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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Originally Posted by Marv95 View Post
Ah the excuses.

"He can't talk on the mic" Neither can Brock or Goldberg or IWC favs like Benoit, Shelton or currently Tyson Kidd. His character isn't supposed to talk.
Brock didn't need to talk because he had everything else (and Heyman), Goldberg had immense charisma, Benoit was the best wrestler in the world. People wouldn't be nearly as hard on Ryback's promo ability if he was exceptionally talented in another area. And if his character isn't supposed to talk, why are they giving him the mic?

"He can't wrestle" Depends what's your definition of "wrestling". Newsflash: it ain't just about putting on 4-5 star technical/high-flying classics.
That doesn't mean that he can wrestle. He's not awful, but yeah, he's not that good.

"He's overpushed" So was Brock, Sheamus, ADR, Austin Aries, etc. It's not like he's won a belt yet. Plus he hasn't won a PPV match in how long? So technically he isn't overpushed.
He isn't overpushed because he hasn't won a belt? He was given an unbeaten streak and then put right into a PPV main-event for the WWE Championship within six months.

"He gets gassed; can't work long minutes" Tell me when guys like Kane worked "long matches" besides with Taker and Benoit. Warrior, Goldberg, Batista to an extent also.
What does Kane have to do with Ryback gassing? Because Big Men don't always work long matches? Alright...
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