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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

SmackDown Friday 23rd November 2012

SmackDown begins with a video package advertising three headline matches tonight: Daniel Bryan vs Kane, Big Show vs Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus. Live in the arena, Randy Orton's music hits to a big ovation from the crowd. The Viper makes his way to the ring, making his signature entrance as JBL and Josh Matthews welcome viewers to Friday Night SmackDown. Orton takes a mic.

"It's been over a year since Mark Henry defeated me for the World Heavyweight Championship. Since then I have gone to hell and back with Kane, gone to war with Alberto Del Rio, but through it all I have always had the same goal in my mind... to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship. And I can think of no better way than to get back into that Championship picture than by slaying the Giant right here tonight!"

The crowd cheers at the idea, but the cheers turn to boos as Big Show's music hits. Show has a mic and speaks as he makes his way down to the ring.

"You're a funny guy Randy, I'll give you that. I know you've been dropped on your head and smashed with a car recently, so perhaps you haven't noticed what's been going on around you? The World Heavyweight Championship belongs to me, I earned this title by going toe-to-toe with the best brawler in this industry, and twice I knocked that 'fella' out. This title will be mine until the day I retire. But hey, I welcome all challenges, if you want to get knocked out like Sheamus did then we'll do this right now..."

Show enters the ring and the match begins with Orton unloading on Show, who eventually over-powers him and goes to work on Orton. The match centers around Orton trying to connect with the RKO, but each time Show over-powers him and throws him away. After a good ten minute match, Orton is building momentum but is suddenly knocked out by a surprise WMD from Show, who picks up an impressive win.

Big Show def. Randy Orton

Show takes his belt and walks back up the ramp, yelling at the crowd that he is unstoppable. JBL says he may well be unstoppable, noting Show has gone through SmackDown's best in Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are in Booker T's office. They ask him for another shot at the Tag Titles after they were cheated at Survivor Series. Booker replies;

"Look Rey, I agree with you, Sandow clearly had his feet on the ropes when he pinned out this Sunday. But once the referee rings the bell, that's it, over and done. I can't just grant you a rematch, but how about this... if you and Sin Cara can defeat Sandow and Rhodes in singles matches before TLC, you can have another shot at their tag team championships."

Sin Cara nods, and the pair exit Booker's office. Live in the arena, Kofi Kingston's music hits. He is in singles action after the break.

Back live, Damien Sandow makes his entrance, accompanied by Cody Rhodes. As he makes his way to the ring, the announcers narrate over a still from Survivor Series where Sandow pinned Mysterio with his feet on the ropes to help Rhodes Scholars retain the Tag Titles.

After a back-and-forth match, Sandow reverses an SOS attempt itno the Terminus for the win.

Damien Sandow def. Kofi Kingston

Cody Rhodes is ringside with a mic.

"Further proof ladies and gentlemen, that was further proof that intelligence is everything! Last night we retained our championships against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, so what does our General Manager do? He puts myself and Damien in singles matches against them in a bid to give them another shot at our belts. How on Earth does winning singles matches make you worthy of a tag team championship match? Not to matter, we will once against defeat the pair and continue to represent the tag team division as your champions."

Sandow exits the ring, takes the mic from Cody and says "you're welcome".

The announcers feed to the Raw Rebound, showing the last 5 minutes of the fatal fourway match this week on Raw. John Cena was declared number one contender to the WWE Championship after defeating Kane, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback. This transitions to an advert for Raw, where CM Punk and John Cena will both speak about their upcoming title match.

Back from commercials, R-Truth is completing his enterance as the announcers discuss his failed attempt to take the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz this past Sunday at Survivor Series. If Truth can win this non-title rematch, he will have a good case to present to Booker T for another opportunity. The Miz is out as his opponent.

In a short match, Miz once again gets the better of his former tag team partner and drops him with a Skull Crushing Finale to pick up the win.

The Miz def. R-Truth

Backstage, Matt Stryker has AJ and Kane for an interview. Stryker asks Kane for his reaction to Daniel Bryan costing him the number one contendership match on Raw, but AJ interupts.

"I will be speaking on behalf of Kane. The whole world saw how dominant my monster is this past Monday night, and in a fair and righteous world he would be heading into TLC to take the WWE Championship. But we are not in a fair or righteous world, and Daniel Bryan felt it neccessary to interfere in a match that was none of his business. Tonight Kane and I will end Daniel Bryan once and for all. YES! YES! YES!"

Back live in the arena, Zack Ryder is the ring ahead of his upcoming match with a microphone in hand.

"Did all my broski's see me at Survivor Series? Long Island Iced Z did what our United States Champion said could not be done and I pinned him."

Ryder feeds to footage of Ryder eliminating Cesaro from the Survivor Series elimination tag team match this past Sunday.

"Then this Monday on Raw, he only goes and attacks my broski Santino Marella. Are you serious bro? In a few short weeks it's our last pay per view of the year, TLC. TLC holds special memories for me, last year it's where I defeated Dolph Ziggler to win my one and only US title. I don't know about you guys here tonight, but I think Booker T should make the Long Island Iced Z the number one contender to Antonio Cesario's title!"

The crowd cheers, but the cheers turn to boos when Vickie Guerrero interupts.

"EXCUSE ME! Zack Ryder, you are yesterdays news. People don't care what happened last year, they care about the future, and the future of the WWE is my brand new client... Michael McGillicutty!"

McGillicutty's music hits and he makes his way to the ring for singles action, after the break.

As SmackDown returns, the match is underway and McGillicutty is dominating with Vicky barking orders. The announcers note McGillicutty's recent run of impressive performances, and JBL says things will only get better with the guidance of Guerrero. McGillicutty hooks Ryder in position for the PerfectPlex, but Ryder reverses into a small package and gets the win.

Zack Ryder def. Michael McGillicutty

Ryder bails the ring and celebrates up the ramp as McGillicutty and Guerrero vent their frustrations in the ring. The announcers wonder if this is enough to earn Ryder the United States Championship opportunity he wants.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is in Booker T's office discussing his match with Kane tonight. Booker says he wants them to settle their differences without interference from AJ or anyone else. He makes the match no disqualification, with the added stipulation that if anyone interferes in the match they will be immediatley fired. Bryan tells Booker he will not only defeat Kane tonight, but he will make him tap out.

Back in the arena, the camera is on the announcers, who question if Bryan would be able to make the Big Red Machine submit. JBL calls Bryan the most dangerous submission specialist in WWE history, and says if anyone can do it it will be him.

Dolph Ziggler's music hits for the semi-main event. As Ziggler makes his entrance, the annoucners remind viewers that Ziggler would be World Champion tonight if not for Sheamus. They then show to a replay from Wednesday's Main Event match between Ziggler and Sheamus, where Sheamus won via DQ after Ziggler hit him with the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Dolph continues his entrance as SmackDown goes to commercial.

Back live, Sheamus's music hits to a big reaction from the crowd. Sheamus is fired up, he charges the ring and the match is underway.

10 minutes in, Sheamus lands White Noise on Ziggler. He signals for the Brogue Kick before Wade Barrett inexplicably interferes in the match and begins to unload on Sheamus, causing the DQ.

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ

As Ziggler retreats up the ramp, Barrett continues his attack on Sheamus while the fans boo. Barrett connects with the Bullhammer, before demanding a mic from ringside. He places one foot on top of the fallen Sheamus.

"I do not take kindly to Brogue Kicks. Sheamus tried to halt the Barrett Barrage on Monday when he kicked me in the face in that tag match, tonight I have proved to the world that the Barrage cannot be halted. I am Wade Barrett, I will always come out on top."

Barrett smashes the mic over Sheamus's head and exits the ring while his music plays. The announcers feed to a replay of the events, before showing an on-screen graphic that shows Kane vs Bryan is up next. Back live, Big Show appears on the Titantron laughing. He proceeds to speak.

"It's not going well for you is it fella? Why don't you go join Randy Orton on a hospital bed, you can be buddies. Sit up all night talking about how you got knocked out by the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all time."

Show continues to laugh as SmackDown goes to it's final commercial.

Back live, the lights go dark and Kane's pyro shoots as the Big Red Machine makes his way to the ring. The announcers note there is no AJ with Kane after Booker T banned anyone from interfering in this No Disqualification match. The announcers continue to discuss the recent history of Kane and Bryan, before Bryan's music hits to a massive cheer from the crowd. He appears on stage with a kendo stick, smiles, and then charges at Kane as the match begins.

Bryan gets in early offense, methodically targeting Kane's back with the stick. Bryan attempts several No Locks, but Kane over-powers him every time. Bryan attempts his running corner-dropkick, but Kane grabs him by the throat before he can leave his feet and drops him with a Chokeslam. Kane makes the cover, but Bryan shows great resiliency by kicking out at 2, popping the crowd.

An agnry Kane scoops Bryan up after signalling for the Tombstone, but Bryan reverses slips out of the back and begins to kick Kane's legs, eventually dropping The Big Red Machine to his knees. Bryan follows up with a huge kick to the head. He applies the No Lock on Kane for a good 30 seconds in the middle of the ring, but Kane won't tap!

Bryan releases the hold, picks up the kendo stick and works over Kane again. He then re-applies the No Lock, but instead of clasping his hands together he uses the stick for extra leverage. The pain is too much for Kane, he taps out and the crowd goes crazy!

Daniel Bryan def. Kane

Bryan poses on the turnbuckle celebrating his revenge as SmackDown goes off the air.

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