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Re: Classic WWF/E stories and anecdotes

Shawn never whined as much?

You do know that the majority of the bullshit that took place was due to HBK WHINING & CRYING about not wanting to job to Bret?

You do know that Shawn set out to ruin the life of the late Chris Candido?

You do know he bitched about dropping the title to Austin at WM 14?

Obviously, you don't know. It's a widely known fact that Shawn was miserable to work with in the 90s and often refused to job to ANYBODY, hence the "I don't lay down for anybody" promos, as well as the bitterness when he thought Bret was fucking Sunny (who wasn't even his girl), when in reality it was Bulldog (HBK's only friend in the Hart Foundation) that was fucking her.

You just seem to strongly dislike Bret and act as if his EGO makes him worse than the people I've mentioned and it doesn't make sense, especially when the shit you bash Bret for, has been done by people like Hogan (when ratings/buyrates go down, he left everytime), Flair (who flat out quit because he didn't want to lose his spot), HBK (the biggest crybaby of all but still my favorite wrestler) and Austin (who took his ball and went home TWICE).

Bret never quit, he was forced out of WWE, Hogan didn't want to put him over and Flair wanted to call the match in the ring, basically "young boying" Bret. And none of that shit is anywhere near as bad as what Benoit, Dynamite Kid, Abby, New Jack, Ian Rotten, HBK, Balls Mahoney or even McMahon himself have done.

And don't sit here and act like Bret was the poorest drawing champion, despite being HUGE overseas.

And don't sit here and act like Bret never put anybody over. Off the top of my head, Undertaker, Quebecers, Yokozuna, Owen, Austin (remember, you don't have to job to put someone over, wrestling 101), Diesel, Backlund, Mountie, Bulldog, Sid, Jerry Lawler, Vader, HBK and I'm not even counting his WCW run or anything prior to 1993. Now if you look at Bret as a tag team wrestler, I'm nearly positive every loss the Hart Foundation had, Bret took the pin.

Now, research history and I gurantee if you look up guys like Hogan, HBK, Nash, even Piper and their entire careers and I gurantee they put over less people than Bret. Especially Piper. So because Piper loss less than a handful of matches in 12 years, he's heinous too, right?

Obviously, your hatred for Bret must stem from him refusing to give an autograph or because you're a Flair/Hogan/HBK mark but let's be real. You can't compare Bret's ego to that horrible shit Benoit did.

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