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Re: Boss Man hanging at WM15

Originally Posted by THE MIGHTY KRANG View Post
Undertaker in 1999 was a strange year.

He was out of action at the end of 1998 thanks to Austin, but then returns literally a few weeks later under a new look, and the fans cheered for him instantly. The Ministry were originally faces (not sure if they were supposed to be but the fans dug it), and employed endless heel tactics by ganging up on the Bossman every other week or so (why him, I do not know).

Taker was saddled with a lot of shit at this time - the sacrifice angle with Mideon, the hanging, the embalming of Steve Austin, the Unholy Wedding (which actually made for good TV). I remember seeing the hanging incident and being quite frightened. I was a very naive 14 year old.
Undertaker was out of action because he was buried alive at the Rock Bottom PPV. Notice how everytime when he was buried alive he came back with a new look. Despite the positive reaction the stable was never a face stable. Undertaker and Paul Bearer were heels before he was buried alive and they worked together as heels since Judgment Day in October 98, Acolytes were heels when they were recruited by the Jackyl, Mabel also when Mr. McMahon brought him back to attack Mankind and Mideon was also a heel when he was part of Southern Justice.

They received positive reactions because the fans knew when the Ministry theme started they would get a great segment like from a horror movie. The Ministry of Darkness era is something we will never watch again in a north american mainstream promotion again, actually the whole Russo era in WWE was something we will never watch again because it was barely acceptable and you will never get anything like that again because the society has changed.

As for Big Boss Man returning very soon back, it was all in the end a masterplan with the Ministry and Corporation working together so that might be Corporation and Ministry fooling us all that a Ministry member killed a Corporation member
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