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Re: Goldberg says the spear 'is coming', and not to WWE

Originally Posted by charmed1 View Post
Hogan and Flair stuck around the wrestling limelight. Goldbergs return after being gone would be HUGE news..that goes without saying.

Not even a good comparision.
Hogan and Flair are and were bigger stars than Goldberg was in professional wrestling. And just because a guy has been gone for 8 years, does not mean he automatically makes old fans who tuned out of wrestling the sudden urge tune in. You will get some but not all, and how many is all a guess...and again it is one thing to pop a rating but it's another to sustain that pop on a consistent basis. Sustaining would require fans who tuned out to know tune in on a near weekly basis or hope that you get some of the WWE fanbase interested in the product.

You think that the WWE fanbase will suddenly all have the urge to tune in to TNA because "ZOMGZZZ THEY GOTZ TEH GOLDBERGZZZZ" ?

Originally Posted by omaroo View Post

His return would mirror the rocks. Where rock not only gave raw increased ratings but got a HUGE pop on his return.
Mirror The Rocks ? Yeah, no.

More likely to mirror Lesnar than Rock, and that did not provide the big ratings and buyrates bump they likely expected. And Brock was a massive UFC draw.

Originally Posted by horseman5 View Post
Hogan is not wrestling, that is why he is not drawing.
Impact did not go to Horseman territory with Flair.
Plus both of those guy would draw in WWE.
Sting has always had Flair and Hogan to help him draw.
The fans go nuts for Goldberg, because they saw him grow over year, like 150 matches, no story line garbage.
Saw him grow ? What ?

He won a shit ton of glorified squash matches...and when Bill left pro wrestling he went out the same way he came in, which was green. He improved but not by much, he was still extremely limited which is why his match times were always down.

How many matches did he work that went over 12 minutes ? Do people really want to shell out 50 bucks to watch Goldberg squash guys in 8 minute 2 star matches considering the current wrestling market and landscape ?

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
But to the people saying Goldberg wouldn't pop If he showed up in TNA. They wouldn't bring Goldberg back as a "suprise" kind of thing. Not even Dixie Carter is that fuckin stupid.
If you are a booker and you somehow manage to sign Goldberg you advertise the fuck outta it and Hype that return until it is one of the most talked about things in the wrestling business to get the ratings your show desperately needs, you dont just have one of the biggest names in the Wrestling Free Agent pool run out middle of a thursday show or even PPV without mad commercial adverts and build up.
Wrestling has long since delivered "surprise returns or debuts" without build. And it's good for the product, always has been. As it stands everybody who does watch TNA expects "something" to happen at Lockdown. If they book this smart, the closer we get the more emphasis will be placed on continuing to make the viewers assume "something" is going down on PPV. If Goldberg or any big name appears it adds to the new PPV format making PPV's feel important and adding an "anything can happen" feel to them. You need to make your big 4 feel special, and Lockdown is the first of the new format with 2 months to build to this show.

You reap the benefits with the ratings pop on the Impact post Lockdown and hope that it helps future PPV's by making them feel more "can't miss" because TNA isn't afraid to deliver big surprises on PPV. If the "big surprise" is an outsider that can wrestle then you build to his debut for Slammiversary and not give it away on free TV.

If this Higher Power is an outsider we can only hope it's Jericho and not Goldberg or Batista.

Originally Posted by roadkill_ View Post
And LOL @ the smarks trying to act like they wouldn't mark.
LOL at you thinking everyone feels the same way about Greenberg that you do. Sorry but not everyone is going to go all "Tony" if that happened, no disrespect meant to Tony with that comment.

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