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Re: Velvet's new look

Originally Posted by Wildcat410 View Post
As said, the division definately needs several new acts. There are people out there that could come in and possibly liven things up in short order if given a fair chance. But TNA doesn't pull positive levers here. They just keep feeding viewers and potential supporters the same vanilla product. Which is pretty much the opposite of what once made the Ko's a highlight of the brand. As opposed to a now less relevant part of a less domestically viewed promotion.

At this point, seeing Velvet looking hot for the sake of it is as good as anything else. Very little of what TNA's women are doing serves any real purpose anymore. It's incredible to think that a few short years ago TNA had a women's division that was arguably second to none in America overall.

They need to bring in someone clued in just to direct and book the women. And allot them a standard like amount of time. Pritchard is struggling enough overall trying to retain and regain an audience and isn't the person to right this sinking ship.
Agreed! It is time for Pritchard to delgate all writing and booking of the KO division to someone with passion for women's wrestling on TV. He is doing fine with the rest of TNA but it is clear he doesn't care enough to deliver at or above what Russo did with the division. Now Russo wasn't perfect, I wasn't a fan of all the women calling each other sluts and skanks all the time, but some of his stuff even bad was at least creative.
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