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Re: "Sir, I’m a U.S. Marine. You need to turn around and go back to the bank”

Originally Posted by Punk's #1 Fan View Post
Are you freaking serious? No excuse for stealing ever? I can think of plenty of good reasons. You obviously have been well off your entire life and never have been put in the position to have to steal. Let captian planet teach you a lesson

Watch from 8:20- 11:40

Wheeler: "It was wrong to steal this you know!"

Terisa: "Of course I know, but we have no money! If you're so moral, don't eat it!"

Wheeler: "I'm, sorry Terisa. I never knew life could be this rough..."

Terisa: "Well, now you know."

Was that not a good excuse to steal? Starving and broke? Its the system we live in. Id steal from the rich and give back to the poor anyday, on any oppertunity imaginable.
captain planet was a good cartoon.. An incredible source of progressive propaganda but a good cartoon none the less.

In today's world especially in the USA, I have absolutely no sympathy for thieves. With the over abundance of shelters and charities, food halls and even delivery services for those unable to make it to food halls. Places that will work with you to help you obtain employment, on and on and on and on, the ONLY reasons for people to be thieves are laziness (not wanting to work) and idiotic pride (not wanting to ask for help) I have been homeless, it sucked, but I didn't fall asleep hungry a single night, and I never once stooped to the level of a thief to do so.

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