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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Ridiculous. I've heard it all

"Bryan could be face of the company"

"Bryan should face Brock"

"Bryan should be wwe champion"

"bryan is better than Shawn Michaels"

"Bryan is better than Kurt angle"

First off, if this thread gets deleted it'll prove that it doesn't wanna hear anything negative about Bryan and that it's full of Bryan marks... I'm making points here.

I don't hate Bryan. He's probably the best in ring wrestler wwe has, and i think hes a top midcarder/ emergency main eventer. Maybe win another world title..... BUT I can't take him serious as a face of the company/facing Brock lesnar. Bryan still has no mic skills to be a main guy in wwe. He's also getting fat which isn't good he needs to get back in shape. How many 5 star matches has he had?? Only 2 IMO. Extreme rules with sheamus and MITB with punk.

How people are saying he's better than angle and Michaels is absolutely laughable.

Now, you can like Bryan and all, but how can you not sayhe's overrated in the IWC?? Again I DON'T HATE BRYAN.
Look man, this is no pre-attitude era where everyone got their fair shot at TV time and got to proove their own gimmick. This is TV-PG where Vince just cares about money and nothing else...hence the whole of RAW sucks fucking shit, VInce don't give a damn...as long as he is making money..

Daniel Bryan is coping very well in this desparate situation in WWE as of right now...it is a desparate sad situation where vince is concentrating on business rather than superstars. Bryan is the current most profitable star now and for the future a far as WWE is heading.
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