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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Dolph Ziggler is the most overrated, it's not even close. No charisma, no mic skills, absolutely ZERO presence on screen, pretty good in ring wrestler, not great, VERY overrated. His matches aren't even that good, people comparing him to Shawn Michaels is LUDICROUS. The ONLY thing that he really has going for him is his ability to sell and take stupid, stupid bumps, and yet he's probably actually done the impossible and overtaken Bryan as the IWC favourite.

Bryan at LEAST has some charisma and can be funny in a midcard role. Not to mention is 10 BILLION times the in ring performer that Dolph is, or ever will be. At least there's merit to why people think he's so great. With Dolph, he's just an empty shell of a performer. In a way, his story is actually kind of admirable because here's a guy who has to overcompensate for not being an apt WWE superstar by working his ASS off like nobody else, and refusing to stay down even though he deserves to be down. It sends a good message to people, if you're not fit for something but you love it, just work hard, you may suck at it but you could still get somewhere based on initiative. That's an admirable quality.

Admirable, but fucking BORING and overrated, and he makes decent wrestling fans suffer because of it. If only a real talent had his commitment, but of course, it's always the losers, because real talents don't NEED to work that hard.

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