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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
I don't hate Bryan. He's probably the best in ring wrestler wwe has, and i think hes a top midcarder/ emergency main eventer. Maybe win another world title..... BUT I can't take him serious as a face of the company/facing Brock lesnar. Bryan still has no mic skills to be a main guy in wwe. He's also getting fat which isn't good he needs to get back in shape. How many 5 star matches has he had?? Only 2 IMO. Extreme rules with sheamus and MITB with punk.
I bet you're just watching WWE right?
His matches with Punk and Sheamus were no 5 star matches.HELL NO.His match with CM Punk at MITB was just above 4 stars and his match with Sheamus(imo) not even close.

Personaly...Bryan Danielson was my favorite wrestler until I stopped watching indies(last year).I lived his entire ROH career and I assure you that he's deserving everything he gets.He might be a small fish now in the WWE,but he has worked his ass off to get there.

You said that you don't hate him,so we can agree on his positives.He's one heck of a competitor and kind of funny sometimes.I assure you that they have not let him do all his funny stuff yet.
All this "YES!/NO!" thing was way over with the fans!

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Now, you can like Bryan and all, but how can you not sayhe's overrated in the IWC?? Again I DON'T HATE BRYAN.
I think that the IWC is mostly consisted of smarks and indy fans right?(I'm asking mainly,cause i might be 25 but I have an internet connection the last 3 years).
That's the reason the IWC loves him,i guess.
Back in his indie carreer,there wasn't a single indy fan that didn't love Bryan Danielson.Even when he was a heel.
This guy is amazing.Personaly I don't like his current name,but he's ok with the ring attire and the moveset and all of this.They didn't cut his character too much in the WWE.

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Ridiculous. I've heard it all

"Bryan could be face of the company"
No one can say it for sure right now.
WWE is in a transitional situation in this stage.Superstar that "fed" our generation,like HHH,Taker,HBK,etc retired or will retire soon enough.
The company is in the hands of John Cena,Randy Orton,CM Punk,Sheamus and a few others at the moment.
The future belongs to Dolph Ziggler,Wade Barrett,The Miz,and I would like to thing guys like Danielson.
So,as of right now,Daniel Bryan cannot be the face of the company.Is up to the future to prove us wrong though.

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
"Bryan should face Brock"
Hmmm....no.A technician and a brawler wouldn't fit in well together.Unlikely pair(imo).

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
"Bryan should be wwe champion"
Despite I'm a big fan of his,I know what's good for him and he SHOULDN'T be WWE Champion right now.
I tell you what. Nowadays,the WHC is way underrated.I have realised that they give this belt to superstars that we all know they're never gonna win the WWE title(like Swagger,Khali or Henry),or either to superstars for keeping them "warm" until they go for the big one(like Dolph Ziggler and I believe Daniel Bryan).I firmly believe he's not gonna win the WWE title at all,but even if he is supposed to,I think he should have a few more WHC runs before that happens.

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
"bryan is better than Shawn Michaels"

That's not true.No one's gonna be HBK,ever again.Shawn Michaels was one of a kind,and you can't compare this kind of legends with any current wrestler.
Shawn Michaels was Danielson's mentor though!

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
"Bryan is better than Kurt angle"

Another "can't say right now" situation.
Kurt Angle has achieved a lot and alongside Chris Benoit and Bret Hart,he's the best technician of his generation.He has a 2 or 3 years carreer ahead of him though(imo) and Danielson has a minimum of 7 years.So,when both men's carreers are over,then we should judge.

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