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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Sami Callihan vs AR Fox - Tables Match - DGUSA Open The Golden Gate
Really good little gimmick war. Dug the reduced length for it. Allowed them to cut straight to the point and got the intensity over better. Fox isn't any good but he's fine in this environment because he's a nutjob who'll bump his as off to make a gimmick match work. Some really good spots too which had enough hatred and intensity to fit in with the story without feeling like a fancy spot for the sake of a fancy spot. Only negative was how hilariously bad Sami is at setting weapon spots up.


Prince Devitt vs Low Ki - NJPW 11.11.2012
Not normally a huge fan of either guy these days but I thought this worked really well as a fun juniors match. I don't have much in between with back and forth matches anymore but I was invested in this. Felt contested enough and they both pulled some original stuff which was cool. Ki totally no selling Devitt's finisher hurt it though. Fun stuff anyway. Memory of their previous match last year is hazy but I think I just preferred it to this.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Karl Anderson - NJPW 11.11.2012
Nakamura's my forecasted shout for 2013 WOTY. There's some combinations in wrestling that will just produce good matches without even trying. This is one of them. Nakamura singles match with just about anyone is bound to be really good but particularly these two. Anderson's machine gun spot with Nakamura down in the corner was glorious. Nakamura returning the spot was gloriouser. Rail spot was a great turning point. Really dug Nakamura's all or nothing comeback on the floor when he had the opening but then couldn't capitalise on it for selling. Finish isn't as hot as normal due to them both lying on the mat for stages to sell which took me out of the end a little bit. Not everything worked here but enough did.

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