the game to identify potential suspect play.

I'm just failing to register how a lot of your play which has drawn suspicion and unease from a number of players can be attributed to scum looking to pressure you. Do you really think your play minus the later character claim suggests you to be obviously town?
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