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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

AAW Chaos Theory: Heritage Tournament First Round -- ACH vs. Prince Ali

This was not a very good show from AAW, though the effort certainly was there. Unfortunately, much of the talent was not. Irish Airborne, the tag champs involved in the evening's most broadcasted match (they don the poster), no-showed due to snow in Ohio. Sami, who's usually involved in at least a semi-main event, wasn't there either. Colt, another recent company mainstay, left out as well. So somebody had to shine, and it just happened to be a much-talked-about, highly touted, rarely seen local. While ACH was crisp in this 16-minute bout, Prince Ali was a bit crisper. I've never seen Ali before, either; my friend, who once took a training seminar with him several years back, says Ali took several years off and is now making his return. I still didn't know what to believe, so I let my eyes do the watching. And what I witnessed was a truly great matchup, perhaps not in technical showcase, but in character dynamic, and star-making performance.

ACH is already a known name in AAW, but Prince Ali? Some have heard of him, others, like myself, not so much. I can't find much of him on Google, and though he's from Chicago, same as me, I've personally never heard of him. Maybe it's time I should. He does a lot of flippy shit, I will say that, but it's calculated in a manner so that he doesn't look sloppy or rushed in doing it. And it's strange to see him doing so many high-flying moves, what, being an extreme heel and all. Of all the bad guys, Ali worked the crowd the hardest -- even once screaming at a young boy to get himself heat. And it worked. Ali was over as a heel, and ACH picked up the position of beloved, sympathy-grabbing babyface. For every boo-hiss taunt sent the crowd's way by Ali, ACH responded with a clap or a pop-inducing taunt of his own.

The pacing was a little slow, but there were some big spots spaced well throughout. Ali is a madman. There are at least two humongous bumps to the wood floor he took that need to be seen to be believed. And to top it off, he does a reverse 450? That's pretty damn cool. I'm not trying to homer for the guy, either, I'm a huge ACH mark. But something about these two, and this match, had people talking after it happened. Perhaps it was because so much of the rest of the card was disappointing, or missing, but this match easily earns a ****+ from me. Hot crowd throughout, and a clear character dynamic between the two men make that rating a no-brainer.

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