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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Oh wait let me guess...Bryan was so much better in the Indies...

Absolutely nothing Bryan has done in his WWE tenure has made me think he's anywhere near as great as anyone says he is. All I've seen is that he's a slightly above average performer with an incredibly obnoxious character right now. In ring, I will name 50 more entertaining guys off the top of my head right now. My signature says what it does for a reason-Bryan marks are so irritating when trying to defend a guy who they can't clue in and see is totally plain and regular. They HAVE to hype him up like Jesus or something, and its so unwarranted. I've never understood the praise, so in my eyes, he's absolutely the most overrated guy.
But you're overlooking the possibility that he isn't exactly getting many opportunities to pull off "great" matches at the moment. Most of his matches in WWE either weren't given enough time or more specifically, are limited due to the role they have him playing. He's in a comedy act right now which is Team Hell No and I don't think you can expect him to pull off 5 star matches when he's tagging back and forth with Kane in 10 minute matches.

Why are you disregarding his work in the indies? it basically serves as proof that the guy is one of the best workers in the whole world. I know he's in the WWE now but you seem to be blaming a lot of things on him that most likely aren't in his control. I doubt he's the one who wants to have short matches with the same formula in all of them. He spent 10 years putting on wrestling clinics for a reason. I'd say that he's done very well with what he's been given for right now.

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