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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by Saint Dick View Post

Better seller, better at timing his offense and comebacks as a face, better at working interesting control segments as a heel, all around better performer between the ropes. Don't even need to mention in-ring psychology. Bryan murders Angle in that department. Bryan's ability to get top notch matches out of mediocre opponents is testament to how good he is. He's the best wrestler (talking strictly ring work) WWE has had since Benoit and Guerrero.

Angle was great at times but at no point in his career has he grasped the concept of putting together a wrestling match and working it as psychologically sound and compelling as Daniel Bryan. Actually now that I think about it, I don't recall any GREAT Kurt Angle matches where he's the better worker in the match.
What a load of garbage.

Considering Angle was hurt so often when he was working, I don't know how you can say he didn't sell stuff that happened to him masterfully. You don't have to act much to sell a fucked up neck when yours is legit fucked up. His facials were awesome, as well. The man was a pure natural.

And you would be hard pressed to find someone who displayed the last second kick out better than Kurt. The man would literally get his shoulder up at 2 9/10s of a second, he was so good at it. Ankle Lock? Easy as hell to apply, so it comes out of nowhere to build up that fear factor. Then when the situation requires it, he traps the guy in a scissors to prevent him from crawling away. So I am stunned that you'd try and say that Bryan murders him. Not once in anything he's done in the WWE has Bryan displayed anything like 'masterful' ring psychology, as you put it. The stories he tells are so mundane and boring, and they're always the same damn thing over and over.

Better at timing his comebacks as a face...again, wrong. Angle was a better heel for sure, but watch any of his matches with Austin in 2001, or against Brock in 2003. The guy could transfer from being the face in distress into an upperhand position seamlessly and convincingly when the match seemed lost. Don't see D-Blowhard doing that...

Its also funny that you say that Bryan can get amazing matches out of mediocre opponents. With the exception of his match with Punk at OTL, which was quite solid, and his match with Sheamus at ER, there is not one match he's had in the WWE that has been anything above mediocre. You want to talk about routine, with the same stupid move combos over and over again. Kick kick, Irish Whip, front drop kick, 50 more kicks, LeBell Lock attempt, more kicks, occasional submission move like Mexican Surfboard, more kicks, and then he either loses or he gets the LeBell Lock in and wins. Its so unbelievably predictable and boring that his matches aren't entertaining at all to watch. I can literally sit there and call what's coming next.

Like...have you even watched an Angle match?

Oh wait let me guess...Bryan was so much better in the Indies...

Absolutely nothing Bryan has done in his WWE tenure has made me think he's anywhere near as great as anyone says he is. All I've seen is that he's a slightly above average performer with an incredibly obnoxious character right now. In ring, I will name 50 more entertaining guys off the top of my head right now. My signature says what it does for a reason-Bryan marks are so irritating when trying to defend a guy who they can't clue in and see is totally plain and regular. They HAVE to hype him up like Jesus or something, and its so unwarranted. I've never understood the praise, so in my eyes, he's absolutely the most overrated guy.

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