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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by oompaloompaTAZ View Post
You're right when it comes to re-read, im a full time student, but I wanted to try this game and it's great, delay in asserting because I had not sure of the rule, but I did it as soon as I knew what I should do, I read most of it now, I'm just tight on time. i will be online this weekend
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Also, still a little concerned about this Oompaloompa Taz claim. The team is a good fit, but it's the complete opposite of TKOK's claim, who was given his player but not the team. Now Oompa has given us a team but no actual player. Plus all of his posts are complete fluff. I don't think he has even referred to his PR even once.
Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
i'd still like a character claim from taz for my own peace of mind. anderlecht was the last team i was expecting, especially when there's three portguese teams in this years champions league
^ in agreement with both Anark and Shep here Taz. Claiming the team but not the character is a little suspicious, although the reference to TKOK having the player and not the team does throw a bit of a question mark over how big has organised some characters. Anark's point about Taz largely posting fluff mirrors my statement on his play earlier. The closest he came to posting 'in character' was the comment about barcelona and messi, and chr1st0's point about you never once denying you were ronaldo even when many in the thread were openly speculating again causes concern: even if your inactivity does lend itself to the suggestion you missed these pages and didn't read back to reply to anyone commenting on your would be PR.

I like shep's point about anderlecht being a surprise mention. Benfica, Porto & Braga were all in the competition this year and would have predominantly portuguese/brazilian players who could support a claim. Trying to process whether you going for the surprise team rather than the obvious supports the claim being genuine, or again is a deliberate play coached by a fellow teammate to throw suspicion off of you.

A more comprehensive explanation of your character is definitely a priority for me atm.
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