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Re: Being the booker

WWE Clash of the Champions:

By the Way, for the second straight PPV, you have double posted.

I am trying to implement a harsher grading system and it begins right now.

Spelling and Grammar – One spelling mistake but I do not care. How do you do it?? 10/10

Length – Seventy one pages is jaw dropping for seven matches. I am highly impressed. Do you agree with the Lance Armstrong theory? The one where your heart is not proportional with our body, instead your heart is too big. 10/10

Sunday Night Heat – Ah this is what I was looking for, London and Torrie vs. Henry and Shaniqua. Yes, London and Torrie win. What a victory for them and Smackdown! Cole and King, announce team B, discuss the all the major feuds. We see DX arrive. Yes, and Eugene defeats Chavo with his own move. That is Eugeneque. Sunday Night Heat played its role.

This was a good opening video but not as good as the Great American Bash or Wrestlemania. I think that it might have excelled more if you had done more than focus on one match. I know it is the one that we want to see, but highlight everything else as well. However, you did a tremendous job with that one feud. You had most of the press conference in there and you gave each man a reason why they will in this environment. 8.5/10

All right, it is presented by Playstation 2

Cool, you have the best announce duo possible. You took Tazz from Smackdown and placed him with Jim Ross while taking away King.

United States Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/ Jamie Noblevs. Rey Mysterio
Of course, Just Bloody Lucky as you guys across the ocean say, has Jamie Noble and Rey does not. I think Rey has the advantage though. This is a good match to start the card as it is the second most prestigious titles on each show. I was expecting a tag team match, but you have out thought me again. JBL pushes Rey down but Rey makes JBL look like a fool. He is running circles around him. A quick hurricanarana gets JBL out of the ring. I knew that Rey has the advantage. All right, no second generation superstars for JBL as Rey tells them to meet the ring post. JBL hits the classic fall away slam. Bradshaw picks his challenger up by the hair.
Rey does not have any hair. He is bald. A seated Senton, but JBL catches him and hits a powerbomb!! This is it early, no, Rey kicks out!!!! JBL was too cocky. JBL sets Rey on the ropes and then big boots him to the outside. This is where Jamie will come in. Noble is able to get two moves in. OH man, JBL is very anti – Mexican. He keeps calling Rey and his friends all second class citizens. Rey recuperates and starts nailing JBL with some hard shots. Mysterio misses and goes crashing to the outside. Powerbomb, no, sunset flip, no backslide, no roll up, no inside cradle, no crucifix pin, no!!! Some hard thirty seconds of action. Rey hits a moonsualt on both Jamie and JBL!!! Noble takes advantage and drives Mysterio into the stairs. Wow, Jamie Noble hits a Tigerbomb on Rey on the “paper thin” mats. Here is the countout, but Rey enters at nine. JBL must be nuts. He cannot pin Rey!!!! Great job by changing the momentum via Rey Mysterio bulldog!! JBL is vulnerable for the 619 and Rey connects with it!!!! Oh no, Jamie recuperates and stops Rey from hitting the West Coast Pop!! JBL hits the clothesline from hell, 1,2,3!! Valiant effort by Rey but to no avail as Jamie Noble proved to be a big factor. You have set the tone for the rest of the show. 9/10

Funny DX promo turned serious as HBK wants to walk alone. Last time this happened, Orton lost the title.

One on One:
Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Matt Hardy
All right, get this match out of the way. I am guessing that we will see a Lita and Stacy run in later. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but Carlito has his feet on the ropes!!! Stacy distracts Hardy and Carlito is able to get a knee in. Stacy is being utilized well. Lita runs and attacks Stacy. Carlito goes for a chair shot, but it hits him in the face!!!! Matt hits the Twist of Fate and it is all over. I have one problem. I think that this match was longer than 8:43 as you said. I also think that the first match was longer than fourteen minutes. I am not an advocate of putting time up, but suit yourself. I think that Stacy and Lita should have been more of a factor. 8.5/10

Bret Hart will be back Thursday and he will feud with Kurt Angle.

Christian and Stone Cold exchange some heated words. The Christian Coalition!!!

Goldberg is waiting for the Rock??

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The DX Duo
I am glad that this match is in the first half of the card. Okay, some quick covers and some quick kickouts. I like that sort of action in tag matches. DX is in firm control. Dx performs some heel tactics such as choking while the referee is not looking. Now we see teammates breaking up the count. Cade hits an exploder and Jindrak is taking care of business on the outside. KICKOUT!! That was DX’s golden opportunity. Cade hits a low blow while the referee is dstracted. The impaler piledriver and the World tag team champs are the winners. Smackdown 2, Raw 1. I enjoyed this match much better than I thought I would. 8.75/10

I guess that Flair and Batista have a plan. Foely now has two problems as the Raw members will fight for the pinfall.

Goldberg is irate for Rock to arrive.

RVD is a pissed man to say the least.

McMahon’s Choice;
Chain Match:
Undertaker vs. Goldberg
Goldberg is not fully concentrated. This is my first chain match so I am anxious. Undertaker falls to the outside but takes Goldberg with him. How do you win if you are connected to the guy?? How do you perform a maneuver without killing yourself in the process?? Taker meets the steel steps and them more chain. I have no clue how Undertaker does old school with the chains. Yes, the classic Undertaker rebounding DDT!! Goldberg kicks out!! Undertaker kicks out of the Spear!!!! Taker hits the Chokeslam!!! How is this possible??? Goldberg kicks out!! Undertaker is busted open from chain shots. Goldberg meets the steel post while he celebrates. Goldberg hits the spear, but UNDERTAKER SITS UP. No time for a cover as the phenom sits up!!!!!!!!!! Tombstone time!!! No, Goldberg hits a low blow. The Rock is here!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hits a SPINEBUSTER!!! THEN A PEOPLES ELBOW!!!!! Will this not affect Undertaker as well??? Goldberg is vulnerable now. Undertaker hits the TOMBSTONE and this is all she wrote. It was my first match and if the moves that were executed were possible, then I loved it.
SD 2 Raw 2 10/10

I already saw the Tomko Christian commercial so no point to comment except it will repeat for best promo.

Battle of the Microphones:
The Coach vs. Josh Matthews
Why could you not put this match on Heat and have the tag team match on the PPV??? This is an entertaining match. Wait!!! Teddy Long, Orlando Jordan, and Rodney Mack come from the back to make an attack. A.F.A is here and that means it is RICO TIME!!!! Rico is getting horny!!! Josh Matthews pulls down his trunks, to reveal a G-String!!! What the hell??? This is worst than Wrestlemania!!! Matthews wins an entertaining match. Smackdown 3 Raw 3!!

Goldberg is looking for Rocky.

Yes, this is what I want to see. There is the stipulation that if Raw wins this happens and then Foley realizes his mistake and says that if Raw loses, then none of them will have a shot in a year.

Here is my prediction : Batista and Flair run in and they cost Raw the match. When the Raw superstars complain, Foley says that there are extenuating circumstances and that they will have title shots.

Ten Man Tag Match:
Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit
John Cena, Randy Orton, Sting, Edge, Christian
We are ready to begin after the two pages of introductions. I am intrigued to see how a pinfall will occur as there are four other people on each team to break it up. HHH and Sting start it off as the others brawl on the outside. YES!!!! ORTON is in!!!! Time to win!!! Oh no Randy, you had HHH where you wanted him but then you had to tag in Edge. Lesnar is in as Edge is unable to stop HHH from leaving the ring. Benoit and Edge are in the ring now. Oh man, Benoit is nailing some hard chops on Edge. Benoit tries the crossface, but Edge escapes and now John Cena is in the ring. Benoit and Cena do not have much time to play together as Benoit tags in Eddie. Oh, Christian makes a blind tag to ruin Cena’s momentum. Guerrero is able to stop Christian’s attack and the Texas rattlesnake is in. These two can pick it up where they left off in the cafeteria. Here we go again, ten atomic drops, which is not healthy by any means, as it sends what is down there, way up there. Edge is now in with Stone Cold as Christian needs to recuperate. Eddie and Edge are now going at it. Nice to see that everyone is getting action. Edge had that chance to make the tag but Eddie mounts some offence and now the Rattlesnake is back in. Stone Cold now hits ten punches. Benoit and Edge are at it again. Edge has to mount some offence as he has been in there a while now. Yes, Benoit connects with a German suplex. Hey, look it is something that I have not seen in a very long time, a cover. Did you forget about this????? You went about ten minutes without making a cover!!! Oh well, you are still the best. Hmm, Benoit tags in HHH. I was hoping that he had been forgotten about. Wait, Cena is here!!!! Triple H attempts a Pedigree, but Cena counters with a clothesline. Christian is now in as Cena wants him to pay for earlier. Lesnar is in the match with the Peeps champ. Sting is in the match for the first time since the beginning. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash (I believe that Shelton does that move) but HHH saves Lesnar from harms way. Brock hits a belly – to - belly suplex, a move that he sucks at, as people also land akward when executed by him, and now the crippler is in!!!! Guerrero is in and he hits that hilo move that he is good at. Damn, this match is too long. This is nice to see, but not nice to read. I am tired, I have been reviewing for the past ninety minutes. I sort of like those quick results that you do on regular shows instead of this. HHH makes a blind tag and Eddie and him continues their heated rivalry. Lesnar is in again and Sting is isolated once more despite his efforts. Sting is getting lucky to be kicking out of all these moves. Bear hug is applied. I like what you are doing with Raw. The faces, Cena and Orton are cheering on Sting, while the heels, Edge and Christian, are worried. Sting’s arm is able to float at the third time. I love it how they are dead for so long but all of a sudden the hand does not go down and at that moment, they break out of the hold. Stone Cold and Sting are in the ring together. SCSA has dominated and now HHH is in. Sting makes the hot tag to…………………THE BEST THING IN THE WWE, RANDY ORTON!!!!!!! I knew that Sting would tag the right man in. Yes, Orton has taken down all of Smackdown within a minute. Clothesline to HHH, dropkick to Lesnar, back body drop to the game, elbow to Lesnar, low bridge to Eddie, hip toss to Benoit, SCSA misses with a clothesline and Orton hits a DDT on Lesnar. This almost solidifies why you are such a good booker. Oh no, Lesnar and HHH double team on Orton, but the doctor is in the ring to make the save. Cena takes out Lesnar and HHH makes the tag to Benoit. The CRIPPLER CROSSFACE is applied. There goes all of Orton’s momentum. Maybe this will be countered into the RKO! Hold it, this is the first finisher of the match. We have a long way to go till home. Orton reaches the bottom rope. Yes he hits that move where Benoit is in a headlock and Orton goes on all fours. Orton did that move on Taboo Tuesday and Flair started crying out loud to God. Christian and Benoit now tango. Christian hits the DDT but Eddie makes the save. Christian is taking advantage of distractions and is playing the role of a heel well. Why is Edge in??? You should let me edit your shows before you submit them. Hey look, Edge is doing well, never mind, he sucks again. Benoit almost has the Sharpshooter. Edge is an unstable guy again. Cena does what is right for the team and he tags himself in. You cannot see me, Cena hits the knuckle shuffle, but Benoit kicks out. Sting is in again. He hits the Stinger Splash this time and he connects with his finishing move, I assume. He covers, but Benoit shows his heart and kicks out. Christian is in the ring now. Raw is isolating Benoit now. Now Edge and Benoit as everyone is having a turn with the Rabid Wolverine. Benoit is able to take Cena down with a German suplex. Christian enters and drags Benoit as far away as possible until Benoit hits a German!!!! All five members of Raw attack Benoit. Benoit hits a German to Edge, to Christian, to Orton, to Sting, and he hits the trifecta to Cena. You should have selected a heel for the trifecta. Benoit crawls and tags in Eddie!!! A MASS BRAWL HAS ERUPTED!!!! Eddie hits the three amigos on Cena. This could be it. He attempts a Frog splash, but Edge stops him!!! Edge is in but Guerrero has the cradle, Edge saves his pitiful butt. What the hell!!!! Stone Cold lays the law by hitting the Stunner on Edge!!!! Christian tags himself in but much to his dismay, Stone Cold is in!!!! Christian connects with the Unprettier, 1,2, HHH thinks of someone other than himself!!! Next he has to give the title to others. Lesnar hits the F – 5 in the middle of the ring, Cena saves Christian.
Cena hits Orton as Orton misses an RKO!!! Edge SPEARS LESNAR!!! He is not stupid after all. Benoit saves Brock by taking the chair shot so Brock can continues. That is typical Benoit and I am glad that you included that. It is now Cena and HHH. When the bloody hell will that match end??? I have been on it for forty – five minutes. Orton hands Cena a chair and Cena nails HHH with it. Eddie interrupts!!! Smackdown is in complete control!!!!! Edge hits the referee with the chair. Lesnar hits the F -5 on Orton and then Eddie hits the Frog Splash!!!!!! Edge breaks the count!!!!! Edge has done on thing correct on his life!!! Orton kicks out as HHH covers again. Cena hits the F – U!!!! Son of a Gun!!!! I knew that Batista and Flair would intervene and help Smackdown. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Batista helps Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has he turned on HHH????????????????????????????
Batista dominates all of team Smackdown. Batista now runs away. What the hell is that for!!!! I do not care, I like it!!!!!!!
Uh oh, Raw is bickering about the pinfall. I knew it!!! SCSA hits a spinebuster and then Benoit hits the headbutt from the top. Christina thinks that he is the legal man. ORTON HITS THE RKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ORTON PICKS UP THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
HE HAS A TITLE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS WORTH THE HOUR I SPENT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW ORTON HAS TO WIN THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM JUBILENT AND EXHILARTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HANDS DOWN, THIS IS THE BEST MATCH IN BE THE BOOKER HISTORY AS ORTON REPAYS FOR HIS BLUNDER LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
Smackdown 3 Raw 4

Oh man, now I have already spent two hours and I will have to spend another two hours on the iron man match!!!!!!!!!

60 Minute Iron Man Match:
World Heavyweight Champion vs. WWE Champion:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
I am sorry Wolfy, but I am so tired as this has taken longer than my Wrestlemania review!! I will try my best but I am very disgruntled. I have a question?? Is there to be a fifteen second respite period after each fall?? All right, LA is divided over what to do!!! Let’s go Angle and Let’s go HBK!! I have never seen Angle perform a chop. I see that you have started the match the same way it was started at Mania 21 by having the two wrestle on the mat. HBK misses with Sweet Chin Music and then Angle misses the Angle Slam. This is going to be great with all the near falls and near finishers. What??? It has only been three minutes??? That means I need to write 20xs more line. That means one hundred and sixty lines more!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!! I will just give you a noobish review ………… good show review mine.

Just kidding!! I will persevere since you have been so kind to give me reviews. HBK is doing some slapping. He is playing the heel. Oh man, tons of near falls already. Double leg takedown and a bridge cover, but both these men stand tall. I bet that this will be as low scoring as a soccer game. Angle hits ten chops in a row. There has got to be a red target on HBK’s chest. I am just going to fast forward a few minutes to where we get the near, near falls. Wait a minute, before I do that, is Angle’s arm broken????? HBK is punishing that arm pretty badly. Angle is going to need it if he has any plans of living this match. All right I have found my spot to pick up at. ANGLE hits a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX THROUGH A TABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the most dangerous moves and if you couple that with a table, then you have a catastrophic event. HBK has his foot on the ropes. It is about time for that as we are half way home. Vintage Kurt Angle with the facelock applied. HBK feigns injury and then hits the low bow. I am liking the old HBK. Angle is starting to connect with the German suplexes and that is sure to keep HBK down. I was expecting some Sweet Chin Music, but Angle avoids it and scores with a clothesline. HBK hits a DDT but Angle will not stay down. Angle hits yet another belly – to - belly and this time, HBK will not lay down. HBK steals Angle’s move by connecting with a German suplex, but he cannot capitalize. Angle hits a backbreaker, but HBK does not have any intention of lying on the mat for any longer than two seconds. HBK hits a moonsualt from the second rope ……Angle saves himself!!!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC IS REVERSED INTO A BELLY – TO – BELLY, BUT THAT IS REVERSED INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! THE COVER,1, 2, 3!!!!!! Our first fall occurs with twenty minutes to go. Can HBK hold up??? Or will we witness a classic comeback?? HBK attempts another SWEET Chin Music, but Angle comes this close to locking the Angle lock. WOW!!! A German suplex off the middle rope!! That is a match ender!! The cover, 1, 2, HBK saves himself with the ropes again. HBK is on the top rope. Angle does the vintage Kurt Angle where he just explodes off the ground and runs to the top rope. I was expecting a Angle Slam from the top, but we see a Belly – to – Belly from the top. That is a neckbreaker!!! HBK kicks out!!!! This is quite impressive!!! Not only the writing, but the performing. Another belly – to – belly but to no avail once again. HBK climbs to the top rope and hits the classic HBK elbow drop from the top, but ……….Angle kicks out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC BY HBK, NO! KURT ANGLE CATCHES THE FOOT AND HE SPINS MICHAELS AROUND … ANGLE SLAM!!!!!!!!!! This has got to be it, 1, 2, 3!!! It is tied one to one. It is tied between Smackdown and Raw three to three. There are ten minutes left. Who will succeed??? Angle is just killing HBK with multiple suplexes. HBK attempts a Sweet Chin Music but Angle blocks it and hits a belly – to – belly. I do not get sick of Germans, but I am sick of these bellies. HBK has found the injured arm once again. This could be Angle’s hommartia. Angle attempts a moonsualt, a move that he does only at PPVS, but HBK kicks out!!! HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music after three minutes of boredom!!!! HBK has the lead, hold your horses!!!! Angle kicks out!!!! Angle ducks another SCM and he connects with the Angle Slam!!!!! HBK kicks out!!!!!!!!! This is one for the books!!! All right, DX crotch chop!!! Where is Rico??? Anglelock, Anglelock is locked in by Kurt Angle. Inside cradle is the counter but Angle holds on!! HBK is this close to the ropes but Angle walks to the middle of the ring!!! Grapevine is locked in and HBK does not have anywhere to go. He has been in the hold for two minutes!! Will we have a sudden death period???? HBK goes for the ropes, Angle pulls him back!!! Can HBK hold on a while longer??? This IS REMINSICIENT TO THE IRON MAN MATCH BETWEEN HBK AND HART AT MANIA XXII!!! What!!!! HBK taps!!!!!!!!!! HBK TAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was almost as good as the previous match!!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000000000000000/10

Entertainment – 10/10

Bottomline – I love you Wolfy. This is better than Wrestlemania and you know how much I lauded you. This is the best opus in booking history. Please be grateful as I have taken three hours to review this.

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