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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM’s Review

Having the IC Title situation open the show was a gutsy call. But I do think you’re doing great with your midcard and it’s established enough so that it opens Smackdown right so good job with that. Big fan of your work with Cody. His promos thus far have been brilliant and this time was no different. Regal seemed a bit off to me here in the first half of his promo but it quickly picked up nicely. Cody was the true star of this opening segment and I hope we see more of him. Adding Sin Cara to the mix makes sense. This match could potentially be a show stealer when HIAC occurs.

Fighting For Freedom is a pretty intense name me thinks, lol. But anyway, always good to see the tag team division getting more teams because the tag division was pretty much a staple back in the day. So we’ll see what you can do with them. Don’t job Percy and Titus too much though, they’re a pretty good team imo. Didn’t really get this segment with Morrison and Christian. Why exactly did Morrison approach Christian? Was it to explain himself? Didn’t think he needed to do that but it does set up a nice match for later on. Thinkin’ Christian loses that one and continues his conspiracy theory on Teddy Long.

Again the case seems as though Striker said more than Orton here but it sort of fits into Orton’s character. Orton doesn’t do much talking so it made sense here. Him vs. Barrett has been great thus far and I hope that continues with both men looking strong coming out of this feud. You’ve really built Gabriel up quite well. I didn’t realize he won eight straight matches already, that’s gotta count for something. Gabriel is a fine choice to have rising up the ranks. How about we hear him cut a promo? That seems to be the next thing he should do.

Whoa whoa whoa, what’s happening here with Kelly and Eve? Lol. But anyway, job evaluation for Teddy? No idea where that one’s going. Seems a bit overused imo but I’m sure you’ve got something planned for it. The Cara/Regal match was a joy to watch. Just thinking of the rub Cara gets from being in a match with Regal is pretty awesome. I like your use of Regal, giving him a chance to shine before retirement is a possibility for him. Pretty sad that the match ended with a roll-up but I guess it makes sense since they’ll be going into battle at the PPV. I think the way to go with this was to have Regal be frustrated and leave up to the midway point on the ramp then have Cody and Ted come out and applaud the two then the three can staredown or something like that. Makes a little more sense to me.

Gabriel/Mahal should be a good first feud for both men. An attack is definitely the way to plant seeds for a future feud. The Teddy Long segment seemed off to me. Not that it didn’t have the right words but it just came out of nowhere. Maybe it was best to leave it alone since we knew that Long received a memo of a job evaluation in the backstage segment which was more than likely played on the titantron.

The Sheamus interview seemed like it ended pretty abruptly. You wrote Sheamus as appearing apprehensive which kind of made me think he was unsure of something. Then you wrote him like he was pretty confident and all that. So yeah, maybe the wording was a bit wrong but I get what you were trying to convey here. Would’ve liked to have heard more from Sheamus but I guess you’re saving that for later on. Barrett was written for nicely here, very good promo. The whole time this whole Worm thing started, I thought of Scotty so it was pretty funny to see him back but we all knew he was just a pawn for this whole thing to play out. Barrett seemingly playing his own mind games was a nice booking move and having Orton RKO Scotty was brilliant. There is nothing to complain about here and everything to like, good job.

Time for Tyson Kidd is always good. And I’m glad you had him as a heel here, he just works that way better. And wow to your Christian/Morrison match. These guys will be mainstays in the upper midcard so it was pretty awesome seeing them go at it. Having Christian use the Cloverleaf more often just adds to his character as he’s usually a guy who does some pretty incredible moves. Now, he does moves just to hurt people, or well that’s what I got out of this whole thing.

Here we go, face-to-face time. ARE YOU STUPID BOY?! Henry was written for nicely here. He basically just intimidates you with his size and talks a lot of smack at ya and that’s exactly what was conveyed here. Sheamus wasn’t as good as Henry here imo but not bad either. I like the thing that went down at the end when they sort of had a “beat this” kind of situation going on, that played nicely into the whole thing that you were going for. I’m thinking Henry should’ve gotten the last word here with his music playing but that’s just something I’m nitpicking at.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. Not your best, but it was good. The Orton/Barrett feud was my favorite part of this show with the final segment coming in next. You’ve got a lot of things going for you and I’m sure you have put the plans into motion nicely. The divas are getting time, the tag team division as well, and the IC Title opened the show. Good balance imo. Onto the next

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