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Re: Being the booker

Sunday Night Heat:

Jerry Lawler from Raw and Michael Cole from Smackdown present the preview show, just one hour away from the Raw vs. Smackdown event coming up, Clash of the Champions, but before the show, two inter promotional matches will be taking place, with Paul London and Torrie Wilson facing Shaniqua and Mark Henry, as well as Eugene facing Chavo Guerrero.

They quickly run down the card, before we cut to a commercial

We return with London and Torrie taking on Shaniqua and Henry. London and Wilson overcome the bigger nastier opponents, with London rolling up Mark Henry to score the three count @ 5:23. Shaniqua is irate afterwards, unable to cope with losing, even though she wasn’t pinned.

After a commercial, Cole and King talk about tonight’s Iron Man Match main event, with both men excited to see what should be Match of the year.

We are then shown a video package, hyping the 10 Man Tag Match later this evening, before witnessing the arrival of Randy Orton to the arena.

Cole and King discuss Orton’s role last year at Clash of the Champions, and talk about his desire to make up for his selfish mistake last year tonight.

After a commercial, we watch as Goldberg waits in the parking lot for the arrival of The Rock to the Staples Centre. He looks to be growing impatient, awaiting The Great One’s imminent arrival.

Our hosts discuss Goldberg’s state of mind, with him clearly focused on The Rock, and not Undertaker, whom he faces later tonight in a Chain Match. A Video Package is then shown of the build up to the Chain Match, before cutting to another commercial.

We return, and backstage, Carlito and Stacey chat about his match with Matt Hardy later tonight in a grudge match. Following this, a Video Package plays, hyping the feud which has built up in recent weeks.

Before cutting to a commercial, we see the arrival of DX, to a chorus of boo’s from the fans.

Following the commercial break, King and Michael Cole discuss next months PPV offering, WWE Nemesis, which will come out way on October 9th from Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Backstage, The Coach is seen warming up for his match later tonight against Josh Matthews. Lawler and Cole share a few jokes about that match, before discussing the lower card matches on the show.

After the commercial, we return, with the hosts running down the card one last time, before the Heat Main Event…

Eugene defeats Chavo Guerrero with Chavo’s own Gory Bomb @ 9:10

To end the preview show, we are shown a Video Package leading to tonight’s main event, Champion vs. Champion, Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle.


WWE Clash of the Champions:

4th September

Staples Centre, Los Angeles; California

Event Music:
Submersed; You Run

Opening Video:

The video opens with the sound of clocks ticking, and ticking, and ticking, with flashing images of Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle.

Tonight, is a night, like no other…

Shawn Michaels:
... Kurt Angle is a great amateur, but I am a great professional.

Kurt Angle:
You’re forgetting the fact, that yes, I was a great amateur, but I’m a better professional.

Two worlds collide.

Flashing images of clocks ticking, mixed in with shots of Angle and Michaels in action.

On one epic stage, with the world watching.

We see shots of the World Heavyweight Championship, and the WWE Championship…

Shawn Michaels:
Let’s not forget, that whilst you were rolling around the ground with Russians in 1996, I was selling out arena’s all over the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan, as the WWE Champion, after wrestling in the match of the decade at WrestleMania 12.

Kurt Angle:
And don’t you forget Shawn, that after crossing over from the Olympics, I took your spot as the Showstopper. Hell, I wrestled in the greatest WrestleMania main event of all time, with a broken freakin neck!! That’s my passion for this business HBK, to the point where I risked paralysis.

This night, is a night, like no other…

Shawn Michaels:
If you compare the Ankle Lock to the Sweet Chin Music, then frankly, it’s a no contest.

Kurt Angle:
Once I lock the anklelock on, Shawn Michaels will tap within seconds.

For, tonight, two World Champions will engage in a tremendous spectacle, seen only once a year…

Shawn Michaels:
But I can beat you with Sweet Chin Music in a heartbeat. And Angle, if you underestimate Sweet Chin Music, then partner, reality will kick you right in the face.

Kurt Angle:
Shawn, you seem to be forgetting that once I break your Ankle, you wont have a leg to stand on, and thus, the Sweet Chin Music becomes a non factor.

The World, Heavyweight, Champion. Greedy, spiteful, arrogant, and cocky.

Clips of HBK in action

The W-W-E Champion. Forthright, deserving, Olympic Hero.

Clips of Kurt Angle in action

Tonight, these two men, make history, for the first time ever… The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, faces The Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. For Sixty Minutes, these two warriors will battle to prove who is the Iron Man.

Shawn Michaels:
Every second will feel like a minute, every minute will seem like an hour, and the hour will feel like a lifetime.

Kurt Angle:
For what I plan to do to you Shawn, I’m gonna need more than just sixty minutes!!!

Tonight, is a night like no other, this, is the Clash, of the Champions…

The clocks all stop ticking, except for one, which slowly fades until we can no longer hear it.

And Now… Playstation 2 presents a Raw vs. Smackdown production of WWE Clash… of the Champions!!!!!

Red and blue pyro sparks off, with the raucous crowd going banana’s.

The camera pans around the arena, with close up’s on signs such as “I stole this ticket from Eddie Guerrero”, “Edge’s fan club”, “I’m a Peep”, and “Goldberg SUX!” As we cut to our broadcast team for this evening…

Jim Ross:
The atmosphere, is electric!!! The Staples Centre has been sold out for weeks, in anticipation for the second ever WWE Clash of the Champions. Hello everybody, I’m Jim Ross, tonight, joined by Smackdown’s colour analyst, Tazz, for one night only, on this special occasion!!

This is awesome J.R. It’s a fever pitch here in Los Angeles for the Clash!!! I’m gonna be pulling for Smackdown or course, and I’m sure you’ll be pulling for Raw.

Jim Ross:
Damn right partner. But don’t worry folks, myself and Tazz will be keeping our feelings inside, and we’ll be calling this event straight down the middle.

Speak for yourself J.R.

Jim Ross:
We have seven matches signed on tonight’s card, with two matches having already taken place on Heat, with Raw picking up a victory, as well as Smackdown.

It’s all tied up J.R. Eugene pulling out a win on Heat, for Raw, and Paul London with the lovely Torrie beating Shaniqua and Mark Henry.

Jim Ross:
Indeed, that is how things went down before we came on the air, and folks, I cannot hide my excitement at tonight’s main event. Shawn Michaels, The World Heavyweight Champion, taking on Kurt Angle, the WWE Champion, in a dream match!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough J.R, we get to witness it for one hour, guaranteed!!!

Jim Ross:
Lets not forget to mention, The Ten man tag, McMahon’s Choice, as well as the two other Champion vs. Champion match up’s, and so much more!!!

So before we get moving, we’ll let the Spanish guys confuse you, by speaking in a language you don’t know…

Hugo and Carlos talk for a moment before…

**Longhorn** JBL’s limo enters the arena to a huge amount of heat. The driver opens the door for JBL, who along with his Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble exit’s the vehicle. The two men make their way to the ring, talking strategy.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest, is a Champion vs. Champion match, scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by his Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble, from New York City, weighing 290 pounds, he is the WWE United States Champion, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield!!!!

Jim Ross:
Well, we are set to kick things off, with the U.S Champ facing the Intercontinental Champion, and Tazz, your man from Smackdown is on a roll.

Definitely J.R. JBL has been on the form of his life this past six months, turning his career a full 180. He’s the U.S Champ, and he took out Chris Jericho a couple of weeks back on Smackdown.

**619** The crowd comes alive for the I.C Champion, Rey Mysterio. He slaps hands with the fans as he walks down the ramp.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, his opponent, representing Raw, he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Reyyyy Mysssssssssterioooo!!!

Jim Ross:
Just to clarify folks, neither title is on the line here, just pride, and bragging rights.

This is gonna be a classic, David and Goliath battle here J.R. The power and strength goes with Bradshaw, but the heart and speed goes with the man in the mask.

United States Champion
vs. Intercontinental Champion:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
w/ Jamie Noble
vs. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and the fans root for the Intercontinental Champion. Mysterio throws his hand up in the air, to even more cheers, and both men, slowly move to the centre of the ring. JBL stands over Mysterio, laughing. He starts to look around the ring, and dismisses Mysterio already. He shoves Rey across the ring by the face, which gets a tremendous amount of heat from the fans. Mysterio looks furious, whilst JBL grins broadly. Rey gets back up, and walks straight to Bradshaw, stamping on his feet!!!

Bradshaw is in a fit of rage, and goes for a right hand at Mysterio, but Rey ducks, and runs circles around Layfield around the ring, which infuriates JBL further, but makes the crowd laugh. Layfield goes for a clothesline, but Mysterio ducks again, and as JBL turns around, Mysterio hurricanrana’s the U.S Champion out of the ring to a huge pop!!!

The I.C Champion then runs around the ring, playing to the crowd. On the outside, JBL is livid, and gets into an argument with the fans, before entering back into the ring. He points at Rey, telling him that wasn’t funny. Mysterio comes at JBL, but slides through his legs, and to the outside, where he yanks JBL down, by the legs, before pulling Bradshaw into the ring post, nuts first!!!! The crowd eats this action up, with Mysterio clearly on top form. The referee warns Rey over his actions, but doesn’t want to DQ him.

Mysterio gets back into the ring, and tries to get JBL up, but Bradshaw pushes him away. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and again, is too fast for JBL, then comes off the ropes for a cross body, but is caught by Bradshaw, who nails Mysterio with a Fall Away Slam!!!!!

JBL, underestimating Rey, thinks that will be enough, and makes the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Layfield laughs, and says to Mysterio “You’re just as stupid as all the other Mexicans”.

Bradshaw picks his challenger up by the hair, and backs him into the corner. He grabs him by the mask, and tells Mysterio that he doesn’t know what he has let himself in for. He slaps him, and again, and a third time, this time, knocking Mysterio down.

JBL clubs the back of Rey, with perspiration flying off the back of the human highlight reel. Bradshaw picks him up, and fires him across the ring off the ropes, but JBL ducks down, waiting for Mysterio to come back, which gives Rey a chance to comeback. He leapfrogs over the U.S Champion, and bounces off the other ropes, before dropkicking JBL’s knee, knocking the United States Champion down!!! Rey runs off the ropes again, and baseball slides Jamie Noble, before leaping to the ropes, and coming off with a seated senton to Bradshaw, but Layfield catches him in mid air, and drives him down with a vicious power bomb!!!!! JBL, once again, underestimates Mysterio, and covers him with one foot, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Mysterio refuses to lay down, and infuriates JBL by doing so. As punishment, Bradshaw starts to viciously club the back of The Intercontinental Champion again, before shoving him into the corner. Layfield chops Rey right across the chest, with the anguish, clear to see on Mysterio’s face. Bradshaw slaps him across the face a few times, before dragging Mysterio out of the corner, and hooking him up for a suplex. JBL lets Mysterio hang in the air, allowing the blood to flow to Rey’s head, before finally executing the move.

JBL is set to go for the cover again, but this time, opts not to, instead, he smiles sadistically, before scooping Mysterio up off the mat, and hooking him up again, dangling Mysterio in the air, but this time, instead of hitting a suplex, he drops Mysterio sternum first onto the ropes!!!!!

Rey screams out in pain, as Bradshaw bounces off the ropes, and comes back with a boot to the face, knocking Mysterio off the apron, and he lands head first onto the barrier!!! His head bounces back, and Mysterio lands on the floor, on the outside. In the ring, JBL holds his hands high in the air, to a huge amount of heat. Meanwhile, on the outside, Rey tries to pick himself up, but looks battered, even at this early stage of the match.

JBL and Jamie Noble share a few words quickly, before Bradshaw begins to divert the referee’s attention, allowing Noble to attack Mysterio. The Chief of Staff rams Rey into the barrier, before lawn darting the Intercontinental Champion into the ring post. He then moves off, as Bradshaw slides out of the ring to pick up the scraps.

He stomps on the head of Mysterio, and throws in a few disingenuous slaps for by, which serve as nothing more than disrespect to the smaller man. JBL picks Mysterio up by the mask again, but puts him right back down with a lethal right hand. Mysterio tries to get himself up, but Bradshaw just kicks him back down, and adds insult to injury by telling Mysterio to ‘Get up’, even as he kicks him around ringside.

Bradshaw picks Rey up again, onto his shoulders, and hit’s the Snake Eyes, onto the barrier, with Mysterio’s head snapping back, and him falling to the floor again, in a heap. The United States Champion drags Mysterio around ringside, and slams Rey’s head off the steps, before placing the I.C Title holder back into the ring. JBL takes his time following in, knowing he has Rey in a bad way at this point in time.

Layfield stands over Mysterio, who tries to pull himself up on the U.S Champion, with JBL laughing all the way. He motions that that is how Mysterio should act… as a second class citizen. He boots Mysterio back to the mat, and drops an elbow. He hooks the far leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Bradshaw nods, and looks rather pleased the match is continuing at this point.

The United States Champion, once again drags Mysterio up, and motions for the Clothesline from Hell to end this match now, but as he runs off the ropes, he is met by a spinning heel kick from Rey Mysterio!!! Rey fires up, bouncing off the ropes, and tackling JBL down with a head scissors, before beginning to pound at the head of JBL!!! Mysterio looks to be stepping it up a level, with some furious shots to the head of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield!!!

Mysterio gets to his feet after pounding on JBL, with the Los Angeles faithful going nuts for Rey. He shows his respect to the fans, then knocks down The champion with a roaring elbow. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Mysterio then hit’s a headlock takedown, and goes for a sleeper, but JBL fights it, and pushes Mysterio into the ropes, then shoulder blocks him down. JBL gets a cover now, 1...2...Kick Out!! JBL doesn’t look pleased, and picks up his adversary. He goes for a whip, but Mysterio blocks it. JBL then throws a right, but Mysterio throws one right back. JBL throws one, but Rey again strikes back, somehow managing to go toe to toe with the brawler. This doesn’t last long though, and JBL, being the much bigger man, dominates Mysterio in the end, striking with some heavy blows.

JBL attempts an Irish whip but Mysterio reverses. The Intercontinental Champion tries a clothesline but JBL ducks. He comes back off the ropes with a shoulder, but Mysterio rolls out of the way and hits a quick dropkick to Layfield’s back. Rey jumps to his feet and bounces off the ropes, with JBL getting to his feet, and faces Mysterio running at him for a cross body, but Layfield low bridges the ropes, and Mysterio goes flying over the top rope, crashing on the floor!!! JBL quickly instructs Noble to get Mysterio back in the ring, and the chief of staff quickly does his job, rolling the Intercontinental Champion back inside.

Layfield laughs at the knocked out Mysterio, and gets into an argument with the crowd. He tells them it’s over now. Noble on the outside acts innocent, with the referee warning him to keep his hands off Mysterio. Rey Mysterio looks to be totally out of it right now, and Bradshaw gets a quick, lazy cover.





…………………Kickout from Mysterio!!!!!

JBL tries to keep calm. He picks up the I.C Champion and tries to go for a powerbomb, but Mysterio spins around, and gets s sunset flip on JBL, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Layfield gets back up immediately, but Mysterio then goes for a backslide, 1.…2.…ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Again, JBL jumps up, but the opponent rolls him up, 1.…2.…KICK OUT AGAIN FROM JBL!!! Bradshaw gets to his feet, and this time, walks into a cradle, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men jump up, but Mysterio leaps on JBL’s shoulders, before taking him down for a crucifix pin, 1...2...Kick Out!!!!!

Bradshaw then gets up, but grabs a rope, meaning Rey Rey cant attack. This infuriates the on fire champion and the crowd, but Layfield doesn’t care, once again using a delaying tactic.

He rolls out of the ring for a few seconds, and talks with Noble, while Mysterio is held back inside, being stopped from going after him. The referee leans out of the ring to instruct JBL to re-enter, but as he does, Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and uses the referee as a springboard to hit an Asai Moonsault, taking down JBL and Noble!!!!

The fans eat this up, with a major ’619’ chant filling the arena for Mysterio right now. The referee begins a ten count, with both men down on the outside … 1...2...3...4...5...6 …… Both men begin to roll into the ring, breaking the count of the referee. Mysterio looks to be fresher, and is first to his feet. He kicks JBL a few times, before running off the ropes, and hit’s a springboard cross body, taking JBL down again, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Mysterio quickly gets up again, and bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, he is flattened by a reverse elbow from the U.S Title holder!! JBL drags Mysterio to the corner, and drives a hard knee to the midsection, before opening up on Rey with a number of stiff chops. Mysterio staggers out of the corner, with JBL following up with a swinging neck breaker.

Bradshaw then picks up Mysterio, and dumps him over the top rope, before distracting the referee again, giving Noble the green light to attack Rey once again. Noble lays the boots on Mysterio, and whips him, head first into the steel steps. JBL then decides to get back to work on Mysterio himself, and rolls to the outside.

JBL picks up Mysterio, and once again bounces his head off the steps. He does it again, all the while trash talking his vastly smaller opponent. Layfield then drags Mysterio to the announce table, and rams him into the side of the ring, with Rey flopping down.

Bradshaw puts the boots to Mysterio, and looks over at Noble, who jumps onto the apron, distracting the referee once again. JBL takes the cable from the floor, and begins to choke out Mysterio, with no referee to stop him. JBL puts the boots to Mysterio too, before releasing the cable.

JBL rolls back inside the ring, and signals for Noble to beat up on Mysterio now, whilst he distracts the referee. Bradshaw begins to argue with the referee, causing a distraction. Noble picks Mysterio up on the outside, and proceeds the hit a devastating Tiger Bomb to the Intercontinental Champion, on the unprotect mats.

The Chief of Staff gets Bradshaw’s attention, and JBL stops arguing with the referee, instead, telling him to count Mysterio out. The referee spots this, and has no choice but to count out Rey…

…1 … 2 … 3 … 4 …

(Mysterio barely moves, whilst JBL sits himself on the top rope, laughing at the fallen I.C Champion)

… 5 … 6 … 7 …

(Mysterio begins to crawl, and begins to pull himself into the ring)

… 8 …

(JBL looks furious, as he sees Mysterio getting back in)

… 9 …

(Mysterio gets back in)

JBL is in shock. He looks down at the worn-out Intercontinental Champion, and cant believe that he got back in the ring!!! He argues with the referee about counting too slowly, but he refuses to listen. Layfield takes a moment to get his head together, then drops an elbow on the back of his opponent. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Layfield then whips Rey, hard into the corner and Mysterio walks right into a Fall Away Slam from the champion upon his return. Layfield hooks the leg tight,

… 1 …

…… 2 ……

………Kick Out!!!

Bradshaw starts to look a little angrier as Mysterio refuses to lay down. He drags his gutsy opponent to his feet, but Rey starts to fight back. He throws a number of right hands, then bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, JBL hit’s a side walk slam!!! Layfield gets a cover,




Mysterio still refuses to go down!!!

JBL is now very angry. He looks around at the rabid fans, who continue to cheer on Rey. He picks up Mysterio, and goes for a suplex, but he blocks. JBL tries again, but again, it’s blocked. Mysterio then fights out with relentless shots to the ribcage, and bounces off the ropes, but he is met with a vicious spine buster from the U.S Champion upon his return!!! JBL hooks the leg again, counting along with the referee…






Bradshaw gulps hard, as he cant believe Mysterio is still in this match, and realises he clearly underestimated him. JBL picks Rey up, and whips him off the ropes, but Rey comes back, and rolls off JBL’s back, and rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!! JBL shoots up, but Mysterio ducks his boot, and takes him down with a bull dog!! JBL retreats to the corner, but that doesn’t stop Rey, who follows in with the Bronco Buster!!! The fans go nuts for Mysterio, as once again, he fights back into the match.

Mysterio salutes the fans, then sees Jamie Noble on the apron. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and baseball slides through Noble’s legs, before pulling him down by the legs, with Noble’s head crashing off the apron. Rey then jumps to the ropes, and waits for JBL to turn around … as he does, Mysterio jumps off, and catches JBL with the Hurricanrana!!!




………KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Bradshaw struggles up, but sees Mysterio coming at him. He catches the I.C Champion with a knee, then follows up, chucking Mysterio out of the ring. The United States Champion looks around for Jamie Noble, and looks around the ring for him. He pokes his head out of the middle rope, and sees Noble laying on the floor. JBL tries to stretch out to waken his Chief of Staff, but doesn’t realise that Rey Mysterio is back in the ring, and has a chance for the 619!!! Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and catches the United States Champion with the 619!!!!!!!!!

JBL falls back into the ring, whilst Mysterio signals for the West Coast Pop. He leaps to the top rope, but before he dives off, Jamie Noble grabs his leg, and Mysterio gets caught on the top rope. He has an ugly landing into the ring, as the referee tries to think about what happened. JBL begins to recover, but before he is able to cover, Mysterio shows a little life. Both men make it to their feet, but Mysterio is too dazed to see JBL coming, and gets nailed WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!!

Bradshaw smiles, looking relieved, and falls onto the valiant Mysterio for a cover,






Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield - Clothesline from Hell - 14:21

JBL rolls out of the ring, having stole the victory from Mysterio, with all the thanks having to go to the Chief of Staff.

JBL looks relieved after being pushed mightily close by Rey Mysterio in an awesome opening encounter at the Clash of the Champions.

Jim Ross:
Gawd dammit!! I was really hoping, that tonight, would be about more, than cheap wins. I was hoping that tonight, would be a night to settle, just who would be the better man.

Hey, don’t blame JBL, the guy didn’t ask Noble to pull Mysterio off the ropes.

Jim Ross:
I didn’t see him object either pal.

Well lets wait and see how you react, if Raw gets a tainted win later.

Jim Ross:
I wont condone any cheap tactics, whether its Raw or Smackdown!!!

Yeah right.

Fanatix Series Commercial - This Month - ECW’s Greatest Matches

Backstage, in the Raw locker room, we see DX preparing for the matches later tonight. Luther Reigns is dressed in normal gear, being the only one without a match tonight.

Garrison Cade:
I’m nervous Shawn. Harris and Storm are out to get us, they’ll kick our ass later.

All three members of DX slowly turn around to Cade, looking shocked by the sudden outburst…

Garrison Cade:
AHHHH!!! Kiddin!!! Just playin. April fools an all.

Luther Reigns:
It’s September, you fool.

Garrison Cade:
September fools then. All the same.

Shawn Michaels:
HBCade, if you had brains kid, you’d be dangerous.

Garrison Cade:
(Confused) (He looks to Jindrak)
That a good thing or a bad thing??

Mark Jindrak:
(Shakes his head in disbelief at the stupidity)
Have you been drinking man??

Shawn Michaels:
He’s been drinkin all right … that scummy L.A water!!

Crowd give heat. The three members of DX laugh.

Luther Reigns:
So, Shawn. What’s the gameplan for Angle tonight??

Shawn Michaels:
Game plan?? The game plan Luther, is for me, to go out there, and steal this show. The plan, is for me to go out there, and show every single person, Raw and Smackdown, just who dominates this entire company. And I do it… alone.

Mark Jindrak:
Alone?? You serious??

Shawn Michaels:
Why?? Does that sound like a bad idea??

Garrison Cade:
I just woulda thought that if th-

Shawn Michaels:
Don’t think Garrison. It doesn’t suit you kid. Now, get this clear guys. I don’t care whether I’m four - zip down, with three minutes to go. I don’t care, if I cant support my body after fifty minutes, I don’t care if Kurt Angle breaks my ankle after forty seconds. You three stay here. Shawn Michaels, rides alone tonight. Understood.

Luther Reigns:
You got it.

The four men huddle together, and punch each other’s knuckles, showing their unity.

We cut to the parking lot, where we see Goldberg sitting, on the lookout, with a pipe in hand, waiting for the imminent arrival of The Rock.

Jim Ross:
Goldberg is not a happy man Tazz. Folks, we are expecting The Rock here tonight, but surely, surely, he wouldn’t cost his own brand a priceless win??

I don’t know J.R. The Rock could well do it. One thing is for sure though, Bill Goldberg got caught out by a surprise run in from The Rock at Summer Slam, but tonight, he’s prepared.

Jim Ross:
Well folks, coming up next, Carlito of Raw, takes on Matt hardy from Smackdown, in a grudge match, which has developed almost at lightning speed in the last three weeks. Here is how we got to Clash of the Champions, tonight…

Video Package:

- Carlito and Stacey harass Lita on Raw, before beating her up, and spitting her with an apple.

- Matt Hardy, on Smackdown, warns Carlito during an interview, to stay away from Lita.

- The following Raw, Carlito tries to intimidate Lita again, but Matt hardy is in the building, and gains a measure of revenge on Carlito.

- On Smackdown the same week, Carlito attacks Matt, spitting apple at him.

- The, on the last Raw, the Raw locker room, allows Hardy to attack Carlito, after CCC once again beat up Lita.

**Spit in the face** Carlito enters along with Stacey, to a tonne of heat. He looks disgusted at the fans, as he walks down the ramp. He points a few people in the crowd, saying that they aren’t cool, with Kiebler agreeing.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Caribbean… weighing 231 pounds… CARRRRLITOOOO!!!

Jim Ross:
Well Tazz, he may be a Raw guy, but I hope Carlito gets an ass kicking tonight, here in L.A.

That’s cool with me J.R. Get it?? Cool??

**Live for the Moment** Matt Hardy enters the arena to an excellent pop. He points down at the ring to Carlito, and wastes no time in walking to the ring, instead, running to get a piece of Carlito. Finkel doesn’t get to do the announcements, as Hardy enters and the match begins immediately.

One o
n One:

Carlito Caribbean Cool
vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy tackles down Carlito, and pounds down on him, with a barrage of right hands, which rock Carlito. The referee pulls Hardy off, and CCC takes the chance to roll out and stay away from Matt. Hardy tries to get after him, but is held back in the ring by the referee.

Carlito continues to stay on the outside, and complains to the referee that Hardy is insane. Hardy laughs, then pushes past the referee, and drops out of the ring, and chases his opponent around the ring. Carlito rolls in, and stomps on Version 1 as soon as he enters. He stomps at the Smackdown star, then picks him up and whips him off the ropes, but Hardy ducks a clothesline, then hit’s a flapjack, followed by a clothesline over the top rope, with CCC going over to the floor.

Matt Hardy doesn’t wait for Carlito to get back into the ring, and comes after him, but the man from the Caribbean suckers Hardy with a vicious right hand. Carlito rams him off the barricade, then gets him back into the ring. He pounds his opponent in the corner, then goes for a whip across, but Matt reverses, and sends CCC to the opposite corner. He goes for a clothesline, but Carlito moves, then follows up with a backbreaker on Hardy, 1...2...Kick Out.

Carlito taunts his adversary, then slaps him around the head, but Hardy, showing tremendous fire, starts to come back, with the taunting seemingly inspiring him to fight back. He pounds Carlito with right hands, but CCC gets the upper hand back with a knee, followed by a neck breaker. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Carlito has a slight argument with the referee, then applies a sleeper to Matt Hardy. V1 seems to be fading fast, and the referee raises his right arm, but it drops right away. He lifts up the arm again, and again it flops lifelessly to the ground. The referee then signals for one more, as Carlito applies more pressure, and the crowd seem to get behind Matt, chanting his name. The arm goes up……and stays up!!! Hardy gets to one knee, then another, before he powers out of the sleeper, elbowing his way free, and then goes to run off the ropes, but Carlito pulls him back down by the hair. He smiles, to a tonne of heat, as Version One rolls around, and CCC gets ticked off for what he did, but he brushes the referee off, and begins to stomp at Matt again.

He pulls his foe to his feet, and goes for a right hand, but Matt blocks it, and blocks a second, then throws a right of his own back which rocks Carlito. Cool then goes for a clothesline, but Hardy ducks, and hit’s a Side Effect, following up with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men get up, and Hardy ducks a right, but Carlito then ducks a clothesline… but misses a dropkick, and Hardy then misses an elbow. Both men then bounce off the ropes, and hit each other with a double clothesline, knocking each other down.

Both stay down, and the referee begins a ten count,







Both men then get up, using the ropes, and go shot for shot, punch for punch, already looking a little fatigued, after wrestling the match at breakneck speed. Cool retakes the upper hand with a rake to the eyes, then whips Version One off the ropes, but Hardy comes right back knocking Christian down with a flying forearm. He then jumps to his feet, and gets Carlito up too. He whips him off the ropes, and hit’s a big back body drop, then whips him again and hit’s a back elbow. CCC now seems to be bouncing around like a bowling ball. Hardy then goes up top, and signals for a leg drop, but Carlito plays possum, and is ready for Hardy, rolling out of the way, with Matt missing the leg drop. Carlito takes advantage, and rolls up Hardy, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

The two men jump up, and Carlito gets the advantage with a jawbreaker on Hardy. He then sets up Hardy for the DDT, but Version 1 pushes him away, off the ropes, then ducks a clothesline, and hit’s the TWIST OF FATE!!! Hardy gets the cover,







Matt Hardy runs his hands through his hair, in disbelief, before pounding down Carlito, who is still grounded on the mat. Hardy signals to the fans, and gets a good response. Hardy drags Cool to the corner, and throws some more shots, before whipping Carlito off the ropes again, to the opposite corner. Carlito bounces out, and as Hardy runs at him, Carlito catches him with a clothesline, knocking V1 down.

Carlito looks to the fans, and gets a good amount of heat. He mimics Hardy’s V1 salute, before mouthing ‘That’s not cool’. Carlito picks Hardy up, and goes for a suplex, but Matt rolls through, and goes behind CCC, pushing him into the ropes, and rolling him up, 1...2……Carlito rolls through, and pulls the tights!!!!! …… 1…2…KICK OUT!!!

Carlito doesn’t realise Hardy kicked out, and holds his hands up in victory. The referee informs CCC he hasn’t won, which starts an argument between them, with Carlito sure he won. CCC has taken his eye off of Hardy, who waits in pursuit for Carlito, and as CCC turns around, he is met with Hardy, who spears him into the corner.

Hardy beats away at Carlito, eventually, forcing the referee to step in and separate him from CCC. Hardy pushes the referee away, and charges at Carlito, splashing him in the corner. CCC staggers out, and Hardy delivers a side suplex. He hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Hardy keeps on top of Carlito, pounding him down in the corner, before dragging him to his feet. Hardy hit’s a an atomic drop, with Carlito bouncing onto the ropes, and bouncing back into Hardy, who goes for the Twist of Fate again, but is distracted by Stacey Kiebler on the apron!!! Hardy lets go of Carlito, and begins to argue with Stacey, which gives Carlito time to recover. He does, and nails Hardy with a knee to the kidneys.

Carlito winks to Stacey, whilst the referee admonishes her from the apron. She gets down, whilst Carlito now becomes the aggressor on Hardy. He stomps the Smackdown star in the corner, before dragging him up, and whipping him to the opposite corner. CCC follows in, but Hardy gets a foot up, kicking in the jaw, sending Carlito away. Hardy bounces off the ropes, but Stacey grabs his foot, forcing him to trip.

Matt is furious, and gets up, staring angrily at Kiebler. Suddenly, his fury turns to a smile, as unbeknown to Stacey, LITA comes running down the aisle, and tackles her from behind. The ladies roll around, with Lita on top, pounding at Stacey. A number of officials run down, and pull the ladies away, dragging both separately up the ramp!! In the ring, Carlito becomes distracted by losing his manager, with Hardy rolling him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Hardy then bounces off the ropes, but Carlito rolls out of the way, then hit’s a dropkick to Matt Hardy. He follows up with an inverted backbreaker to his opponent. He hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. CCC doesn’t look happy. He goes to the outside, and grabs a steel chair. He brings it into the ring, and pushes the referee away, who tries to take it from him. He swings at Hardy, but he moves out of the way, and the chair bounces off the ropes, and comes right back at Carlito, smashing against his skull!!!!! He staggers around the ring, and Matt Hardy hit’s the Twist of Fate again!!!!! He gets a cover,







Winner: Matt Hardy - Twist of Fate - 08:43

Hardy has his hand raised in victory, in this short, fast paced contest. Hardy stands over Carlito, and words something to him, which we cant make out, as the camera cuts back to ringside……

Jim Ross:
Well, justice, does indeed prevail. Carlito got his mouth SHUT here tonight, and despite that being a loss for Raw, I cant help but be happy for Version One.

Smackdown pulls clear J.R by two matches. This aint looking good for your boys.

Jim Ross:
Indeed, but we got a helluva lot still to come. Including the goosebump making Iron Man Match. It’s a match that wrestling purists have been frothing at the mouth for, tonight, they finally get it.

But lets not under sell the rest of what’s to come.

A video package plays, telling us the Bret Hart will return to his duties as Smackdown General Manager, this Thursday!!

Backstage, we see Steve Austin, sitting a the cafeteria, at a table alone, looking deep in concentration for the 10 Man Tag match, to take place later tonight. We see someone then walk up beside the table… it’s Christian.

Yo, this seat taken??

Steve Austin:
Would it stop you if I said yes??

I guess not.

Steve Austin:
What do you want??

I just want to see how everyone’s favourite Rattlesnake was feeling, just a little while away from getting his ass handed to him by Captain Charisma.

Steve Austin:
Strangely enough, I aint feeling anything, because I aint getting my ass handed to me by ANYBODY!!! I don’t care whether it’s Captain Charisma, Commander Personality, or a Creepy Little Bastard!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t get his ass handed to him by any S.O.B, and that’s the bottom line!!

You see, I tend to disagree Steve. You know why?? Cause I’ve seen you take an ass whipping, not once, but twice in the last few months, from Brock Lesnar at Judgement Day, and Triple H just last month at Summer Slam. Tonight, Team Raw, or as I like to call it, the Christian Coalition, led by moi, is going to open a can of whoop ass all over your decrepit, beaten down, run down ass, because you cant cut it at the top level. So step aside Austin, Christian is breaking through the glass ceiling, and I’m fixing to take your spot!!!

Steve Austin:
Well, listen to me you little rat Ba$tard. If you’re looking to push Steve Austin off the ladder and take his spot, you better be able to back up what you say, because everyone can talk the talk, but only a select few can walk the walk. Are you a just a creepy talker?? A legend in your own mouth?? Or are you gonna do some walking??

I’m not gonna walk Austin. I’m gonna dance. I’m gonna dance all over your grave, when I finish your career, tonight, with one move… The Unprettier!!!

Christian gets up to walk away, but Austin grabs him by the arm.

Steve Austin:
Son, tonight, I’m not in the mood for little games. I came to Staples Centre to whip some ass!!! Be careful when you get into the ring with me tonight, because I’m gonna whoop more ass than any man has ever done before me. I’m warning ya.

Austin lets go, and Christian quickly moves off.

We cut to the parking lot once again, with Goldberg growing impatient, awaiting the arrival of The Rock……

**Guilty** AMW enter through the curtain, to a great reaction. The signal to the fans, before slapping hands together, before walking down the aisle, looking really pumped up, and focused.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest, is a Champion vs. Champion match, scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, representing Smackdown, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted!!!

Jim Ross:
Our second, of three Champion vs. Champion match up’s tonight folks, and this one has a lot of people buzzing.

And I’m one of them J.R. AMW, since winning the tag team titles at Judgement Day on May 15th, have been untouchable on Smackdown. Nearly four months later, and they still hold those tag belts.

**BREAK IT DOWN** Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak enter through the curtain to a lot of jeers. They mimic AMW’s entrance, before going to slap hands with a few fans, but Cade and Jindrak pull their hands away, annoying the fans.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, their opponents, representing Raw, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak!!!

Jim Ross:
Well, you talk about domination Tazz, Cade and Jindrak, since being given the guidance of Shawn Michaels, have really stepped it up a gear, and they too, have been untouchable tag team champions.

Well, something’s gotta give.

WWE Tag Team Champions
vs. World Tag Team Champions:

America’s Most Wanted
vs. The DX Duo

The two teams stand in opposite corners, talking strategy, before Cade and Storm back out of the ring, leaving Jindrak and Harris to kick things off. Both men circle the ring, not taking their eyes off each other. Eventually, they tie up, and Harris gets a snap mare. Jindrak rolls away, before Harris can take any control over him.

Jindrak rolls to his corner, and receives some encouragement from Cade before pulling himself up on the ropes. Jindrak ties up with Harris again, and gets a go behind. Harris runs into the ropes, and rolls back, rolling up Jindrak, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both jump up, and Harris gets a headlock takedown, and applies a sleeper. Jindrak swivels up, and elbows free, running off the ropes, but is knocked down with a shoulder from the Wildcat. Jindrak rolls to the ropes, to get himself some restbite from Harris. Again, Cade talks to Jindrak, calming him down a little. Jindrak slowly gets up, and walks to the centre of the ring, calling for a test of strength with Harris.

Wildcat accepts, and the two men slowly lock up their hands, but just before the test begins, Jindrak kicks Harris in the midsection, following up, by applying a key lock. Harris quickly reverses, and hits an arm drag, sending Jindrak to the outside.

Garrison Cade drops off the apron, and once again gives his partner encouragement. Jindrak looks frustrated, whilst AMW talk in the ring, keeping their eyes on the DX Duo. Jindrak slowly slides back in, and locks up with Harris. Harris backs Jindrak into the corner, and tags in James Storm. The Cowboy enters, with a number of well placed knee’s to the sternum, before whipping Jindrak off the ropes, with Cade making a blind tag, which Storm doesn’t notice, as he ducks his head, waiting for MJ to come back, which he eventually does, and gets back dropped. Storm looks to follow up, but Cade attacks from behind.

Garrison whips The Cowboy off the ropes, and knocks him down with a reverse elbow. He goes for a quick cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Cade picks Storm up, throwing a few right hands, before bouncing off the ropes, only to be met with a dropkick from James Storm!!! Storm whips Cade off the ropes, and meets him with a power slam, getting a cover too, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Storm gets up, and takes Jindrak by surprise, knocking him off the apron with an uppercut.

Storm turns back around, and sees Cade coming at him, but meets HBCade with a kick to the gut, before dropping Garrison with a bulldog. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Storm drops an elbow on the grounded Cade, and covers again, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

James Storm then sees Jindrak pulling himself back up on the apron, and knocks him off again, this time with a dropkick. The Cowboy gets back on Cade, and goes for a DDT, but Cade blocks it, grabbing the top rope, only for Chris Harris to kick his arm off the rope, allowing Storm to execute the DDT, but Mark Jindrak takes advantage, with the referee distracted admonishing Harris for his kick, and Jindrak enters the ring, super kicking Storm, seconds before he gets to hit a DDT!! Cade hooks the leg of Storm, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Immediately, Garrison pulls Storm to the corner, and tags in his partner, with DX now in control of this match. Jindrak pounds the body of Cowboy James Storm, before whipping him off the ropes, knocking him back down with a clothesline. Jindrak covers, 1...2...Kick Out. MJ quickly keeps the pressure on, tagging in Cade. Jindrak holds Storm up, taking advantage of the five count, with Cade kicking at the stomach and ribs of Storm.

Eventually, Jindrak exits, whilst Cade takes over on Storm. He throws a big uppercut, with Storm staggering over the ropes. Cade follows, with a knee to the back, as Storm hangs over the ropes. Cade pulls Storm back, and executes a Fisherman suplex, keeping the leg hooked, 1...2...Shoulder up!!!

Garrison pulls Storm to the corner again, and tags his partner in, keeping the tags rolling, keeping both men fresh. Jindrak and Cade hit a double sidewalk slam, with MJ hooking the leg for a cover,




The referee gets Wildcat back out of the ring, whilst DX choke Storm, with the referee’s back turned. They make a tag again, with Cade the legal man once more. He rams Storm in the corner, trying to bust the ribs, before dragging him out, and hitting a neck breaker. Cade doesn’t cover, but instead, bounces off the ropes, and drops the knee upon his return. This time, he covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Cade looks a little saddened by the kick out, hoping for the three that time. He tags Jindrak back in again. MJ begins to get cocky, and starts slapping Storm around the head, before jumping on him for a horse ride, making fun of Storm’s nickname of Cowboy. The jokes backfire though, as Storm throws him off his back, then as Jindrak gets back up, and throws a right, Cowboy blocks it, spins Jindrak around and scores with a spear!!!

Storm now desperately crawls to the corner, but Jindrak tries to grab his leg, to no avail, as Storm powers free, and rolls to his corner, tagging in The Wildcat to a huge response, as Jindrak also makes a tag to his partner!!!

Cade and Harris sprint toward each other, with Harris knocking Cade down with a clothesline, before knocking him down with a second, and keeping him down with a third!!! Jindrak tries to help Cade, but is back body dropped for his troubles!!! Cade staggers to his feet, and is met with a dropkick, before Harris grabs Jindrak again, raising him high in the air, holding him up, letting the blood flow to his head, before executing the delayed vertical suplex!!!

Chris Harris then sees Garrison Cade make it back to his feet, but not for long, knocking him over the top with a running clothesline!!! Mark Jindrak then runs at Harris, but gets back body dropped onto the apron. MJ thinks he has survived, but only until Harris runs off the ropes, and hit’s a Spear, with Jindrak falling off the apron onto Cade!!!!!

Harris rolls to the outside, and picks up the legal man, Cade, and rolls him back into the ring. Harris whips him off the ropes, and scores with a hip toss, taking Cade down once again. Harris covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Wildcat then runs off the ropes, but has his foot caught by Jindrak. Harris is livid, and pulls Jindrak up onto the apron by his hair. Meanwhile, Cade bounces off the ropes at the other side, and runs at Wildcat, but Harris moves away, with Cade stopping just before he hits his partner. Harris quickly rolls up HBCade, 1...2...Kick Out from Cade!!!

Garrison Cade gets back up, but immediately, is taken by surprise by Harris with a Sunset Flip, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men jump up, but Harris is first to strike with a clothesline. He now stalks Cade, signalling for the Catatonic. He gets Garrison up, but Jindrak tries to stop the move, only for James Storm to intercept him, knocking MJ down with a shoulder block.

Harris executes the Catatonic, whilst Storm runs at Jindrak in the corner, but Jindrak leapfrogs Cowboy, and Storm runs into the ringpost. Harris has the cover on Cade, but the shenanigans between Jindrak and Storm has distracted the referee. The official finally spots the pinfall…




Harris looks frustrated, as the referee gets Jindrak back on the apron. Wildcat tries to put the near fall behind him, and bounces off the ropes, but Jindrak nails him with a knee to the back, and Harris staggers back, walking into Cade, who hits an exploder. On the outside, Jindrak whips Storm into the steel steps, as Cade hooks the leg…



……KICK OUT!!!……

Cade’s face turns white in shock. He gives Jindrak a call, and MJ enters the ring. Harris begins to fight back, trying to take on both men, but is unable to take on both men. The referee tries to get Jindrak out, which allows Cade to low blow Harris with a blatant distraction. Jindrak re-enters, with the referee beginning a five count. The DX Duo nod at each other, and Jindrak jumps to the middle rope, whilst Cade picks up Chris Harris into the suplex position. He then makes it to the corner where Jindrak is waiting. Jindrak grabs a hold of Harris’ legs, and then drives down, with Cade dropping too, for a double team manoeuvre, a cross between a suplex and spike piledriver!!!! Cade gets the cover, whilst Jindrak rolls back out, and makes sure Storm doesn’t get back in…






Winners: Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak - Impaler Piledriver - 07:47

The DX Duo scarper up the ramp, happy to get the victory in this match, despite the cheap tactics, which they are quickly becoming known for.

Jim Ross:
Raw is off the mark at Clash of the Champions, but I cant say I whole heartedly agree with Cade and Jindrak’s tactics.

I know I don’t J.R. You cant cheat to win a match. This night is supposed to be about finding the best!!!

Jim Ross:
Well, you’ve certainly changed your tune!!!

No I haven’t. Remember, JBL won because of Noble earlier. He didn’t deliberately ask Noble to help him did he??

Jim Ross:
You’ve got a warped mind Tazz.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Batista enter Mick Foleys office…

Mick Foley:
For God’s sake. What the hell do you two want now??

Ric Flair:
Foley, this is your last chance my friend. The last chance to dump someone off Team Raw, and replace them with Batista.

Mick Foley:
And I like I said for the last three weeks now Ric. NO!! Now, get the hell outta my office, and stop pissing me off.

Ric Flair:
Well Foley. Expect to be hearing the words ‘I told ya so’, when Team Raw fails to beat Team Smackdown later tonight.

You’ll regret this Mick. You will regret this.

Mick Foley:
Well that’s a risk, I guess I’ll just have to take then, isn’t it??

Ric Flair:
And it’s a risk that’ll backfire.

Flair and Batista exit the room, smiling for some reason, as we cut to the parking lot again…

An official comes rushing out, as we see Goldberg looking really anxious…

Goldberg, you gotta come now. Your match is in like less than five minutes.

Just put it back until later.

We cant do that Goldberg. You gotta come now or you’ll forfeit the match.

Goldberg drops the pipe, and grabs the official by his shirt, shoving him against a wall…

I don’t like your tone. They want me to go right now?? That’s fine. But - you wait here, and when The Rock arrives, you stall him. And you stall him until after I beat The Undertaker. Understood??

Y- Ye- Ye- Ye-

Shut up, and just do it.

Goldberg lets him go, and walks into the building, removing his T-Shirt, as he quickly prepares for his upcoming match.

Back to ringside;

Jim Ross:
Back at ringside, here at the Clash of the Champions, and Tazz, right now, before our following contest, we’re gonna talk, via satellite to Rob Van Dam, who right now, is at home I believe, in Battle Creek.

RVD appears on the titan tron to a mixed reaction.

Jim Ross:
Good evening Rob.

Rob Van Dam:

Jim Ross:
Rob, I’ll make this quick.

Rob Van Dam:
You better J.R. Wouldn’t want Van Dam getting air time on PPV, would we.

Jim Ross:
(Moves on)
Rob, since your suspension, you have been spotted attending many independent wrestling events, namely, Ring of Honor, where last weekend, you in fact managed to get into the ring, and express yourself in fro-

Rob Van Dam:
Does that come as a shock?? That RVD has a voice?? That RVD has an opinion??

Jim Ross:
No, because quite frankly, I’ve heard you enough in the last few weeks on WWE programming, to know that. What I wanted to ask you, was about a comment you made that ‘he’ is coming. Rob, you have been saying that this mystery man, who apparently attacked Rey Mysterio six weeks ago, has been coming, yet we haven’t seen him yet??

Rob Van Dam:
Funny you should ask J.R. Because the mystery man, is right here with me now. You wanna see him??

Jim Ross:
Of course I would.

Rob Van Dam:
Well, okay then. Yo, c’mon in… actually. No. We’ll save it as a surprise.

Crowd boo’s

Jim Ross:
Rob, can you tell us even when you’ll introduce this friend of yours??

Rob Van Dam:
Put it this way J.R. My suspension is up after 12 midnight tonight. Tomorrow night, Raw is in Anaheim. If I run outta pot, I’ll think about heading to the Arrowhead Pond tomorrow night. Then again, I might not. You see, the WWE, and Vince McMahon has screwed around with RVD for too long, and it’s about time, I turned the tables. You want me at Raw tomorrow night, I say, I’ve got other plans. You suspend me for three weeks, I make you wish you fired me instead.

Hey Rob, it’s Tazz here.

Rob Van Dam:
Tazz, with one z or two??

Well, really, doe-

Rob Van Dam:
Really, it doesn’t matter … you’re still a sell-out. Along with the rest of them. You, Richards, Heyman, Foley, Dreamer, Snow, The Dudleys, Nova… sorry, ‘Simon Dean’. The only one who stays true to himself, is me, Rob Van Dam. Mr. Monday Night, and guess what?? Before you cut me off, I’m gonna say something I’ve been dying to say for weeks, but I always manage to get cut off just in time, not tonight. This is a live Pay Per View, and Rob Van Dam, is officially, back to being the WHOLE F*CKIN SHOW!!!!

Jim Ross:
(Into his headset)
Cut him off, now, please. He’s gone too far.

Van Dam’s satellite link is immediately cut, as J.R and Tazz look to each other, as if to say, we’re in trouble for that. Neither says anything, as we cut to a video package…

Chain Match V.P:

- Mr. McMahon announces his choice match for Clash of the Champions, to be Goldberg vs. Undertaker, in a Chain Match.

- Both men crushing opponents, sending a message to one another for COTC.

- Goldberg takes it a step further, spearing Undertaker on Raw following a match.

- Undertaker then spooks out Goldberg with an eerie video message.

- Goldberg challenges Taker to come to SD and meet him face to face.

- The Rock’s return is confirmed for Clash of the Champions, which sends Goldberg into a frenzy.

- Taker shows up on Smackdown, and gets the better of Goldberg, leading into tonight’s match.

**GONG…GONG…GONG** The fans goes banana’s for Undertaker’s eerie as always entrance. The Deadman walks down the aisle, in total concentration, ready for his first ever encounter against Goldberg.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is the McMahon’s Choice Match!!! That being, a steel chain match, where both competitors will be strapped together by a steel chain. Introducing first, from Death Valley, weighing 305 pounds, Theeee Unnnnnnndertakerrr!!!!

Jim Ross:
Here we go Tazz, first time ever, it’s The Phenom taking on Goldberg!!!

I’m pumped for this one J.R. And to quote you, THIS, will be a slobber knocker.

**Goldberg‘s march** Goldberg enters to his usual pyro, but doesn’t look incredibly focused on this match. He does though, look extremely pissed off.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 285 pounds, GOLLLLLLDBERRRRRG!!!!!

Jim Ross:
This is a man, who is clearly not focused on the task at hand Tazz. And you better believe, he’ll need to be when he’s in there with the Deadman.

I’m sure Goldberg is gonna turn it up a notch in just a second J.R. Get ready for a war!!

McMahon’s Choice;

Chain Match:

Undertaker vs. Goldberg

Both men stand in opposite corners, as the referee begins to apply the chain to Goldberg’s wrist. The chain is tightened around Goldberg’s wrist, before the referee takes the other end and begins to try and place it around Takers wrist, only for Goldberg to pull it away. He gets some heat, with the fans starting a ‘Goldberg Sucks’ chant.

The referee takes the end of the chain again, and this time, is able to fix it around Taker’s wrist, signalling for the match to begin, with the bell ringing. Neither man moves for a moment, not wanting to make a mistake. Goldberg is first to make a move though, pulling the chain. Taker barely budges, with Goldberg trying with all his might to pull the chain closer to him. Undertaker now begins to do the same, with the two warriors attempting to gain the early advantage, with neither getting the best of the situation. Goldberg is first to react to the stalemate, and quickly kicks Taker in the gut. He whips him to the corner, and follows in with a clothesline. Taker staggers out of the corner, with Goldberg whipping him to the opposite side, following in once again with a clothesline to the Deadman.

Undertaker again staggers out, and this time, is clotheslined over the top rope by his opponent. Goldberg ends up making a mistake doing this though, as Undertaker pulls the chain, which takes Goldberg by surprise and has him falling over the top rope, with Taker on the outside!!!

Goldberg lands badly, with Undertaker not showing any remorse. He drops an elbow on Goldberg, before choking the Smackdown superstar, which is totally legal in this match. Taker eventually lets go, and drags Goldberg up to his feet, before wrapping the chain around his neck, and begins to choke the life out of Goldberg with the chain. Taker keeps the chain wrapped around Goldberg’s neck, before hip tossing him on the unproductive mats, with Goldberg’s neck whipping back, almost to a whiplash effect.

Undertaker slowly unwraps the chain from around Goldberg’s neck, before stamping on his head. He drags him up, and quickly whips him into the steel steps, with Goldberg’s head taking the brunt of the punishment. Taker bears down on Goldberg, who looks worse for wear early on, and beats at the head of Goldberg with his huge soup bones.

Goldberg tries to get away, but cant, with the chain keeping him and Taker only a short distance apart. However, this ISNT Goldberg’s plan, and instead, as he pulls away, he quickly gets back up, and yanks the chain, with Taker being pulled through at high speed through the steel steps!!!

Goldberg doesn’t give Taker time to recover, and quickly wraps the chain around his fist a few times, before striking The Deadman with the weapon, knocking him back down to the floor.

The Phenom is laid out from the chain shot, and Goldberg decides to try and end it right now, pulling him back into the ring. Goldberg hooks the leg,



……KICK OUT!!!….

Goldberg doesn’t appear to be too happy, but quickly pulls Undertaker to the corner, and chokes him with his boot, before wrapping the chain around Undertakers neck, and choking him, just like the Deadman did a few moments ago to him. Goldberg releases him, and unhooks the chain from Taker’s neck, before stalking Undertaker, waiting for him to get to his feet.

The Deadman takes a few moments to get up, trying to recover his bearings, and his breath, as Goldberg waits. Taker eventually reaches his feet properly, and immediately, Goldberg runs at him, with the chain, but Taker ducks, runs off the ropes, and knocks Goldberg down with a boot to the face!!!

Undertaker immediately pulls Goldberg up, and applies a wristlock, before applying more pressure, and yanks it, then climbs to the top rope, keeping hold of the arm, before walking the ropes for Old School. The fans give a huge pop, as Taker walks the ropes, and eventually jumps off, knocking down Goldberg!!! He covers, … 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Goldberg tries to crawl out of the ring, but Taker follows, and as Goldberg reaches out of the ring, Taker steps onto the apron, dropping the leg across the neck of Goldberg!!! Goldberg falls out to the floor upon impact, with Taker bearing down on him again. Undertaker opens up on Goldberg with some blistering right hands, the patented ‘soup bones’ in force.

The Phenom bounces Goldberg’s head off the steps, before rolling him back into the ring. Goldberg staggers to the corner, but Taker follows him, and begins to pound him in the corner, with shots to the ribs, and the face. He eventually stops, and steps back, with Goldberg falling to the canvas. Undertaker wraps the chain around his hand, and looks to hit Goldberg with it, but Goldberg has other idea’s, and yanks the chain as hard as possible, with Undertaker taken by surprise, and he falls into the corner, with his head hitting the turnbuckle.

Goldberg quickly gets the advantage, and hit’s a running clothesline in the corner. Taker staggers out, but Goldberg uses the chain to his advantage, wrapping it around Undertaker’s feet, and pulling the chain, tripping Taker down, hard to the mat. Goldberg keeps Taker down, with some right hands to the back of his head. He rolls Undertaker over, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out from the Deadman.

Goldberg drags Taker to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, ducking his head, which leads to his downfall, with Undertaker bouncing off the ropes, and regaining the upper hand, hitting Goldberg with a running DDT!!! Undertaker hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Taker backs Goldberg into the corner, and scores with a few right hands, before backing away, and runs in for a big boot, but Goldberg moves, just in time, with Taker’s foot getting caught up on the top rope. Goldberg is quick to act, and uses the chain, pulling Taker back to the middle of the ring, and charges at Undertaker, NAILING THE SPEAR!!!!! Hook of the leg,



……………KICK OUT!!!!!…………

Goldberg isn’t happy, but realises he made the mistake of not hitting the Jackhammer as he normally would, following the Spear. He stomps on Taker, and kicks him in the face, before dragging him to his feet. Goldberg whips his opponent off the ropes, and as he comes back, Goldberg manages to get him up for a Press Slam, but cant keep him up, and Taker rolls off the back, and as Goldberg turns around, he gets caught, and Taker DELIVERS THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! He hooks the far leg,





…………………KICK OUT!!!!………………

Taker sits up, in shock over the kick out. He looks at the referee with a deathly stare, before reaching his feet. Taker bounces off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline on a groggy Goldberg, but the Smackdown superstar manages to duck, just in time, and as Taker comes back off the ropes, he is met with a right hand, wrapped in chain from Goldberg!!!!

Goldberg stands tall, holding his arms in the air, in premature victory, as we see that the Undertaker has been BUSTED OPEN!!! Goldberg is quick to open the wound further, pounding at Undertakers head, with his fist wrapped in the thick, steel chain. Goldberg eventually stops, and we get a close up on his right hand, wrapped in the chain, full of the Undertaker’s blood.

Taker rolls to the outside, but Goldberg doesn’t allow him to recover, and wraps the chain around the Deadman’s neck, and choking, with Goldberg in the ring, and Taker on the outside. The blood continues to drip from The Phenom’s head, with the pressure forcing more to flow. Goldberg eventually lets go, and follows to the outside. He wraps the chain around the Undertakers neck again, and delivers a simple hip toss, but to devastating effect, with Taker being choked by the steel chain.

Once again, Goldberg begins to celebrate, with Taker staggering around ringside, trying to pull the chain away from his neck. Goldberg takes too long posing though, as Taker eventually free’s himself of the chain around his neck, and quickly yanks the chain, which takes Goldberg by surprise, and he is pulled, face first into the steel ringpost!!!

Goldberg falls down, as Taker is bent down, trying to recover from the beat down, and the blood loss. The camera zooms in on Goldberg, who is also bleeding now, after running into the ringpost. He laceration doesn’t appear to be as bad as Undertaker’s, but it is still a cut none the less.

Both men appear to have taken a lot out of each other in a short space of time, given the nature of this devastating match. Taker walks back to Goldberg, and drags him to his feet, before rolling him into the ring. Undertaker picks Goldberg up onto his shoulders, and runs to the corner, hitting Snake Eyes, before darting into the ropes, and scoring with a big boot as he runs back off towards Goldberg, knocking him down.

Undertaker then stands over Goldberg, signalling for the Chokeslam. He waits for his opponent to reach his feet, and as he does, he goozles Goldberg, but knowing he is in trouble, Goldberg quickly elbows himself free, knocking Taker away. Taker runs back at Goldberg, but gets caught, and Goldberg sends Undertaker down with a spine buster!!! He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Goldberg quickly jumps up, and we can guess what is coming next …… the spear. He waits in the corner, as Taker is slow to his feet. Eventually, Taker is up, and Goldberg runs … AND CONNECTS WITH THE SPEAR!!!

Goldberg jumps up again, and snarls into the camera, thinking it’s over … but what he doesn’t see, is that THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!! Goldberg talks trash into the camera, and turns around to hit Taker with the Jackhammer, but Taker is already up, and he charges Goldberg into the corner!!! Undertaker rams his shoulder into Goldberg’s sternum, before whipping him into the ropes, and knocks him down with a flying clothesline!!! Taker makes the cut throat taunt to the fans, signalling for the Tombstone!!!

Undertaker drags Goldberg to his feet, but immediately the Smackdown superstar drops to his knees, and low blows Undertaker, sending the Phenom to his knees. Goldberg wraps the chain around his hand, and bounces off the ropes, and strikes the Deadman with the steel, further opening the wound on his forehead.

Goldberg looks to have the Undertaker dead and buried at this point, but suddenly the fans come alive, as we see a figure running down the aisle … THE ROCK!!!! The Great One, runs to the ring, and Goldberg doesn’t see him coming!!! Rock slides in, twirls Goldberg around, and begins to unload some right hands, before sending him into the ropes, and scoring with a Spinebuster!!!!!! The Rock then rips his T-Shirt off, and throws it into the crowd, before running off the ropes, and eventually he hit’s the PEOPLES ELBOW!!!!

The Rock talks trash to Goldberg, before going to the top rope, and raising his arm to the fans, which gets a major pop, before he drops down, and rolls out of the ring, having made his mark.

In the ring, Undertaker reaches his feet, and eventually, drags a lifeless Goldberg up too. Taker manages to get Goldberg up, onto his shoulders, and eventually executes the Tombstone!!!! Taker pins Goldberg with the darkness pin,




Winner: Undertaker - Tombstone - 12:04

The Undertaker is victorious in this bloody chain match. The referee takes the chain off both men’s wrists, with Goldberg eventually coming around, and realising what has happened. He rolls out of the ring, and staggers up the ramp, obviously in pursuit of The Rock.

Jim Ross:
The Rock, has made an immediate impact here tonight!!! The Rock once again, makes Goldberg pay!!!

Well J.R, I know that The Rock is pissed with Goldberg for putting him on the shelf, but this tonight, was totally selfish. He could well end up costing Smackdown victory here tonight!!!

Jim Ross:
Either way, we are all tied up, once again, with three matches remaining.

It’s coming down to the wire now my friend. But can we get a camera on Goldberg to see if he’s caught up with The Rock yet??

Jim Ross:
If he does Tazz, we could well be in for an explosive situation, right here at Clash of the Champions. Folks, right now though, I’d like to take this moment to thank everybody who has purchased tickets for WrestleMania 22. The event sold out in almost record time at the MGM Grand, and on March 26th, you’ll be in for the event of your life. And right now, we’ve got ourselves the little preview video from last month at Summer Slam…

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE WrestleMania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

The video opens with Christian and Tyson Tomko stopping at a seedy Las Vegas strip joint…

Here we are then… the famous Las Vegas strip.

Tyson Tomko:
Erm… This isn’t the Las Vegas strip. This, is a Las Vegas strip joint.

Uh?? Hold on. Strip joint huh??

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, the strip is about three miles back that way…

Shut up. I like the look of this place Tomko…

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, very professional looking.

C’mon, we’re goin in…

Christian and Tomko exit the car, and walk into the club. They open the front door, and the door falls off it’s hinges… Christian turns to Tomko, looking quite embarrassed…

I don’t know my own strength.

Tomko laughs, but as Christian turns around, Tomko’s face turns to worry, at the prospect of the club…

They take a seat, right next to the stage, where some pretty attractive, but cheap looking women are pole dancing. The time on the clock behind them says 11:30.

(hands Tomko a $50) Go get some drinks. C’mon honey, TAKE IT OFFFF!!! Captain Charisma is in the HOUSSSE!!! Gimme a PEEP SHOW!!!

The scene cuts, and we go to a few hours later, with the clock showing 02:45... Christian’s head is rested on the table, whilst Tomko is still enjoying the show…

(Very drunk) Ohhh.

Tyson Tomko:
You wanna go Christian?? I think the best is over.

Let’s wait and see who’s next…

We then see the next two ladies come onto the stage, and we watch from Christian’s point of view. The two women HE sees are extremely attractive.

(Mouth wide open) I’m in love.

Tyson Tomko:
You have to be kidding me??

If you aren’t attracted to those beauties, you gotta bat for the other team.

Tyson Tomko:
I think you’ve had too much to drink man.

No way. You can go, I’m staying right here.

Tyson Tomko:
No problem. I’m out man. No way am I getting involved in this.

More for me baby.

Christian continues to watch, and we only see the women from his view…

The scene cuts again, and we come back, in the parking lot of the strip joint, with Christian’s car in view, rocking side to side, with groans coming from the vehicle.

The scene cuts to the next morning, and we look into the car, with Christian waking up, looking rough.

Oh…what the hell happened last night??
(Remembers) YES!!! I scored!!! One for me. Notch it up for Captain Charisma!!!

Christian then looks to his side, and sees that it was TWO women.

HA!! Double dose of Vitamin C. Tomko is gonna hear about this. Whoa. Wait a minute…

Christian then looks over at the two women, and we see his eyes widen in shock. He throws his hands into his face…


The women then turn over, and we see it is MAE YOUNG and MOOLAH!!!!!

Mae Young:
Mornin’ tiger.

We didn’t??

Mae Young:
Oh… we did.


Mae Young:
In fact… we did more than that…

Mae Young then shows Christian a WEDDING RING!!! Christian freezes in amazement, as we see Tyson Tomko standing outside the car, laughing at Christian.

I think I’m gonna be sick…

Outside the car, we see Tomko take out a note book, with the title, ‘Places never to visit again’. He quickly jots down Las Vegas, whilst laughing his ass off.

The WrestleMania XXII logo then flashes across the screen, whilst in the background, we hear Christian throwing up, and then we see Mae looking at a wedding photo of her and Christian, at a 24 Hour chapel as the preview comes to an end…

**Coach‘s Playa‘s Club** Jonathon Coachman struts into the arena, with a grin on his face, wide open, which gets him more heat from the fans. He cockily makes his way down the aisle, and slides into the ring.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Kansas City, representing Raw, Thhhhhhe Coach!!!

Jim Ross:
I don’t recall ever meeting a more pompous ass Tazz, than that man right there, walking down the ramp.

The Coach is sure as hell not very welcome here in Hollywood, that’s for sure.

**Generic Music** Josh Matthews enters the arena to a decent ovation. He salutes the fans, before making his way to the ring, looking ready to beat up Coach.

Howard Finkel:
And his opponent, representing Smackdown, Josh Matttthewwwwwsss!!!

Jim Ross:
This kid Josh Matthews, was a runner up in the inaugural Tough Enough, and since losing out in the finals, he made it his goal to be a part of this company, and by gawd he has. Tonight, the Smackdown backstage announcer, gets a shot at doing it in the ring!!!

I like this kid Matthews. He’s got a good attitude, and I expect that we’ll both be pulling for this kid.

Battle of
the Microphones:

The Coach
vs. Josh Matthews

The bell rings, with Coach leaning up against the ropes, looking as cocky as ever. He looks over at Josh, and starts to laugh, with Matthews looking extremely intense. Coach walks towards him, and pats Matthews on the shoulder, but Josh tackles The Coach down!! Matthews starts to pound down the Raw announcer, with some awful punches. After a dozen or so shots, Josh gets back up, and waits for The Coach to reach his feet.

Coach staggers up, looking out of sorts already, after sustaining a beating early on. He tries to catch his breath, resting against the ropes, but doesn’t get a chance, with Matthews, charging at him, knocking Coach, and himself, over the top rope, to the floor!!!

Both announcers lay on the floor for a few seconds, after a nasty looking fall from the ring. Matthews is first to stir, and he quickly rolls into the ring and back out, breaking the referee’s count. He staggers around ringside, and stomps on Coach, before picking him up, and bouncing Coaches head off the announce table. He attempts to again, but Coach blocks it, and elbows free. Jonathon Coachman then slams Matthew’s head off the announce table, before walking away, to try and catch his breath.

Coach rests against the ringpost, but Matthews, keeps after him, and runs towards Coach, but The Coach jumps out of the way, and Matthews runs into the ringpost!!! He falls back dramatically, whilst Coach laughs. He drags Josh back into the ring, and makes a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Coach has a temper tantrum, with Josh kicking out. He argues with the referee, whining like a little girl, before mounting Matthews, and pounding him. Coachman pulls Josh up by the hair, and rams him into the corner. He swings a right, but Josh ducks, bounces off the ropes, and catches Coach with a running clothesline. Coach gets back up, but gets slammed down by Matthews.

The Smackdown announcer now goes to the middle rope, and goes for a elbow, but Coach rolls out of the way. Matthews sells the elbow, whilst Coach lines Matthews up, and takes him down with a bulldog. Coach then rolls Matthews out of the ring for some strange reason.

He tells the referee to count Matthews out, before walking over to the corner, and exposing the top turnbuckle, with the referee’s attention diverted away from Coach. Matthews gets back in the ring at the count of six, but is met with a standing elbow from Coach. Coachman rolls him over, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

The Raw announcer gets in the referee’s face, unhappy with the count he made, moments ago. Coach drags Matthews up again, but Josh scores an inside cradle, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Coach pops up, almost coming close to defeat, and runs at Matthews, but Josh leap frogs Coach, then catches him with a dropkick!!! Coach wobbles all around the ring, and walks into a DDT!!!! Matthews hooks the leg…




…………FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans boo, as Coach just about stays in the match. He pulls himself up in the corner, whilst Matthews looks to hit a splash. He runs at him, but Coach pulls the referee in his way, and Josh hit’s the referee instead!!!!!

Coach low blows his enemy, before falling over himself. He motions to the back, and we see the Brotherhood (Teddy Long, Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack) all run to the ring. Long and OJ help Coach to his feet, whilst Mack puts the boots to Matthews. He holds Josh up, and allows Jordan to display his boxing skills, with Orlando beating away at the Smackdown announcer. Coach gets in on the act too, but suddenly, the fans come alive, as the A.F.A run to the ring!!!

Rico and Faarooq clean house, with OJ running from Rico for obvious reasons, jumping over the barrier, whilst Faarooq brawls with Mack, and gets the best of the situation, taking down Rodney with a spine buster. Teddy Long tries to stop them, but Rico kicks him off the apron.

Coach, from behind, strikes Faarooq with a chair, sending him to his knee’s… then from behind Coach, Rico pinches his ass. Coach knows who it is, and slowly turns around, before jumping back, when he sees Rico. Coach stands still, as Rico looks on at him with a very friendly look on his face. From behind Coach, Josh Matthews pulls down his trunks, to reveal a G-String!!!

Coach turns around to Matthews who is laughing at Coach. Rico swipes the chair from Coach, which distracts him, and he turns around to Rico again, with Rico throwing the chair to Matthews. Rico then grabs Coach, and plants a big wet kiss on him, lets go, and Matthews clobbers Coach with the chair!!!!!

Rico rolls out of the ring, taking Coaches trunks with him. He walks up the ramp with a dazed Faarooq, smelling Coaches clothing, whilst Matthews covers, and the referee comes alive…





Winner: Josh Matthews - 04:52

Jim Ross:
Well …… I guess that was fun.

I never thought I’d ever be more repulsed by someone wearing a G-String!!

Jim Ross:
In any event, that counts as a win for Smackdown, and folks, with two matches left, Smackdown needs only one victory. The stakes couldn’t get any bigger, as we reach the double main event. Up first, the ten man tag match.

Raw needs this match to keep things alive going into the main event J.R. But, how about this fact, between the Raw team, they have only Nine World Title reigns between them. Team Smackdown on the other hand, have twice that amount with eighteen.

Jim Ross:
A lot of youth over on Team Raw, with really just one veteran, that being Sting, whilst Team Smackdown has four veterans, and Brock Lesnar, who having only been in this business a short amount of time, still has a WrestleMania main event under his belt, and three WWE Championship reigns.

Smackdown has to be favourites here if you ask me J.R.

A video package plays, hyping the next PPV, on October 9th, from Louisville, Kentucky, being a joint brand event, WWE Nemesis.

Backstage, we see Goldberg looking for The Rock. He spots the same official he told to stall The Rock earlier, and grabs him by the neck.

Did I not give you a job to do??

Y- Ye- Yes. But I never him. He musta been here already.

Goldberg loses his rag, and throws the official against a door, with the official going through.

That son of a bitch is gonna wish he never came back.

We cut to the Raw locker room, with the five men all making last minute preparations. Mick Foley then enters the room, and gets all five men’s attention…

Mick Foley:
Orton, Edge, Sting, Cena, Christian, listen up. Last Monday Night, I dangled the carrot for you guys to win tonight, giving the man who earns the pinfall a title shot tomorrow night on Raw. But I didn’t explain the terms and conditions of this stipulation.

All five men become intrigued.

Mick Foley:
You see, I know all five of you want a title shot badly, but I don’t want to see you guys fight over the decision. Understood?? I don’t care of it’s Christian or Randy Orton that scores the pinfall, I just want Raw to win. We NEED to win this match to level it up. So, if you guys lose this match because you fight over the pinfall, NONE OF YOU will be receiving a title shot for the next twelve months.

All five men are irate.

Mick Foley:
That’s just the way it’s got to be. I want a united Raw for one night only. For one match only. Now, each and every one of you, get out there, and deliver.

Foley exit’s the room, with the five men looking frustrated.

You heard the man guys. Don’t be all running in to steal my pinfall once I land with the Unprettier, especially you Marky Mark.

John Cena:
Christian, shut up. We all know what we gotta do, now lets go out there, and DO IT!!

Cena storms out of the room, fired up, with the rest slowly following.

10 Man Tag Video Package:

- Clips of last years 10 Man Tag Main Event, with Orton screwing his own team.

- Mick Foley naming his five man team, choosing Orton as the fifth man over Batista and RVD.

- Flair and Batista pestering Foley about replacing someone in the match for Batista, with Foley saying no.

- Team Smackdown, earning their spots on the team through qualifying matches.

- Dissention between both teams, with differing opinions on who should lead the teams.

- Team Smackdown win a tune up match in impressive fashion, but brawl afterwards.

- Team raw facing off against each other in a bid to get any ill feeling’s out of the way prior to the event, which backfires.

- Team Smackdown unites to attack Team Raw six days ago.

- Team Smackdown break down again on Smackdown, with Team Raw attacking, getting the last word going into tonight’s match.

**Here Comes the Pain** Brock Lesnar’s music hits, and the fans cant help but come to their feet. The Big Thing makes his way to the ring, with his eyes locked on the ring.

Well… here comes the pain.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest, is then ten man tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing 295 pounds, representing team Smackdown, Brrrrock Lessssssnarrrr!!!

Jim Ross:
It is time Tazz. It will be the most explosive tag team match of the year, and that is a fact.

Definitely J.R. These two teams are match so incredibly even, it’ll be a hard call to find ourselves a winner.

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian is the first Team Raw superstar to enter. Tyson Tomko follows him out, to the halfway point on the ramp. They talk for a brief moment, then Tomko makes his way to the back. Brock Lesnar motions for Christian to get in, but Captain Charisma passes, and stays on the outside.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, weighing 240 pounds, representing Team Raw, Chrisssssstian!!!!

Jim Ross:
Here we have a man, that quite frankly, has been on the roll of a lifetime recently Tazz. Captain Charisma has been beating opponents, left right and centre, and none more so, that The Undertaker, just last month at Summer Slam, cleanly, in the ring, with the Unprettier.

Christian is a guy to watch out for J.R. He has it all, the cockiness, the ring smarts, and the deadly weapon, known as the Unprettier.

**Time to Play the Game** The arena is full of heat for Triple H, as he enters the arena. The Game looks ready for a war, shaking his neck loose. He walks to the ringside area, and shares some words with Christian, who doesn’t seem fazed by HHH. Triple H does the water spit, before entering the ring, and staring down Brock Lesnar.

Howard Finkel:
From Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 268 pounds, representing Team Smackdown, Tripppppplee H!!!!!

Jim Ross:
What can you say about The Game. Nine times, a world champion, a man with true lasting power at the top of the ladder, and a definite match winner for Team Smackdown.

Absolutely J.R. Like him or not, Triple H can get it done, and he normally does too.

**Burn in my Light** The crowd comes alive for the Legend Killer!!! Randy Orton poses on the ramp, before walking straight to the ring, getting inside, showing no fear of Triple H or Brock Lesnar. Both men try to get towards him, but are held back by the referee.

Howard Finkel:
Representing Team Raw, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 248 pounds, Rannnnnnnnnndy Orrrrrrrrrton!!!!

Jim Ross:
And here comes the most controversial choice on Team Raw. The man, who cost the group victory last year at the Clash of the Champions, with a selfish, selfish decision, but tonight, the Legend Killer, has a chance to redeem himself.

Orton looks ready J.R. I gotta give it up for Team Raw, your guys look hungry for this one.

**VIVA LA RAZA** Eddie Guerrero enters to an amazing reaction!! Guerrero drives his low rider out into the arena, before pumping it up and down to another big pop. He exit’s the vehicle, and begins to make his way to the ring. As he reaches the apron, Triple H stands in his way. They exchange some words, but nothing physical happens.

Howard Finkel:
From El Paso, Texas, weighing 235 pounds, representing Team Smackdown, Eddddie Guuuuuuuerrerooo!!!

Jim Ross:
Eddie Guerrero, has had a rough couple of months, losing the United States Championship after a near seven month reign, but tonight, he has a opportunity to turn the corner, and get back on track.

Eddie is someone who always has a trick or two up his sleeve, and I bet he has a couple up there tonight.

**Sting** Sting comes down from the rafters to a great pop too. Everyone in the ring, jumps out, as Sting lowers down, clearing the ring.

Howard Finkel:
Representing Team Raw… STINNNNNNNNG!!!!!

Jim Ross:
Oh my!!!! What a reaction for the legendary Sting!!!!

This guy just spooks me out J.R. But does Sting have enough gas in the tank to pull it out for Team Raw tonight??

**Whatever** The Rabid Wolverine is introduced, and makes his way to the ring, focused as always. He slides into the ring, and in a show of respect, shakes hands with one of his competitors, Sting. Triple H and Brock Lesnar are both furious, but Benoit ignores both of them.

Howard Finkel:
Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 228 pounds, representing Team Smackdown, he is, Chris Benoiiiiiit!!!!

Jim Ross:
And when you talk about veterans, and legends, in my book, The Rabid Wolverine, is up there with them all. Undoubtedly, the greatest athlete to have never been WWE Champion.

Well J.R, Chris Benoit may have a career spanning nineteen years, but I honestly believe he can still go for another nineteen. The guy is a machine.

**Metalingus** Edge enters the arena to a extremely mixed reaction, leaning more on boo’s. He tries to pump up the crowd to no avail, before sprinting to the ring. He goes to each turnbuckle, and exchanges dirty looks with both Raw and Smackdown guys.

Howard Finkel:
Representing Team Raw, from Toronto, Canada, weighing 242 pounds, Edge!!!!

Jim Ross:
Edge is one troubled young man. He believes the world is against him, and with his recent attitude, it soon will be. He’s a tremendous athlete, but he needs to quit complaining, and get the job done.

I just wonder how Edge can co-exist with some of his partners. Christian and Edge working together?? Edge and John Cena working together?? I cant see it J.R.

Jim Ross:
Hey, Team Smackdown aren’t exactly tight either buddy.

**Glass Shatters** Staples Centre comes unglued for the Texas Rattlesnake. Austin walks to the ring with his usual swagger, set to go into battle once again. He goes to each turnbuckle posing to the fans, but at the fourth, Edge stands in his way. Things almost escalate into a fight right away, but Sting pulls Edge out of the way for now.

Howard Finkel:
From Victoria, Texas, weighing 255 pounds, he is representing Team Smackdown, Stone, Cold, Stevvvve Aussssstin!!!!

Jim Ross:
Say what you like about the Texas Rattlesnake, he is, in my biased eyes, arguably the greatest WWE Champion of all time, and tonight, I fear, that Austin, may well be driven to success, and end Raw’s challenge here.

That’s the thing with Austin, J.R. Unpredictability. He’s looked ready for this match though for quite some time. Austin could well turn it up another notch tonight.

**MY TIME IS NOW** John Cena enters to a marvellous reaction from the fans. He plays to the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, finally, representing Team Raw, from West Newberry, Massachusetts, weighing 253 pounds, Johhhhhhn Cennnnnnna!!!!

Jim Ross:
Listen to the ovation, for the Doctor of Thuganomics. John Cena, has the Staples Centre on it’s feet!!!

Right now, he looks untouchable J.R. But I just hope, that Team Smackdown can control this loose cannon.

Cena stops playing to the fans, and stretches a little, before sprinting to the ring, and the fight is ready to begin…

Ten Man
Tag Match:

Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit


John Cena, Randy Orton, Sting, Edge, Christian

The match doesn’t officially begin, with all ten men brawling on the outside. Cena goes at it with Lesnar, Orton brawls with Benoit, Christian with Guerrero, Edge with Austin, and Sting with Triple H. Cena gets the best of Lesnar, whilst Guerrero dots the eyes of Christian to get the upper hand. Austin stomps a mudhole on Edge by the steps, Triple H and Sting share blows, whilst Orton has Benoit in trouble.

Triple H knee’s Sting in the midsection, before rolling him into the ring. The bell rings, officially signalling the start of the match. Triple H though, is furious, and tells the referee that he didn’t want to start the match. The referee tells him he and Sting were first to fight in the ring, which means the match has started. The Game takes too long arguing, and allows Sting to roll him up, for an early victory, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

HHH jumps up, but walks into a headlock takedown from Sting. He gets up again, but this time, is taken down by a hip toss from the Stinger. Meanwhile, around the ring, the Raw and Smackdown stars cease their wild brawl, and separate to their corners. Sting drops an elbow on Triple H, and again hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!! Triple H backs into the corner, asking for a time out, but Sting laughs it off, and kicks HHH in the chest. He pulls him up, and whips him to the opposite corner, following in with a dropkick. Triple H slides down in the corner, and tries to crawl to make a tag, but Sting grabs him by the leg, and drags him towards the Raw corner, and Sting tags in Randy Orton, which gets a cheer from the fans.

Orton leaps into the ring, and backs The Game into the ropes, whipping him off, and scoring with a dropkick. Orton stands over Triple H, and poses, before dropping a knee, and hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!! Triple H again tries to crawl to his corner, but Orton, just like Sting, drags him back, and drops an elbow to the spine. Randy picks The Game up, and applies a headlock, as he tags in Edge, who gets a fair amount of heat from the fans.

Edge kicks Triple H in the chest, as Orton lets go of the headlock, and knocks The Game down with a clothesline. Edge runs off the ropes, and comes back for another clothesline, knocking HHH down again. Triple H rolls to the corner, trying to get away for a few moments, but Edge follows in after him, only to be suckered with a kick from Triple H. The Game pulls Edge down by the hair, and quickly makes a tag out of the ring, to Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar drives Edge to the corner, delivering sharp shoulders to the gut, taking the wind from Edge, before whipping him into the ropes, and scoring with a reverse elbow, knocking Edge down. Lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Edge rolls over to his side, but Lesnar doesn’t let him get away, and pulls him up by the hair, driving him to the corner again, scoring with some major shoulders to the gut. He steps back, before hitting Edge in the face with a reverse elbow. Edge staggers around the ring, as Lesnar tags in Chris Benoit, to a nice reaction from the Staples Centre.

Benoit drags Edge to the corner, and without hesitation, strikes with a hard chop … and another … and a third … a fourth … and a fifth, with Edge pushing Benoit away to try and get away. He clutches his chest in pain, but cant get to his teams corner, with Benoit taking him down with a drop toe hold. He then tries to apply the cross face, but Edge manages to scramble free, and quickly tags in John Cena, who gets a massive reaction from the fans.

Cena slowly enters, knowing the threat that Benoit possesses. Both men circle the ring, and lock up. They struggle around the ring, with neither getting an advantage, and eventually, they are forced to break in the corner. Again, they circle, before locking up. This time, Benoit backs Cena into the Smackdown corner, and chops the Dr. of Thuganomics, before tagging in Eddie Guerrero to a huge reaction from the Hispanic fans in the crowd.

Guerrero chops Cena, before whipping him into the ropes, and knocking him down with a clothesline. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Guerrero stomps on the back of John Cena, and eventually picks him up, whipping him into the ropes again, going for a clothesline again, only for Cena to duck, and come back with a flying shoulder block to Latino Heat. Cena gets to his feet first, and drags Guerrero up, throwing a few right hands, which rock Guerrero a little. He whips Eddie into the ropes, and goes for a spine buster, but Guerrero rolls out for a Sunset Flip, only for Cena to keep his balance, and drops his fist onto the Smackdown star.

Cena follows up with a suplex, then backs into the ropes, but Christian makes a blind tag, much to Cena’s dismay. Christian pushes Cena out of the way, and begins to stomp on Guerrero. The Raw stars calm an angry Cena down, as Christian chokes Guerrero, breaking the choke at the count of four.

Christian gets up, and stomps the face of Eddie Guerrero, before dropping an elbow, 1...2...Kick Out!! Christian reaches his feet again, and taunts the Smackdown stars, before reaching down to pick Eddie up, but is taken by surprise by Guerrero, who cradles Christian, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Captain Charisma is furious, and runs at Guerrero, but is caught with a kick to the gut, followed by a neck breaker. In the Smackdown corner, all four men hold their hands out, wanting the tag, to get a piece of Christian. Guerrero makes the tag to Austin, which gets a massive cheer. Austin enters, with a grin on his face, getting a piece of Christian.

Captain Charisma is on his knees and sees Austin bearing down, smiling. CC tries to back away, and beg off, but the Rattlesnake doesn’t buy it, and kicks him in the face, knocking him down. Austin picks Christian up, and whips him into the corner, with enough velocity to make Christian bounce out, straight into Austin, who gets Christian up, and hit’s an Atomic Drop … and holds on for a second … third … fourth … fifth … sixth … seventh … eighth … ninth, and finally a tenth. Christian sells the ten atomic drops perfectly, rolling around the canvas, gripping his nuts, after taking a hell of a lot of punishment.

Austin stands in the centre of the ring, laughing, as Christian continues to roll around in agony. Austin eventually goes back after him, and begins to slap him around the head. Stone Cold picks Christian up, and whips him into the ropes, but misses with a clothesline, and Christian quickly dives to his corner, and tags in Edge.

Edge cautiously gets in, with Austin pointing at Christian, signifying he wants a piece of Captain Charisma. Edge then shouts to Austin to concentrate on him, and not Christian. Austin throws his hands up, as if to say, bring it on. Edge rubs his face, then tries to take down Austin by the leg, but Stone Cold moves away before he can. Edge tries to take the Rattlesnake by surprise, and runs at him, but Austin boots him in the gut, and sees a possible opening for the Stunner, but Edge pushes Austin into the ropes, and goes for a kick of his own, but Austin catches the leg, spins Edge around, and knocks him down with a clothesline!!! He then drags Edge to his teams corner, and tags Guerrero back in.

Eddie kicks Edge in the corner, and begins to stomp the Raw star, before dragging him up, and nailing a few forearm shots, then whips him into the ropes, taking him down with an arm drag. Guerrero tries to quickly drop the elbow, but Edge spins out of the way. Edge has a chance to tag out, but decides to stay in. He locks up with Guerrero, and they struggle around the ring, but it’s Latino Heat that eventually wins the battle, taking Edge down with a snap mare. He tries to lock in a sleeper, but Edge fights free, runs into the ropes, but is met with a dropkick from Guerrero!!!

Eddie pulls Edge to Team Smackdown’s corner, and tags in Steve Austin again, who again, gets a tremendous ovation from the fans. Stone Cold stomps Edge in the corner, before stepping to the middle ropes, and begins teeing off on Edge with the ten punches, with the fans chanting ‘WHAT’ to each punch. Austin hit’s the ten, and drops down off the ropes, with Edge flopping out of the corner, falling flat on his face, to a big pop.

Austin laughs, before tagging in Chris Benoit. Benoit backs Edge into the corner, and opens up with a number of chops again, lighting up the chest of Edge once again. Edge in desperation, rakes the eyes of Chris Benoit to get away. Again though, Edge greedily, and stupidly, doesn’t tag in one of his team mates, and instead, stays in. He pounds Benoit in the corner, but Benoit strikes back with more chops, which Edge stops, with a kick to the gut of the Wolverine. He whips Chris Benoit off the ropes, but misses with a clothesline, and Benoit grasps behind Edge, executing a release German Suplex!!!

Chris Benoit follows Edge, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Benoit pulls Edge closer to Team Smackdown, and tags in Triple H. The Game takes a few seconds to think about what he is going to do to Edge, before stomping on the leg of his opponent. Triple H drags him to the centre of the ring, and drops three consecutive elbows to the point of the knee, before trying to apply the Figure Four, but as he turns, Edge kicks him away with his free boot, and this time, does the smart thing, and tags in a team mate … John Cena.

Cena bounds into the ring, coming after Triple H, but is immediately knocked down by The Game, with a booming clothesline. Triple H tries to get the pinfall, … 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H hooks the leg again, 1...2...Kick Out. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H drags Cena up, but John Cena fights back at The Game, with shots to the ribs, forcing Triple H back. Cena bounces off the ropes, and comes at HHH again, but Triple H meets him with a kick to the gut, sending Cena down to one knee. Triple H quickly goes for the Pedigree, but Cena breaks free, and knocks down Triple H with a clothesline.

John Cena drags The Game to his teams corner, and tags in Christian, who this time didn’t want in as bad, but Cena picked him as a mark of revenge for the earlier blind tag. Christian gets in, and kicks Triple H in the corner, before whipping him to the team Smackdown corner, where Brock Lesnar makes a blind tag, which Captain Charisma doesn’t spot. He runs in at the corner, and splashes The Game, before dragging him out, and goes for the Unprettier, but Lesnar takes him down with a clothesline to the back of the head.

Christian is knocked down, and falls to the outside, with Lesnar in hot pursuit, coming after him. He follows out, and the referee quickly instructs the Raw and Smackdown members to stay in their corners. Lesnar charges Christian into the steel steps, before dropping him, chest first onto the barricade. Quickly, Lesnar rolls Captain Charisma back into the ring, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Brock has a wry smile, and drags Christian up to his feet. Lesnar bounces off the ropes, and runs at CC, but Christian leapfrogs him, and quickly tags in Sting, getting out of the ring, as quick as he can.

Sting enters, and immediately locks up with Lesnar, taking Brock down with a snap mare, followed by a kick to the back. He bounces off the ropes, and puts Lesnar down with a basement dropkick, before getting a pin, 1...2...Kick Out from Brock!!! Lesnar pulls himself up in the corner, as Sting signals for the Stinger Splash. He runs in for it, but Triple H quickly pulls Lesnar out of the corner, saving him. Sting hit’s the corner, and staggers out, into the path of the 295 pounder, who hit’s a Belly to Belly!!! Brock doesn’t cover, and tags out instead, to Chris Benoit.

The Crippler enters once again, and he picks up where Lesnar left off, hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. Benoit doesn’t ease off, and drags Sting up by the arm, before pulling him in, and turning him inside out with a clothesline!! Benoit again covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! As before, Benoit picks Sting up, by the arm, and yanks him in for another clothesline. Again, he covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Benoit follows Sting to the corner, as the legend tries to get some restbite, but with Benoit closing in, he doesn’t get much. Benoit hit’s a chop, and pulls Sting out of the corner, following up with a snap suplex. He covers once again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The Wolverine gets up, and makes the tag to Latino Heat, who enters the ring with a hilo onto Sting, following up with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Sting appears to be in trouble right now, after being singled out for an extended period of time. Guerrero backs him into the corner, scoring with some kicks to the mid section, before pulling him back out. He goes for a suplex, but Sting blocks it, and frees himself, before going toe to toe, shot for shot, but Guerrero, the fresher man, gets the best of this exchange, knocking Sting down with a clothesline. Latino Heat picks him up, and this time, manages to execute the Suplex … and hangs on. Guerrero swings the hips, and gets Sting up again, hitting a second suplex. Guerrero one more time, swings the hips, and reaches his feet, delivering the third suplex, and completing the three amigo’s. Guerrero reaches his feet, and pounds his chest to a great response. He is set to go for the cover, but Triple H makes a blind tag.

Eddie Guerrero is livid, and lets Triple H know what he thinks before exiting the ring, whilst Triple H picks up the scraps. HHH drags Sting to the ropes, setting his adversaries leg on the middle rope, before leaping in the air, landing on the body part, contorting the leg. Sting immediately grabs his leg, feeling the pain of the move from Triple H. The Game lifts the leg, and pulls it back, jumping behind Sting, pulling it further.

Triple H tries to drop his knee onto the knee of Sting, but the Raw superstar kicks The Game away, before using the ropes to get to a vertical base. He tries to kick Triple H in the gut, but HHH catches his leg. He talks trash to the legend, but talks too much, as Sting nails him with an enziguri!!!!! Triple H falls down, as does Sting. Sting tries to crawl to make a tag, but Triple H quickly wraps his leg around the left ankle of Sting, not allowing him to move, whilst he tags in Brock Lesnar!!!

Lesnar quickly gets in, and drops an elbow to the small of the back of Sting, whilst Triple H keeps his legs wrapped around Sting’s ankle, not allowing Sting to move. Lesnar takes advantage of the situation, dropping his elbow, three more times, with Sting unable to move. Triple H is finally told to let go, and get out of the ring by the official, whilst Lesnar continues to punish the legend.

Brock drags Sting to his feet, and quickly pulls him in, and executes a beautiful belly to belly suplex. Cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Right now in this, Smackdown is dominating Sting, wearing down his entire body. He tries to crawl to his corner, but Lesnar drags him further away, before scooping him up, and hits another belly to belly, effortlessly, following in with the hook of the far leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Lesnar stands over Sting, stomping his chest, and pulls him up once again, before picking him up, and Lesnar easily holds Sting up, before dropping him from a Press Slam. He makes a lacklustre cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Lesnar shakes his head, looking quite angry that Sting once again got his shoulder up. Lesnar drags the Raw superstar back to a vertical base, before grasping the waist of Sting, and applying a bear hug.

Sting is looking like he is in a world of hurt, caught dead centre in the ring, with Brock showing no sign of releasing the grip. In the Raw corner, Orton and Cena try to fire him up, stamping their feet on the apron, trying to get the fans behind him, whilst Edge and Christian appear to be quite worried that the match may end here.

Lesnar continues to apply the pressure to the legend, with Brock not looking even close to letting go. Sting appears to be fading, and the referee asks if he wants to give in. Sting doesn’t give a reply, which forces the referee to take a better look at the Raw star. He raises Sting’s hand, which immediately falls. The referee raises the arm again, but once again, the arm falls. One last time, the referee elevates Sting’s arm, and as it looks to be falling, suddenly, it stays up. Sting looks to have gained one last burst of energy. He begins to throw rights at the temple of Brock Lesnar, which result in Lesnar losing his grip, and Sting manages to free himself. Sting bounces off the ropes, and runs at Lesnar for a cross body, but gets caught, and Lesnar scores with a rib breaker!!!

Quickly, Brock makes the tag to Steve Austin, keeping the fresh man on the worn down Stinger. Austin follows Sting to the corner, and unloads, stomping a mudhole, and walking it dry on the legend. Austin whips Sting off the ropes, and goes for a reverse elbow, but Sting ducks, and runs off the opposite side, with the rattlesnake going for another reverse elbow, only for Sting to duck again, but as Sting comes off the ropes for a third time, Austin catches him with the Lou Thesz Press!!! Austin tees off with right hands, before getting up, bouncing off the ropes, and dropping the F*ck You elbow. He hooks the near leg, 1...2...Shoulder up!!!

Austin picks Sting back up, and drags him to the Team Smackdown corner, making a tag to Triple H. The game steps in, and begins to stomp Sting relentlessly in the corner, before whipping him into the ropes, and knocking him back down, with a Harley Race like High Knee. Triple H rolls him over and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H looks angry with the count, and shakes his head. The Game bounces off the ropes, and comes back at Sting, dropping the knee. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

This time, The Game punches the canvas in frustration, arguing with the official again. He whips Sting off the ropes, and as he comes back, Triple H catches him, and applies the sleeper hold. Sting immediately drops to a knee, already exhausted from the beat down he has taken in this match. He tries to power out at first to no avail, which sends him down on both knee’s. Triple H has the hold applied perfectly, which makes it almost impossible for Sting to break. With the fans getting behind him, Sting finds another level, and begins to use the adrenaline to reach his feet. He tries to elbow free, but Triple H stops that momentum with a knee to the gut.

Sting drops to a knee again, but not for long, and he now manages to reach both feet. Sting runs to the corner, and jumps onto the middle ropes, leaping off, and from the fall, breaks the sleeper!!! The Raw guys try and stretch their hands out to reach a tag for Sting, whilst Triple H tries to recover, and pull Sting back to the middle of the ring. Sting continues to crawl, but is stopped by Triple H, who tries to pull him back. Sting wildly kicks at Triple H, with The Game eventually letting go!!! Sting gets nearer, and nearer … AND TAGS IN ORTON!!!

Randy Orton gets into the ring like a bullet, knocking down Triple H with a clothesline, knocking down Lesnar with a dropkick, as Lesnar bounds into the ring, back body drop to Triple H, reverse elbow to Lesnar. Guerrero runs in, but get’s low bridged by Orton, and falls out of the ring. Benoit runs in, but Orton scores with a hip toss, and finally, as Austin goes for a clothesline, Orton ducks, with Stone Cold hitting Lesnar, sending his own team mate over the top rope, before walking into a DDT from Orton!!!

Triple H though, takes advantage, and attacks Orton from behind with a high knee, and quickly tries to follow up with a Pedigree, but Randy counters , and back drops out of it. Orton now sets up for a RKO, but from behind, Brock Lesnar scores with a hard clothesline to the back of the head, knocking Orton down.

This sends John Cena into the ring, after seeing enough. The Doctor of Thuganomics enters the ring, and tackles down Brock Lesnar unloading right hands. We then see in the corner of the screen, Triple H tagging in Chris Benoit, but Orton hasn’t seen it. He goes after Triple H, but The Game jumps off the apron, and from behind, Chris Benoit hits Orton with a German Suplex, and immediately follows up, going for the Crossface … and applies it!!!

Benoit is ripping and tearing at Orton’s neck and back with the Crippler Crossface, as the referee manages to send Lesnar and Cena back to their corners, as we cut back to Orton in the middle of the ring, caught in the Crossface. Benoit is ripping and tearing at the Legend Killer, but Orton rolls over to try and get a pinning combination on The Wolverine, to no avail, as Benoit rolls right through, keeping the Crossface locked on. Orton though, after the roll throughs is closer to the ropes, and reaches out, catching the bottom rope!!!

The official gives Benoit the five count to break hold, which he does at the count of three. He tries to drag Orton back to the middle of the ring again, but Orton cradles the Crippler, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men shoot up, but Orton ducks Benoit, and catches him with his inverted backbreaker / neck breaker!!! Orton covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

The Legend Killer crawls a little to his corner, and tags in Christian. Captain Charisma immediately picks Benoit up, but is caught with a chop, and a second, but Christian stops the momentum for Benoit, with a hard knee to the sternum of the Crippler. He whips Benoit to the corner, and follows in with a corner splash, which has Benoit stagger out, allowing Captain Charisma to hit a reverse DDT to the Wolverine. He covers, 1...2...Broken by Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero Is immediately admonished back to the apron, whilst Christian takes advantage of the distraction, and chokes Benoit, whilst the referee’s back is turned.

As soon as the referee turns back around, Christian lets go, and pretends as if he’s being playing by the rules. He places Benoit’s head on the middle rope, then riles up the Smackdown team again, which plays right into his hands, with Austin trying to get into the ring, but is stopped by the official. Christian once again, takes advantage of the distraction, and chokes Benoit in the ropes with his knee, until the referee turns around. Christian then bounces off the ropes, and scores with a knee to the back of the head of Benoit. Christian drags The Wolverine back to his teams corner and tags in Edge.

Edge enters, looking ready to unload some pent up aggression. He backs Benoit into the corner, and delivers a flurry of right hands, before whipping Benoit off the ropes, and hitting him with a spinning heel kick. Edge scrambles and makes the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! He instantly drags Benoit back to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, to go for another spinning heel kick, but this time, Benoit holds onto the ropes, and Edge gets nothing but canvas!!

Benoit quickly reacts, and attempts to apply the Sharpshooter, but Edge is too wriggly to get the submission applied, and he kicks Benoit back into the ropes, spinning him around as he comes back, and hit’s the Buzz Killer!!! He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Edge appears to be losing his temperament now, with his face turning red with fury. John Cena notices, and makes the decision to make a blind tag, before Edge does something that could affect the out come of the match for them. Edge is livid, but is forced to exit the ring anyway.

Cena drags Benoit up, and hit’s a front slam, before signalling to the fans for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. He bends down at Benoit, and tells him ‘You Cannnnt Seeeee Me’ and bounces off the ropes, delivering the 5 Knuckle Shuffle!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Cena looks up, disappointed that that didn’t get the job done this time. He waits as Benoit reaches his feet, then charges at him, knocking him down with a flying shoulder. Triple H on the apron, tries to distract Cena, but the Raw superstar shuts him up, knocking The Game off the apron, with a stinging right hand.

John Cena makes his way back over to his corner, and makes a tag to Sting, who has now fully recovered from the beating he sustained not too long ago. He sees Benoit pulling himself up in the opposite corner, and immediately signals to the fans, before charging in, and hitting the Stinger Splash!!! Benoit staggers out, and walks right into the Scorpion Deathdrop!!!! Sting hooks the leg,



…………KICK OUT!!!!!………

Team Raw is in shock, whilst Team Smackdown have a look of relief, after seeing Benoit kick out of the Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting backs Benoit into the corner, and hits a hat trick of chops, all of which receiving a ‘WOOOOO’ from the on looking fans. He whips Benoit to the opposite corner, and runs in after him, but Benoit gets a foot up, which sends Sting staggering away. Benoit the goes for a German Suplex, but Sting, counters, and gets a victory roll, 1...2...Kick Out from the Wolverine!!!

Benoit shoots up, but is clotheslined back down by Sting, giving Raw the advantage once again. Sting makes a tag to Christian, who enters the ring, and boots Benoit in the face, before quickly tagging back out to Edge. Edge gets in the ring, bounces off the ropes, and knocks down Chris Benoit with a clothesline, almost turning him inside out. Edge stomps wildly at the Rabid Wolverine, still looking on the brink of snapping at any given moment. Edge drags Benoit up by the tights, and throws him, shoulder first, into the ring post. Edge tries to take Benoit by surprise, and rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Edge is furious with the kick out, and starts wailing at Benoit’s face again, before whipping him to the Team Raw corner, and tags in John Cena again. Cena whips Benoit into the ropes, but when he goes for a boot, it is caught by the wolverine. Benoit spins Cena around, and delivers a release German suplex, taking John Cena down!!!

Both men go down, with the fans rising to their feet, in anticipation for what may happen next. Both sides try and will their man on, putting their feelings aside for the time being. Both men begin to crawl to their corners, but Benoit looks to be nearer. Just at the last second, Christian enters the ring, and drags Benoit across the ring, back to the other side, as far away from the Smackdown corner as possible!!! The Smackdown stars are livid, whilst Christian looks proud of himself. He is set to exit the ring, until Chris Benoit reaches his feet, and pulls him back in, hitting a release German Suplex!!!

Edge now gets into the ring, but is taken down by Benoit, who executes a German Suplex, before Benoit nails an incoming Sting with a release German, and finally Orton too!!! From behind though comes John Cena, who clubs the back of Chris Benoit. He gets Benoit up for the FU, but Benoit slides out, and executes the German Suplex again!!! Benoit hangs on, and delivers a second German … holding on again, and manages to finish the Trifecta!!!!

Once again, Benoit is down, with his team mates willing him on to make the tag to any of them. Benoit crawls, and crawls … stretches his hand out, and tags … EDDIE GUERRERRO!!!

Latino Heat gets the hot tag, and leaps over the ropes into the ring, knocking down Christian with a running clothesline, followed by Edge. Eddie ducks a clothesline from Sting, bounces off the ropes, and as he comes back he executes a swinging neck breaker on Sting, before knocking Orton down with a calf kick, sending Orton into Christian, who falls out of the ring.

The referee becomes distracted, tying to get the other four Raw superstars out of the ring, which allows Edge to hit Guerrero with a low blow!!! This triggers off the explosion that is Team Smackdown, and the four remaining men on Team Smackdown immediately enter the ring, which begins a mass brawl!!!

Austin makes a beeline for Christian on the outside, whilst Triple H targets the grounded Sting, and Lesnar begins to brawl with Orton, leaving Benoit to go after Edge. Lesnar throws Orton out of the ring, and follows, whilst Sting comes back at Triple H, and clotheslines him over the top rope, taking himself over at the same time. Benoit and Edge take it to the outside, and Austin is already beating at Captain Charisma on the outside, leaving the two legal men in the ring to battle it out.

Cena backs Latino Heat into the corner, and drives his shoulder into the sternum of Guerrero, taking the wind out of the Smackdown superstar. Cena whips Guerrero to the opposite corner, but Guerrero elevates himself into the air at the corner, as Cena follows in, but Cena hit’s the corner, and Guerrero executes an arm drag!!! Cena jumps up, but is met with a kick to the gut, and Guerrero hooks the Dr. of Thuganomics up, and delivers a vertical suplex … holds on … and delivers a second … holds on … and delivers the third of the three amigo’s!!!!! Guerrero is quick to his feet, and slaps his chest, acknowledging the fans, before pointing to the top rope. He makes his way to the top and it looks like it could be Frog Splash time … but LATINO HEAT GETS PUSHED OFF THE TOP ROPE … BY EDGE!!!

Edge comes to the rescue of one of his biggest rivals, saving him from certain defeat. Edge gets into the ring, and drags Cena to the Team Raw corner, and forces the tag from the lifeless Cena, making him the legal man. Edge gets in, and looks ready to burst, waiting for Guerrero to turn around for the Spear, which he eventually does, … Edge sprints at Guerrero … BUT EDDIE LEAPFROGS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Edge runs into the corner, and staggers out, with Guerrero cradling him …



…………EDGE KICKS OUT!!!………

Guerrero cant believe it!!! He rises to his feet, picking Edge up with him, and goes for a Suplex, but Edge blocks, and executes his own suplex to Eddie!!! He goes for the cover, but before the referee can count, Stone Cold drops an elbow!!!!! The Rattlesnake drags Edge up, and nails the STUNNER!!!!! Austin rolls Guerrero onto Edge, before the referee forces him out of the ring, but whilst the referee gets Austin out of the ring, Christian, with a chair, throttles Guerrero across the back, … BUT … instead of rolling Edge onto Eddie, Christian begins to drag Edge across to the Team Raw corner, to tag himself in!!!!

Christian eventually does this, but in the other corner, Stone Cold makes it round to his teams corner, and tags the out of sorts Latino Heat!!! Christian enters, and realises Austin has tagged in. His face drops, whilst Austin waves at Captain Charisma, before flipping a double bird. Austin tackles him down, and tees off with vicious right hands, before stomping a mudhole. Randy Orton gets in the ring to stop the attack, but Austin senses him coming, and gets the Legend Killer with a spine buster!!! From behind though, Christian hit’s the Rattlesnake with a devastating chop block, taking Austin off his feet.

Christian knocks Brock Lesnar off the apron, before managing to hook Austin up … and HIT’S THE UNPRETTIER!!!! Christian hooks the leg …




The arena is in shock, as Triple H saves his most bitter enemy, Steve Austin, finally putting the team ahead of himself!!! Triple H bears down on Christian, but out of nowhere, Sting charges at The Game, and knocks him through the ropes!!! Christian gets to his feet, with Austin still the legal man for his side, and picks The Rattlesnake up, only for Austin to pull Christian into the ropes, to give himself time to tag out … TO BROCK LESNAR!!!!!

Lesnar makes the tag, and immediately gets Christian up, … AND NAILS THE F5!!!!! Edge tries to save Christian, but is met with a Belly to Belly, sending Edge over the top rope … to the floor!!! Lesnar drags Christian dead centre to the ring, and makes the cover…




J.R and Tazz comment on the bizarre nature of this match, with the unlikeliest of people saving others. Cena brawls with a furious Lesnar, whilst Randy Orton makes himself available for a tag from Christian. Christian finally makes a team decision, and tags the Legend Killer in to a huge reaction!!!

Randy Orton stands in wait, as Lesnar and Cena brawl, shot for shot. Cena sees Orton waiting, and slaps Lesnar, with Brock spinning around, into the path of Randy, who goes for the RKO … but at the last second, Lesnar pushes him away, into the ropes. Cena charges at Brock, but Lesnar side steps him, and Cena hits Orton by accident!!!

Lesnar kicks Cena out of the ring, and tries to pick Orton up, but Edge saves the day for Orton, SPEARING Lesnar!!!! Now, Chris Benoit is back in the ring, and the Wolverine clotheslines Edge over the top rope. Benoit turns around, and sees Christian with the steel chair again, coming after Lesnar, but Benoit literally takes the bullet, saving Team Smackdown’s legal man, pushing him out of the way, and takes the Chair shot from Christian!!!

Both Lesnar and Christian are in shock, but Brock is first to act, and kicks the chair out of CC hand, before nailing a thunderous clothesline. Randy Orton meanwhile, tags in John Cena, who is on the apron. Triple H on the opposite side, makes a blind tag, which infuriates Lesnar. Triple H tries to push past him, but Brock stands in his way. Lesnar pushes Triple H, getting in his face, with Triple H doing the exact same in return.

This works out perfectly for Cena, and the Dr. of Thuganomics knocks both down with a double clothesline!!! Lesnar falls out of the ring, whilst, Triple H falls into the corner. However, in the ring, Randy Orton picks up the steel chair. He looks at the weapon, then Cena’s back. Orton looks to be lining up to turn on his team mate!!! Triple H spots this, and begins to laugh. Cena looks confused, and Triple H points behind Cena. Cena slowly turns around, and we see Orton standing right in front of him with the chair!!! Cena gulps, and looks almost scared, with Orton set to turn against Raw … BUT ORTON HANDS CENA THE CHAIR!! Triple H’s smile immediately vanishes, as Cena takes no hesitation, in slamming The Game with the steel chair!!! John Cena signals for the FU, but from the top rope, Eddie Guerrero leaps off, hitting a cross body to Cena!!!

Latino Heat reaches his feet, and knocks Edge off the apron, onto Sting, whilst Orton tags in from John Cena, but Guerrero doesn’t spot this. Guerrero pounds at Cena, but that is soon broken by Orton. Cena and Orton begins to double team Guerrero, until Chris Benoit comes to the rescue of his team mate. Benoit lights up both Orton and Cena with chops, before he and Latino Heat hit a double suplex to Orton, followed immediately by a double suplex to Cena!!! They high five each other, whilst Edge grabs the steel chair now. He waits for both Smackdown stars to turn around, but from behind, he feels someone touch his back. His immediate reaction is that it’s a SD star, and throttles the man with a chair … only to realise it’s the referee!!!

Edge stands in shock, whilst from behind, Guerrero dropkicks him, sending him out of the ring. Sting re-enters, and brawls with Guerrero, whilst Christian drags Benoit out of the ring. Orton, Cena, and Triple H are in the ring, trying to pick themselves up, whilst on the outside, Austin is clutching his back, and Lesnar is re-entering the ring. Smackdown look to be in control right now. With more members on their feet than Raw, with Sting and Christian the only active members of Raw right now. Sting doesn’t last long with Guerrero, and now Brock Lesnar to deal with. Austin re-enters the ring too, whilst Triple H continues to get back to a vertical base. On the outside, Chris Benoit dominates Christian, sending him into the steel steps.

Team Smackdown are in total control, and bear down on the three remaining members of Team Raw, and begin to beat them down together. Eventually, the Smackdown members send Cena and Sting out of the ring, leaving just Orton all alone. Lesnar delivers the F5, before Eddie Guerrero executes the Frog Splash, leaving the Legend Killer down and out.

With Triple H the legal man, he makes the cover, gloating at his team mates that he is the one to win the match. The four partners look irate, but put the animosity aside, as Austin wakes the referee as much as possible, to make the count…







………………EDGE BREAKS THE COUNT!!!………………

The Smackdown stars are in shock. They begin to beat the hell out of Edge, whilst Triple H covers Orton again…





…………………KICK OUT!!!!!………………

Triple H cant believe it. John Cena meanwhile, slides back into the ring, with the Smackdown stars too busy beating down Edge, he attacks Triple H, and eventually, executes the FU!!! Upon impact, Team Smackdown turn around, and comes after Cena, but Christian now gets back in, as does Sting. The Raw stars look to be fired up, and all hell breaks loose, with punches being thrown everywhere. Suddenly, as the brawl continues …

RIC FLAIR jogs to the ring, immediately taking the attention of the referee. The brawl in the ring goes on, as the confusion continues as to why Flair is out here … THEN … BATISTA comes through the crowd, with a chair in hand, and enters the ring. With everyone expecting Batista to go against Raw, the arena goes nuts, as instead, BATISTA HELPS RAW!!!! Batista throttles Eddie Guerrero with the chair, then knocks Triple H’s lights out with a devastating shot, before nailing Benoit, sending the Wolverine out of the ring. Brock Lesnar runs at Batista, but The Animal takes him down with a Spinebuster, before Batista knocks out Austin with a lariat!!!

The Raw stars stand back in shock, witnessing the carnage that Batista has produced, as The Animal starts to smile at the bodies laying, before exiting the ring. Flair begins to walk up the ramp, and the official’s focus gets to go back to the ring, as Batista and Flair walk up the ramp, both smiling proudly, as the confusion takes over.

In the ring though, Raw begin to argue over who should get the pinfall. Orton as the legal man attempts to cover Triple H, but is quickly pulled off by Christian. The two men go head to head, whilst Cena, Sting and Edge also argue. Cena and Sting appear to be in favour of letting the legal man, Orton get the pinfall, whilst Edge claims he deserves the glory.

Orton and Christian begin trading blows in the ring, which force the other members of Team Raw to try and break it up. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar has recovered for Team Smackdown, and he begins to try and take on Team Raw alone. Soon, he is backed up by Eddie Guerrero, and Steve Austin, and the fight is back on. Somehow, Chris Benoit makes it back into the ring, and sees Sting laid out, after a spine buster from Austin. Immediately, Benoit goes up top, and flies through the air, scoring with the Swandive Headbutt!!!

Benoit rolls around, grabbing his head, after taking out Sting. Austin begins to fight with Christian to the outside, whilst Cena and Lesnar take their fight to the outside too. Guerrero beats Orton down in the corner, whilst Triple H starts to recover too. Christian low blow’s Austin on the outside, then sees an opportunity, and makes a blind tag on Orton, making him the legal man for Team Raw!!!

Immediately, he clotheslines Guerrero out of the ring, leaving just him, Triple H, Benoit, Sting and Orton in the ring. Christian kicks Benoit to the outside, and rolls his own team mate, Sting with him, before setting up The Game for the Unprettier!!!

Captain Charisma hooks it up, but Triple H manages to push Christian away, into the ropes, where Orton makes a blind tag on Christian, which neither Triple H or Christian realise, but the official does. Triple H catches Christian on his way back, and goes for the Pedigree, grabbing both arms, but at the last second … ORTON HIT’S THE RKO ON TRIPLE H!!!

The Legend Killer crawls to make the cover, whilst Christian falls back into the corner, not sure why Orton is going for the cover, as he believes he’s the legal man for Raw. Orton hooks the leg, but it looks like Brock Lesnar is going to break it … until Cena hit’s the Throwback, taking him down … Orton pins The Game





…Eddie Guerrero tries to break the count, but Edge holds him back…


Winners: Team Raw - RKO - 29:45

Team Raw levels the score!!!!! Orton is jubilant in victory, whilst Team Smackdown are in disappointment. Christian, despite being on the winning team, argues with the referee, saying Orton wasn’t legal, but the referee explains that Orton made a blind tag. Cena and Sting lift Orton onto their shoulders in victory, whilst Christian is livid. He storms out of the ring, and kicks the steel steps over, thinking he has been robbed of victory.

Jim Ross:
This night becomes more bizarre, and more bizarre. After weeks of threatening Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Batista, HELP Raw to victory in this match.

You know, I think I’ve figured it out J.R. Flair and Batista said that Team Raw wouldn’t be able to win without Batista … and it’s thanks to Batista they won. Now, Flair can tell Foley that he told him so.

Jim Ross:
You know, that could be right on the money Tazz. It’s devious, and it’s callous. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was why.

And J.R. It’s all tied up. And we have one match to go.

Jim Ross:
This is it. Time for talking is over. Time for the action to begin.

Iron Man Match Video Package:

- Kurt Angle wins the WWE Championship at Summer Slam.

- Shawn Michaels wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Summer Slam.

- The Smackdown roster invade Raw during Shawn Michaels appreciation night, with Angle drawing first blood on HBK.

- The Raw roster gains revenge on Smackdown, with HBK attacking Angle.

- DX try to invade Smackdown again, but are stopped by Kurt Angle and AMW.

- Press Conference two weeks ago, with Angle and Michaels getting in some cheap shots, and agree to meet in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match.

- Shawn Michaels attacks Kurt Angle on Smackdown the following week.

- Showdown on Raw just six days ago.

We see the majority of the Smackdown locker room come together in the same room, preparing to watch the main event, with a few shouts of “C’mon Angle”

We then cut to the Raw locker room, where the superstars are sat, with some putting their opinion on Michaels to the side for now, and cheering him for the sake of Raw.

Back to ringside…

Howard Finkel:
The following contest is the sixty minute, Iron Man match, in which, the man with most decisions in the sixty minutes, will be the winner.

Jim Ross:
It’s a dream match Tazz. No doubt. The two greatest performers of this, or any generation, will finally lock horns, and they’ll do it for sixty minutes.

This aint new to either man. Both of them have wrestled Iron Man matches before. This is gonna be a Rocket Buster, and a match of the year candidate.

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels enters the arena to a fairly mixed reaction. He gives the fans the Suck It taunts, which helps him get more heat. HBK then jogs to the ring, and sets off his pyro, before doing some last minute stretches.

Howard Finkel:
Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, representing Raw, as the World Heavyweight Champion, weighing 230 pounds, The Heart Break Kid… Shawwwwwwwn Michaelssssss!!!!

Jim Ross:
He is the leader of the new DX, he is the current World Champion. Love him or hate him, you cant deny his success.

That’s true J.R. HBK has been around for a long time. He’s done it all, and he’ll be the first to tell ya. Can he still go for sixty minutes though, that’s the question J.R.

**Medal** Kurt Angle walks through the curtain, and is greeted with a wonderful ovation from the fans. He sets off his pyro, before making his way to the ring, slapping his face a few times to get himself pumped up.

Howard Finkel:
And his opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 234 pounds, representing Smackdown as the WWE Champion… Kurrrrrt Angleeee!!!!

Jim Ross:
I have goosebumps, as the clock is set to begin to count down. For one hour, we are about to witness, something truly special.

I’m excited, you’re excited, L.A is rocking. This is gonna be a pleasure to call. It’s all tied up, and this, is the deciding match on tonight’s show.

World Heavyweight Champion

Shawn Michaels
vs. Kurt Angle

Both men hand their title belts to the official, as the bell finally sounds, and the clock begins to tick down from 60:00 minutes. They stand in their opposite corners, as the 20,000 fans settling down in anticipation for this battle. Angle slowly moves from the corner, and Michaels sees him do so, and begins to move himself. HBK rubs his nose, then shakes his hands loose, before moving in closer to Angle. Neither man looks to want to make a wrong move so early on, and as they close in towards each other, Shawn backs away.

The arena begins to boo Michaels, who looks around the arena, and shakes his head at the fans. Angle is seen smiling at Michaels attitude. He starts to bounce his foot off the mat, almost like when HBK tunes up the band for Sweet Chin Music, getting the fans to cheer again. Michaels looks unimpressed.

Both men look around, as the cheers fill Staples Centre once again. They slowly move to the middle of the ring, and the trash talking starts again. Quickly, both men lock up, and struggle for supremacy, eventually both breaking free, and backing away from each other. Staples Centre is seemingly split between both superstars, with “Lets Go Michaels” chants, being drowned out by “Lets go Angle” chants, and vice versa.

The two champions circle the ring again, and tie up. Both men try to gain the leverage, but for this, the advantage goes to Angle. He backs HBK into the corner, but the referee tells Angle to break it. Slowly, and cautiously, Kurt steps away, and both men, slowly, make their way out, and circle the ring again.

Quickly, Kurt and Shawn tie up, and struggle around the ring, but Michaels gets the best of the situation this time, and backs Angle into the corner, with the same result as the time before, this time, with HBK being forced to release. Both men circle the ring once more, and tie up again. Michaels gets a headlock takedown, and applies an wristlock. Angle quickly rolls over for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Both jump up, but Kurt gets the snap mare, followed by a headlock.

The Showstopper counters the headlock, and applies one of his own. Kurt Angle pushes HBK off the ropes, but Michaels comes right back off the ropes, and nails a shoulder knocking down the Gold medallist. Shawn then helps up Angle, in a dis-ingenuous manner which Kurt doesn’t take too kindly. They go face to face, then back up, and quickly tie up. Angle gets the headlock on Michaels, but HBK pushes him off into the ropes, but Kurt comes back with a shoulder to Michaels this time. Michaels takes his time getting up, shaking his arm loose, while Angle poses, doing his twirly spin, to a nice pop from the fans.

Shawn gets to his feet, then raises his hand in the air for a test of strength, and Angle accepts. Kurt, slowly lifts his hand toward Shawn’s, trying not to fall for any tricks, and they lock up for the test of strength. Angle gets the best of the strength battle, and brings HBK to his knees, but Michaels breaks the hold with a sweep to the legs, and then applies another wristlock on the grounded Olympic Hero.

Angle soon wriggles free, and chops Michaels HARD, gathering a WOOOO from the fans. Shawn clutches his chest, and staggers around the ring, then delivers one back, HARD to his opponent, again getting a WOOOOO. Angle drops to a knee, but soon gets up and chops HBK back, with another WOOOO from Staples Centre. Michaels clutches his chest again, then fires back with another chop of his own. Kurt hit’s a chop, Shawn fires one back, one from Angle, one from Michaels, then a HUGE chop to the Showstopper, sends Michaels down. Each chops is met with the same WOOOOOOOO response from Staples Centre, and a small round of applause is heard after the chop fest. Angle backs HBK into the corner, and whips him across the ring, but as Michaels reaches the corner, he jumps to the middle rope, and leaps behind Angle, and goes for SWEET CHIN MUSIC … but Angle ducks under, and goes for the ANGLE SLAM … but Michaels lands on his feet, then rolls Angle up, 1...2...Kick Out.

Kurt jumps up, and takes down a running Shawn Michaels with a drop toe hold, and tries to quickly apply the Anklelock, but Michaels scarpers to the ropes, and rolls out of the ring, to get a breather. He takes a look at the clock, which reads 57:01 remaining in the match. In the ring, Kurt Angle gets under the skin of HBK, by going towards the ropes, and holding them open for Michaels to enter the ring. The crowd pops, but Michaels is furious, and he kicks the barrier in frustration. Shawn re-enters the ring, at the count of eight, but immediately slides back out, taking more time to think.

Angle though, has had enough of waiting, and comes after Shawn. Michaels keeps his distance, and tries to rile up Kurt Angle, by strutting around the ring, whilst staying away from the Olympian. The count reaches seven, and the referee warns Michaels to get in this time, with Michaels surprisingly agreeing and getting inside.

He and Angle stare across at each other, with both realising this is going to be a long hard night, before locking up again. Angle goes behind, and trips down HBK, going for an arm, but Michaels quickly wriggles free from Angle, before he can apply any dangerous submissions.

He stays near the ropes, knowing Angle’s strengths are submissions, and by staying near the ropes, he can break any submission attempts quickly. They lock up, and this time, Michaels takes down Angle, with a drop toe hold, before riding around Angle, and slapping him around the head a few times, before getting up, to a chorus of boo’s from Staples Centre. Michaels laughs, and spits his gum into the crowd, getting another negative reaction from the fans.

Angle reaches his feet on the other side of the ring, clearly annoyed at Michaels lack of respect after the previous moment in the match. Shawn shows no sorrow for it, with Angle not looking terribly shocked by it.

Both men walk to the centre of the ring, with Michaels immediately slapping Kurt across the face, as soon as he could reach. Angle is sent back a little, not expecting the shot, with Michaels slapping again. Angle then grabs Shawn’s arm the third time, and takes him down by the arm, before dropping a knee. HBK rolls over, and Angle decides to repay the favour from earlier, riding around him, showing disrespect, slapping him around the head.

Michaels is furious, and jumps up, going after Angle, but Kurt is ready for him, and meets him with a right hand. Michaels falls into the ropes, and comes back out at Angle, with Angle going for a Belly to Belly, only for Michaels to break free, and take Angle down with a Monkey Flip.

The Heartbreak Kid then quickly bounces off the ropes, and meets Angle, who is back to his feet, with a dropkick, 1...2...Kick Out. Swiftly Shawn picks Angle up, but the Olympic Gold Medal winner, cradles HBK, 1...2...Kick Out, Michaels rolls through, 1...2...Kick Out. Angle then breaks the hold, and rolls up HBK, 1...2...Kick Out. Michaels rolls through, 1...2...Kick Out, Angle counters into a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out. HBK uses his strength to power out of the bridge, then backslides Angle, 1...2...Kick Out. Kurt Angle flips out, and rolls up Shawn, 1...2...Kick Out!! Both men jump to their feet, and get a massive ovation from the Staples Centre.

Kurt Angle ducks a clothesline from Michaels and gets a backslide, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels takes Angle by surprise again with a slap, and quickly takes him with an inside cradle, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Angle shoots up, but has his leg chopped down, by HBK, who covers him, 1...2...Angle shoots his shoulder up. Angle gets up, but has Michaels going for a crucifix pin, but Angle thinks quickly, and runs into the corner, breaking himself free. Michaels staggers out, and walks into the path of Kurt Angle who goes behind, and rolls Michaels up with a school boy, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Shawn barely kicks out in time, and quickly gets to his feet, but Angle looks to be a little bit quicker at this early stage, and manages to get a victory roll, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels again barely kicks out, and gets up, but is take down with a double leg takedown, with Angle getting a bridged cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Michaels rolls out of the ring, furious after being dominated by Angle in the speed department. He argues with a fan, before venting his frustration, kicking over the steel steps, and banging the ring apron with his fist. The referee begins to count Shawn out, reaching seven, before Michaels breaks the count.

The referee warns Michaels on his constant in and out tactics, and tells HBK if forced, he’ll count him out quicker in future. Michaels says something in retaliation, but the official takes no notice.

Both men slowly centre the ring, and go nose to nose. They then both start to talk trash to one another, and tie up again. The two men grapple around the ring, with no advantage for either, until Michaels gets the go behind on Angle. Kurt tries to break the grip of the arms, but Shawn has a firm hold. They tussle around the ring, with Kurt trying to break the hold. He then runs backward, ramming Michaels into the corner, and again, and a third one breaks the grip of HBK. Angle throws a few elbows at Michaels, then walks out from the corner, and runs at The Showstopper, but Michaels gets an elbow up, and Kurt is caught, square on the jaw. Angle staggers out, and Michaels runs him down with a clothesline. Michaels tells Angle to get up, and as he does, HBK goes for another clothesline, but Angle ducks, and as Shawn turns around, he is met with a clothesline from Angle. Kurt waits for Shawn to get up, and as soon as he does Kurt knocks him down with another clothesline. Angle calls HBK up again, and this time, puts Shawn down with a vicious right hand, sending the Raw Champion to the mat.

Kurt Angle then pulls Shawn Michaels to his feet, and brings him to the corner, before nailing Michaels with a chop, which is given a big WOOOO from Staples Centre. Angle sizes Michaels up again, and hits another chop, and another, and another, and a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and one final big time chop for ten. Each chop is met by the fans with a WOOOOOOO. Angle then gets the fans fired up raising his hands a few times, trying to get them into it. He stamps his feet on the mat, then turns around, and walks over to the Heartbreak Kid, who is still in the corner, trying to recover from the chop fest. Angle grabs Michaels, but Shawn stops him, and rakes the eyes, forcing Angle to stagger around the ring, and Michaels takes full advantage with an ugly sounding clothesline, turning the Olympian inside out.

Michaels dances around the ring, to a fairly mixed response, showing that he does indeed have a legion of fans. Michaels then picks Angle up, slowly off the mat, but Kurt tries to knock HBK away, landing elbows to the midsection, but Michaels shrugs them off, and clubs Kurt back, sending the Smackdown Champion back to a knee. Michaels then adds insult to injury, slapping Angles face once again.

Michaels picks Angle up, and whips him into the corner, but as he charges for a shoulder, Kurt moves out of the way, and Shawn runs straight into the ring post, garnering a huge “OOOOOOHH” from the crowd. Angle takes advantage, and pulls Michaels back out, and goes for an Angle Slam, but Shawn Michaels quickly counters, and delivers an arm drag!!!

Angle quickly shoots up, and comes after Michaels, but Shawn targets the arm again, and executes an arm breaker, taking Kurt Angle down again.

Angle immediately grabs his arm, showing that his arm is damaged, after just 12 minutes have passed in the match. Michaels looks confident, and takes a couple of seconds to think about what he’ll do next, before pulling Angle’s arm a little, and drops his knee right to the tricep, forcing a deep groan from the Smackdown Champion. Michaels keeps the arm stretched out, before dropping his knee to the point of the bicep again, with Angle again groaning from the pain. One more time, The Heart Break Kid rams his knee into Angle’s left arm, forcing Angle to yell out loud, with the anguish showing from Kurt Angle.

Angle rolls away, whilst Michaels starts to look pleased. He closes in on the WWE Champion, who is trying to buy time to recover, but cant. Michaels takes a shot at the arm, with the camera showing Angle’s face in excruciating pain.

Michaels takes the arm, and drapes it over the top rope, before pounding at the bicep and tricep, with Angle dropping to his knee in agony. Angle tries to pull away, but Michaels holds on, and continues to pound at the weakened body part of the Olympian.

Eventually, the referee steps in, and forces Michaels to let go, not allowed to use the ropes to help him. Michaels puts his arms up, pretending to protest his innocence. Angle tries to shake it loose, but Michaels doesn’t give Kurt any restbite, and strikes the tricep again, before applying a wristlock. Angle tries to fight free, but Shawn trips the leg, before dropping down, and despite some struggle from the Olympian, Shawn applies an arm breaker.

Kurt grits his teeth, and appears to be in a world of trouble after just under a Ľ of the match. Michaels pulls wildly at the arm of the WWE Champion, yanking at the contorted body part. Angle tries to get his feet onto the ropes in order to break the hold, but cant reach. Michaels appears to be enjoying the match right now, in total control. Angle continues to struggle, but cant reach the ropes. With some quick thinking, The Olympian finds a way to break the hold, and with his strong side, pushes up, and manages to roll up The World Heavyweight Champion!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

In order to break the count, Michaels is forced to release the hold. Shawn mockingly wipes sweat from his forehead, whilst Angle tries to loosen his arm, and shake some life back into it. Michaels bears down on Kurt, but the Olympian catches him in the breadbasket. Michaels moves back for a moment, but shakes the shot off, and bears down on Angle again, but again, is kept away with a shot to the gut. Angle reaches his feet, and strikes Michaels with a good right hand to the temple, before taking the Heart Break Kid by surprise, with an overhead Belly to Belly suplex!!!

Angle takes a few moments to recover, before quickly trying to slap on the Anklelock, but cant get a perfect hold, with his damaged arm causing him problems. The Olympian is forced to let go, showing the excruciating pain in his left arm, and steps back, shaking it loose again. Michaels, meanwhile gets to his feet, after being let off the hook from the Anklelock.

HBK quickly gets to Kurt Angle, and throws a hard right hand to the upper section of the bad arm, taking full control once again. Shawn hit’s a simple body slam, but has the left arm tucked in, with Angle’s back landing on the body part, causing yet more pain!!!

Shawn quickly takes Angle by the arm, and roughly drags him, by the bad arm, to the outside, before ramming the left arm into the ring post. Kurt falls over, and clutches his left arm again, with the arm obviously becoming more wounded as the punishment continues.

Michaels stalks the damaged Angle, before yanking the left arm, triggering Angle to yell out in pain. HBK takes the arm again, and lifts Angle, dropping him, arm first, onto the barricade!!! Angle flops to the mat, once again grasping his injured arm, looking to be in a world of trouble. Michaels quickly slides into the ring, and breaks the referee’s count, and slides back out again.

The Showstopper shows a wry smile, before one more time, he takes Kurt Angle’s arm, and creates distance between himself and Angle, pulling the arm, before pulling Angle in towards him, ramming his shoulder into the bicep of the Smackdown champion.

Forty One Minutes and Thirty Three seconds now remain, with Shawn Michaels dominating proceedings for the last five to seven minutes. He slams Angle on the mat, before once again, sliding in and out of the ring, breaking the referee’s ten count, before stamping on the injured arm. Angle rolls around with his arm in tatters after the vicious attack, directed solely at the arm.

HBK drags Angle up by the arm, and rolls him back into the ring, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels hooks the leg again, holding Kurt Angles right arm down, 1...2...Angle uses his left arm to get his shoulder up!!! Michaels appears to be using a smart gameplan, forcing Angle to kick out using his bad arm, therefore causing more distress.

Shawn drops the elbow on the left arm again, then stamps, before again, holding down the right arm, and covering, 1...2...left shoulder goes up. Angle uses his weakened body part to stay away from losing the first fall. Shawn gets up, and quickly drops, yet another elbow to the bad arm. He gets up, runs his fingers through his hair, and gets back to work at Angle. He mounts the WWE Champion, and begins to wail on the forehead, pounding the head of Angle. HBK begins to get cocky, and starts to get distracted by the heat from the fans, which allows Angle to take Michaels by surprise, and roll him up, 1...2... Michaels rolls out!!!

HBK jumps up, almost in shock, but regains his cool, and gets back to work on the left arm of Kurt Angle, dropping the knee. Angle is unable to catch a break in the match at all, with Michaels continuously at him like a rabid dog, consistently wearing down the broken down arm of Angle.

Michaels stomps the face of Angle, then applies a version of the short arm scissors, to the wounded arm, causing Angle more distress. This time though, he is closer to the ropes, and despite Michaels best attempts, Kurt Angle has enough space to move, and slide towards the ropes, desperately grabbing the bottom rope with his free right hand, which force Michaels to let go, but HBK refuses to do so, making the referee begin the mandatory five count, which Michaels eventually breaks at four.

Shawn appears to be visibly upset at Angle’s ability to reach the ropes, knowing he could’ve done a better job to lock on the arm scissors, and not allow Angle to get the ropes. He puts that error to the back of his mind for the time being, and decides to get back to work at the depleted Kurt Angle, who is showing the pain, with his arm becoming discoloured at this stage, after the intense beat down enforced on it by the Heart Break Kid.

Angle sees Michaels coming, and sends him back with a right hand, and again, before Michaels fires back with one of his own. The match begins to disintegrate into a brawl, with Angle firing a right, followed by a retaliation from HBK. The two men go back and forth, punch for punch, like two boxers, giving it their all, Angle with a shot, Michaels fires back, right hand from Kurt, right hand from Shawn, back and forth, with the fans getting behind the Gold Medallist, which appears to spur him on, with Kurt ducking a shot from Michaels, and firing with a barrage of right hands of his own, forcing HBK into the corner.

Angle using his one good arm to back Michaels away, delivering some sensational rights, which rock Shawn, with the ropes being the only thing keeping him up right now. Kurt takes a step back, then walks back to Shawn, but has his momentum wiped away, with Michaels scoring with a jab to the left arm of the WWE Champion.

Kurt Angle staggers away, holding his arm again, with Michaels trying to quickly regain his composure after the brief Angle fight back. Michaels bounces off the ropes, and comes at Angle for a clothesline, but Kurt ducks, and HBK comes off the opposite ropes, with Angle ducking another attempted clothesline, before Angle whips Shawn inside out, and scoring with the Angle Slam!!!

Both men are down. HBK rolls over onto his front, whilst Angle’s face shows the pain he must be enduring. He fights through the pain, and crawls over to Shawn Michaels, but with HBK smartly rolling onto his front, Angle needs to roll him over with one arm, taking his precious time. Eventually, Kurt gets him over, but doesn’t have the power to hook a leg,



…………FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!…………


Angle sits up, not in shock, but in sadness. Realising he could’ve taken a precious lead in this Iron Man Match. The clock now reads 35:56 remaining in the match, just over half of the contest remaining. Kurt Angle uses the ropes to help himself up, and shakes his arm loose a little, trying to get the blood flowing through the left arm once again.

Kurt turns around, and right away Michaels takes him down with a snap mare, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Michaels picks the Olympian up, and whips him, back first into the corner, then follows up with a splash into the corner. Angle staggers out, and once again, is put down by HBK with a clothesline. At this point of the match, it looks to be going all in favour of the Heart Break Kid, who is firing on all cylinders, after recovering quickly from the Angle Slam, literally moments ago.

Shawn follows Angle, who crawls to the corner, and begins to stomp him down, with repeated boots to the chest, and some are directed at the weakened left arm of the Olympian. Michaels lifts Kurt to his feet, and whips him across to the opposite corner, but Angle reverses the whip, and sends Michaels to the corner instead. Angle runs at him, but Michaels gets a foot up, and knocks Angle away, then HBK sweeps Angle, with a kick to the back of the knee. Angle clutches his knee, and rolls around, while Michaels stalks him, and begins to stomp at Angle’s knee, relentlessly, then drags Angle toward the ropes, but before the Showstopper can go to work on him, Angle kicks Michaels away, and as Michaels comes back, Angle cradles him, 1...2...Kick Out!!!! Michaels rolls out, not wanting to get in the same constant pinning situation he found himself in earlier, which took plenty of energy out of him.

HBK tries to take a breather, but Angle sees a chance to put pressure on him, and follows him. Michaels is forced to jog around the ring, with Kurt Angle in hot pursuit. Michaels then rolls back in, and waits for Angle to follow, but the WWE Champion sees the trick coming, and as he rolls in, he immediately rolls out again, as Michaels goes to drop an elbow, but misses. Angle then gets right back in, and hit’s a double leg take down on the Showstopper. Angle follows up, with an elbow to the point of the knee, then pulls on the damaged body part, beginning now to get himself some revenge on Michaels domination over him with the arm earlier in the match. HBK lets out a little squeal showing his pain, as Kurt Angle continues to torque on the knee. Kurt spreads the leg out, and drops his knee onto Michaels, continuing the work on the now very weakened limb. The WWE Champion then gets to his feet, and begins to stomp on Michaels knee, with Shawn trying to push him away to no avail. Kurt Angle then yanks the leg, and again, before turning HBK over, and applying a single leg Boston Crab on the Raw Champion.

Shawn screams out, as Kurt Angle pulls back, applying more pressure onto him, with Michaels becoming more distressed as the hold continues to stay locked on strong. Shawn puts one hand over his face in an attempt to hide the pain, and begins to try and claw his way to ropes with the other hand. Slowly, HBK seems to get closer to the ropes, despite the pain barrier, whilst The Olympian tries to keep the hold locked on for as long as possible, trying to do as much damage to the Showstopper as possible. After what seems an eternity, especially for Michaels, HBK makes it to the ropes, and Angle is forced to break the hold, with Staples Centre booing HBK making the ropes.

Michaels stays close to the ropes as he reaches his feet, with both men now struggling with broken down body parts, with the match nearing the halfway point at 32:20 remaining on the clock now. The Heart Break Kid refuses to let go of the ropes, with Angle losing his rag, and pushing the referee out of the way, before clothes lining Michaels over the top rope, to the floor!!!

The Showstopper has an ugly fall, with Angle’s not much better. The WWE Champion, begins to turn up the intensity, and bears down on Michaels, striking with some big right hands, still not using his left, after the work on the arm earlier in the match. Kurt picks Michaels up, quickly dropping him ribs first on the barrier, as we begin to realise that Angle wants to wear down Michaels entire body, and not one particular body part.

Michaels though, shows his own tenacity, and fights back, striking Angle in the temple with a right, and follows up with a strong left, before taking Angle, and banging his head off the steps. Michaels tries to drag Angle around the ring by the head, but Kurt elbows free, and knocks down Michaels with a right hand, and tackles him into the steel steps.

Both men stay down for a few moments, with the referee stopping his count, as a double count out is pointless in an Iron Man Match. Eventually, Angle is first to stir, and he pulls himself up on the apron, before kicking Michaels in the mid section, keeping on top. He grabs HBK by the hair, and hit’s one of his patented uppercut forearms, but Michaels strikes back, with a reverse elbow to the face of Angle.

HBK takes Angle by the head again, and bangs his head off the announce table, in total four times, before taking a few steps back, and then runs at Kurt Angle, but gets caught by the Olympian, AND ANGLE DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!

“Holy Sh!t” is the chant in Staples Centre, with Michaels having just crashed and burned through the announce table. The clock reaches 29:41 to remain, with the match taking a major turn, in favour of Kurt Angle. The Smackdown Champ is first to stir, naturally, and although he looks quite dazed, he appears to know what he’s doing, realizing he needs to strike quick to be able to gain the first fall of this epic encounter. With his one good arm, he begins to drag the lifeless Michaels back into the ring, eventually, needing to use his near decapitated right arm to get Michaels inside the square circle. Angle covers,



………FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!………

Once again, Michaels is saved by getting his foot onto the bottom rope, for the second time in this match. We are already into the 2nd Half of the match, with no decisions as yet. 0-0 remains the score, but both men are beginning to show the cracks, and a pinfall or submission could now be just moment away.

Kurt Angle now tries to wear the Raw Champion down, applying a front face lock to Michaels. Angle drives his chin into Michaels back, creating more pressure on HBK, as well as some pain on the back. Shawn quickly tries to get himself out of the predicament, and although there is little chance of losing the fall, he may end up losing a tonne of energy, if he doesn’t act soon. HBK gets to one knee, and quickly rams Kurt into the corner, and again, with the third time eventually breaking Angle’s hold. Shawn takes a swipe at the left arm, but Kurt is quick to move it out of the way.

There now appears to be a stand off between the two men, as we reach a point where both men don’t want to make any rash decisions. Both men stop, and look around the arena, who give both athletes a generous amount of respect. They both look around, before moving closely towards one another, but HBK chickens out and rolls out of the ring.

The referee counts as the crowd rile Shawn with an “Asshole” chant. He tells them to shut up, then jumps onto the apron, but is knocked back off by Kurt Angle immediately!!! Michaels appears to buckle as he falls from the apron, and rolls around the floor on his knee.

Angle closes in, but he realises HBK is down, and hurt. The Olympian stops in his tracks, and looks at Shawn, who has his hands up in a manner which suggests he cant continue. Kurt looks around, at the crowd, and shakes his head, not believing the Heart Break Kid for an instant. He goes in towards Michaels, to pick him up, but the referee jumps out, and stops him. The referee tells Angle to back off, believing that HBK is seriously injured. Kurt Angle is irate, as he is pretty sure that HBK is lying.

The Gold Medallist loses his rag, and grabs the referee, and pushes him away, then bends down to HBK, but The Heart Break Kid low blows Kurt, and gets away with it, as the referee is on the floor, getting back up. Michaels gets to his feet, but is showing some effects of his injured knee, but still not to the extent he was feigning moments ago, and begins wailing on Angle with repeated right hands, before whipping him, back first into the ring apron. Angle staggers out, and is clotheslined down by the Heart Break Kid. Michaels looks up, into the crowd, who chant “DX Sucks”. He takes no notice, and picks up Kurt, then whips him, violently into the ringpost, with the impact having a sickening thud, as Kurt Angles head bounces off the post. Angle falls flat on the floor, whilst Shawn looks around again at the audience, who are showing no love for the champion of Raw.

Michaels picks Angle up slightly, and goes behind, before ramming him into the ringpost again, this time, left arm first colliding with the steel. Michaels quickly gets Angle back in, and once again applies the arm bar on the Smackdown Champion. Angle is now back at square one, after managing to dodge Michaels working his arm for a good period of time. He finds himself in a world of trouble, with the arm back at it’s worst. Angle digs deep, and does so quickly, managing to pull himself across the ring slightly in order to get his right hand to grab the bottom rope!!!

Once again, HBK is forced to break the submission, which is now beginning to annoy the Showstopper. He stomps the arm a couple of times, then backs Kurt into the corner, scoring with four chops. He whips Angle off the ropes, but Kurt ducks a clothesline, grips Michaels around the waist, and delivers a release German Suplex!!!

Michaels appears to be winded after the German, and pulls himself up on the ropes, with Angle on his tail, looking to nail a second now. Angle gets the grip, but HBK holds onto the ropes, eventually elbowing free. He goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks, and HBK finds himself eating the canvas again, as Angle quickly nails a second release German!!!

The Showstoppers back bounces off the canvas, with Kurt Angle quickly following in with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Angle is up to his feet right away, showing a new lease of life, digging deep after 35 minutes of action. HBK is slow to get up, needing the ropes to help himself. As soon as he lets go, Angle is in as quick as a cat for a German, but Michaels elbows free. He fires a number of successive right hands, which rock Angle, before Shawn whips the Olympian off the ropes, and as he comes back, takes him down with a hip toss.

Michaels looks to be setting up now for the Sweet Chin Music, but doesn’t ‘Tune up the Band’, and instead, waits patiently for Angle to get up. Kurt turns around, and Michaels goes for it, but Kurt grabs the leg, spins Michaels around, and catches him with a hard clothesline, turning The Heart Break Kid inside out!!! Angle hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!!!

Kurt Angle clubs the back of HBK, catching him with a few shots to the back of the head too, before running himself off the ropes to come back at Michaels, but Shawn plays possum, and as Kurt Angle does come back, he meets him with a flapjack, with Angle’s throat catching on the top rope, with Kurt bouncing back, almost like a whiplash effect, and HBK hit’s a devastating DDT!!! Shawn hooks the leg,





………KICK OUT!!!………

Shawn leans over Angle, on his knee’s staring into the eyes of the man who refuses to stay down for The Showstopper. Michaels flicks his head back, before getting back to his feet. Angle begins to crawl to the corner, with Michaels slowly following behind him. Angle pulls himself up in the corner, but gets no restbite, with HBK striking immediately with a chop. Angle cowers over, selling the velocity of the chop. Michaels pulls Angle back up, and goes for another knife edge chop, but Kurt Angle quickly slides away, and forces HBK into the small corner, and delivers a chop of his own, this time, with The Showstopper cowering over. Angle pulls HBK out of the corner, and whips him off the ropes, but the Heart Break Kid ducks an attempted clothesline, and comes back off the ropes, only to walk straight into Kurt Angle, and a devastating Belly to Belly suplex!!!!! Kurt Angle drags Michaels to the centre of the ring, and makes the cover,







Angle this time looks shocked. He holds three fingers up at the official, indicating what he thought the count should’ve been. Kurt quickly keeps on top of the match, and drags Michaels up, into the corner, striking with an uppercut forearm, but doesn’t stop at one, and instead strikes a second time, and a third, before letting Michaels go, with HBK flopping to the mat, Flair-esque.

The crowd pops slightly for the Flair tribute, with Kurt Angle closing in on Shawn Michaels in the corner, as HBK drags himself up again. Michaels tries to force Angle away with a stern right hand, but Angle isn’t pushed away that easily, and strikes back with a knee to the midsection of HBK.

Kurt ferociously whips Michaels to the opposite corner, with so much power, that HBK is turned inside out on the top rope, before falling back down, and straight into Angle’s path. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Michaels manages to roll out, and survives an attempted clothesline, ducking down, before giving Angle a taste of his own medicine, connecting with a German Suplex!!!

22:34 remains, with no falls decided as yet. Michaels tries to capitalize on the German, hooking Angles leg, … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Michaels vents his frustration, slamming the mat, and gritting his teeth. HBK begins to pound on Angles head, before dragging him to his feet. Shawn whips Kurt off the ropes, and attempts to apply a sleeper upon his return, but before he can properly clench the submission in, Kurt Angle counters with a backbreaker to the Heart Break Kid!!! He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Angle doesn’t let the kick out faze him, and instead backs HBK into the corner, connecting with another few uppercut forearms to the weary Showstopper. Kurt drags Michaels out of the corner, and delivers a beautiful snap suplex, delivered perfectly, floating into a cover, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!!!! Kurt Angle again doesn’t let the kick out take him off his game, and drops his right elbow onto the Raw Champion. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

The Gold Medallist pulls the drained World Champion to his feet, and whips him to the corner, but Michaels jumps to the middle rope, and comes back, taking Angle by surprise with a moonsault!!!






Michaels hands cover his face, hiding his disappointment from Angles close kickout. Shawn gets to his feet, he legs starting to wobble a little. He takes a few moments, while Kurt reaches his feet. As Kurt turns around, The Showstopper connects with an inverted atomic drop. Angle stumbles around the ring, and walks into a second inverted atomic drop, and a third, which send Angle staggering into the ropes. He comes back off, and almost walks straight into SWEET CHIN MUSIC … But Angle blocks it, and spins HBK around, and goes for a Belly to Belly … BUT - Michaels lands on his feet. Angle doesn’t realise, and turns around into …… SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! HBK falls back onto his adversary…







First Fall - Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music - 1-0 - 40:39

The Deadlock is broken!!!!! Shawn Michaels takes the opening decision, with the deadly, Sweet Chin Music!!! Michaels rolls off Angle, and climbs to his feet, using the ropes to help himself up. Once he is at a vertical base, The Showstopper begins to stamp the ground, tuning up the band for a second dose of Sweet Chin Music for Kurt Angle!!! Meanwhile, Angle is struggling to get up, after already suffering SCM seconds ago. The Olympian is forced to use the ropes to get back up, and rests against them for a few more seconds, before turning around … And Michaels goes for it again … BUT ANGLE CATCHES THE FOOT … Kurt acts quickly, and swipes Michaels other foot, bringing HBK down to the canvas, AND GOES FOR THE ANKLELOCK!!!

Angle tries to get the submission locked in, but before he manages to do so, Shawn manages to spin around, and kick the WWE Champion away, breaking the hold. Angle is relentless though, and immediately tries to grab the ankle again, but again, HBK kicks Angle away. The Showstopper gets to his feet, and meets The Olympian with a right hand, goes for a second, but has it blocked by Angle, and Kurt spins Shawn around, kicks him in the gut, then delivers a picture perfect Northern Lights Suplex, with a bridge, 1...2...SHOULDER UP FROM MICHAELS!!!

Kurt Angle remains composed despite being 1-0 down, with under twenty minutes remaining in the match. Kurt pulls The Raw World Champion up to his feet, and whips him toward the corner, but Michaels manages to jump to the middle rope. What he doesn’t expect though, is for Angle to sprint in after him, with the Olympian jumping to the middle rope with him, and takes HBK by total surprise, NAILING A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!!

“Holy Sh!t” rings through the Staples Centre for the second time in this match, with a German Suplex off the ropes this time!!! Neither man moves for a moment, forcing the official into a mandatory ten count … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … (Kurt Angle crawls over, draping an arm onto Michaels torso) …



………FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!………

Kurt Angle doesn’t realise at first, and thinks he has levelled the score. The referee is quick to inform him though, that Michaels did indeed get his foot on the ropes, breaking the count. Angle rolls over, rubbing his face with his hands, shaking his head in disappointment. Angle however, doesn’t throw the towel in just yet, and scrapes Michaels body off the mat, whipping him into the ropes, and meeting him with a hip toss, putting him back down. Angle drops an elbow, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Once again, Angle gets right back on Shawn rather than stew on the kickout. He picks The World Heavyweight Champion up, and connects with a gut wrench suplex. Angle doesn’t hook the leg this time, but instead, begins hooking Michaels up, and eventually locks in the Bow and Arrow lock, contorting the body of The Showstopper!!!

Shawn Michaels screams out in agony, showing the effects of the rarely used submission manoeuvre. Angle pulls Michaels into further pain, with HBK a world away from the ropes. Michaels finds himself with little chance of making the ropes, and the crowd comes to it’s feet, expecting an unlikely submission to get Angle level in the match. Shawn tries to free an arm to elbow free, but Angle has the submission locked in tight … Michaels appears to be nearing a tap out, BUT - Angle’s grip loosens, and miraculously for HBK, Angle cant keep the hold locked on, and lets go, losing the grip completely.

Angle gets to his feet, and once again, shakes his left arm loose, which still appears to be bothering him, and is a possible reason for the failed submission moments ago. He waits for HBK to get to his feet, and as he does, charges him into the corner, driving his shoulder into Michaels abdomen, and a second time, and a third. Angle throws a few right hands, before pulling Michaels out of the corner, and whips him off the ropes, but HBK ducks the clothesline, and a second time, before coming back off the ropes again, and connecting Angle with the flying forearm!!!

Immediately, Shawn Michaels nips up, much to the fans disapproval. He riles them up, with the ‘Come on’ signal aimed at the fans in attendance. HBK turns around, and sees Angle reaching his feet, but knocks him back down with a dropkick. Shawn follows up, scooping Angle off the mat, and delivering a front slam. He then waves it off, before climbing the ropes. As soon as The Heart Break Kid reaches the top rope though, Kurt Angle darts up, and shoots to the top rope, AND HIT’S A BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!

The crowd roars in approval, with both men down again. Once again, the referee begins a mandatory double count out, even though a double count out means nothing in this match … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … (Angle crawls over towards Michaels, hooking the leg) …



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

This time, Angle is angry. He slams the mat, and it looks like once again, Kurt Angle is set to turn up the intensity level in this match. Michaels backs off, into the corner, with Angle following in, and stomping the chest of the Heart Break Kid relentlessly. Angle pulls The Showstopper up, and strikes with an open handed chop, which sends HBK staggering around, the ring. Angle knocks him down with a devastating clothesline, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Kurt Angle doesn’t stop, and immediately drags HBK up to his feet again, whipping him to the corner. Angle follows him, crushing Michaels with a running clothesline in the corner, then hooks the lifeless Michaels up for a Belly to Belly, and connects!!! Angle covers,



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

The Olympian continues the pressure, and to turn up the intensity, picking Shawn off the mat, and whipping him off the ropes, but Michaels reverses the Irish Whip, and sends Angle into the ropes, with Angle coming back and walking into a Hurricanrana, and Michaels grabs the legs…



………ANGLE KICKS OUT!!!!!………

Both men jump to their feet, but Angle is first to strike, knocking Michaels over the top rope with a running clothesline!!! The Smackdown Champion follows out, looking like a man on a mission. He bounces HBK’s head off the steel steps, and backs him into the barrier, rounding off three chops to the chest of the Heart Break Kid. Before dragging him out, only to be met with a rake to the eyes, out of desperation from Shawn Michaels.

Angle staggers away, whilst Michaels now becomes the aggressor. He chops Angle, then whips him into the steel steps, with enough velocity that Angle goes right through the steps. Michaels wipes his hands as if to say, ‘Job is done’, before closing in on Kurt Angle again. He grabs Angle by the strap of his singlet, and rolls the Smackdown Champion back into the ring. Michaels non-chalantly covers Angle, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!!

Michaels pushes Angle into the corner, and tees off with some right hands, only for Angle to fire back with a set of right hands of his own, which help him out of the corner. Michaels staggers back, with Angle fighting him away, but HBK turns the tide again, driving his knee into the midsection of The Gold Medallist, getting Shawn back in control. HBK chops Angle, then follows up, with a snap suplex, and floats over into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out again!!!

The Showstopper whips Angle into the ropes, and as he returns, is met with an inverted atomic drop. Angle falls back into the ropes, and comes back out, only for Shawn to hit another inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. Now, he begins to climb the ropes again, making sure Angle is down first. Michaels reaches the top rope, and looks around the arena, before landing with a Picture Perfect Elbow!!! Michaels has the leg hooked!!!




Michaels face, literally drops in shock of Angle’s kick out. Shawn looks spent, as he drags himself up, whilst Angle looks drained too, after nearly 50 minutes of action. Michaels stands in the corner, patiently waiting for Kurt Angle to turn around, with the fans expecting Sweet Chin Music. Angle turns around, with Shawn closing in … SWEET CHIN MUSIC … NO!!!! … KURT ANGLE CATCHES THE FOOT … SPINS MICHAELS AROUND … ANGLE SLAM!!!!!!!!!! Angle hooks the leg,




Second Fall - Kurt Angle - Angle Slam - 1-1 - 49:41

Angle ties the scores!!!!!! We are deadlocked, with ten minutes and change remaining. Neither man moves for a few seconds, with the referee reluctant to count them out. Kurt Angle is first to stir, and sits up, possibly not knowing his has equalized. The referee informs him, with The Olympian nodding.

Kurt Angle rises to his feet, with the fans starting a ‘Lets go Angle’ chant, getting behind The Smackdown Champion, as we reach the final ten minutes of the Iron Man match. He stomps on HBK, before scooping Michaels up, and rams him, back first into the corner, continuing to work on Michaels main weak point.

Angle turns Shawn front first to the corner, and drives his knee to the back of the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn falls onto the ropes, with the ropes being the only thing keep him up. We see the look of pain on HBK’s face, as Angle drives his knee again, to the back. Angle then pulls him out of the corner, and hit’s a high angle side suplex on Michaels, causing more pain to the back for the Showstopper. Angle then tells Michaels to get up, and ends up, nearly waiting a full thirty seconds for HBK to get to his feet, needing the ropes to help him up. Angle then grips him from behind, and hit’s a German Suplex. Kurt holds on, and hits another, holds on again, and hits one more, this time releasing, with the move making a horrendous thud on the mat, and bringing more pain to Michaels already weakened body part. Angle is cruising the match now, and covers Michaels without hooking the leg,




Angle doesn’t let the kick out faze him, then again tells Michaels to get up, and once again, HBK needs the help of the ropes to do so. He reaches his feet, but is met by Angle, who turns him around, and goes for the Angle Slam, but HBK rolls through, and with that, Kurt turns around, and as he does, Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Angle ducks, then as Michaels turns back around, Angle hit’s a Belly to Belly!!!




Staples Centre holds its breath, after an exciting to and fro moment, which could have turned the tables in the match. Angle then picks Michaels up, and whips him off the ropes, but HBK ducks a clothesline, then comes back with an arm drag to Angle, onto the left arm - the injured arm of Kurt Angle!!!

Kurt Angle rolls around, gripping his left arm, with Michaels once again causing distress. Michaels stays down a few seconds, trying to catch his breath, whilst Angle continues to show distress with his injured arm. The Olympian is first to reach his feet, but doesn’t look to go after HBK, instead, he tries to shake his arm loose. Michaels climbs to his feet, and zero’s in on the left arm of Kurt Angle, sending Angle into a state of absolute pain, connecting with a right hand to the bicep.

Angle backs into the corner, with Michaels following, grabbing the left arm, and pulling The Smackdown Champion out of the corner, and yanking the body part of the American Hero. Michaels hits another arm breaker, before quickly applying the arm bar once again!!!

Shawn Michaels makes sure to get Angle dead centre in the ring, giving the Smackdown Champion no chance of making the ropes. The clock now reads 52:34 into the match, leaving less than ten minutes in the match, with the question being, how long can Angle survive in the arm bar??

Angle doesn’t even look to be making an effort to make the ropes, whilst Michaels pulls at the arm, causing more stress for the WWE Champion. The referee kneels down beside Angle, asking if he wants to give in, with Angle giving no response. The referee instructs Angle to give him some sort of response, with Angle then yelling out ‘NOOOO!!!’, refusing to submit.

Meanwhile, HBK continues to crank the pressure, and appears to be trash talking too, desperate for Angle to tap out. Now, the Olympian begins to try and move towards the ropes, after being held in the arm bar for nearly sixty seconds, without moving. Michaels realises Angle is beginning to get closer to the ropes, and begins to panic. He tries to crank back, but Angle is fighting through the pain barrier, and reaches closer to the ropes, until Michaels decides to break the hold.

He jumps up, and attempts to drop the elbow on Angle’s arm, but Kurt moves, JUST in time, with Shawn missing, and eating canvas!!! Both men reach their feet, and begin to throw fatigued looking right hands at each other. Angle, smartly keeps his left arm out of Michaels range, and manages to go toe to toe with the Showstopper in the middle of the ring. Michaels pushes Angle, then goes for a kick to the gut, but Angle catches the foot, and quick as a flash, hooks HBK, and nails a release Fisherman suplex!!!!!

Kurt Angle doesn’t waste any time, and immediately scrambles to his feet, strangely, he doesn’t go for the cover, but instead, begins climbing the ropes, all the way to the top turnbuckle. Angle takes a few seconds to get his bearing, before leaping off with a beautiful moonsault … AND CONNECTS!!! Angle is on top of Michaels…



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

Angle sits up, with his hands around the back of his head, in shock over the kick out. He crawls to the ropes, in order to pull himself up, whilst Shawn Michaels begins crawling to the opposite side to pull himself up. There are now SIX minutes remaining, with the score tied at 1-1, with both men seemingly short of energy right now.

Michaels pulls himself up, but doesn’t expect anything from Angle right away, but HBK finds himself proven wrong, as Kurt Angle takes advantage, and picks out the ankle of the Heart Break Kid, taking him down, and going for the Anklelock!!! Michaels though, is lucky, and finds himself too close to the ropes, eventually grabbing them, which forces Kurt Angle to release.

Angle though, looks to have found another gear, and shows he means business, pulling down both straps, signalling for the Anklelock again. Angle grabs the ankle, but HBK refuses to go down, and tries to free himself, eventually, scoring with an enziguri!!! HBK makes the cover, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!!

Michaels picks Angle up, and throws a right, before running off the ropes, but as he comes back, Angle has the same idea, and both men knock each other down with a clothesline!!! Both men are down, flat out, and less than FIVE minutes now remain, with the referee beginning to make the ten count.






BOTH MEN NIP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They look across the ring at each other, and Angle runs at Michaels, but HBK leapfrogs, with Angle running into the ropes, and coming back, ducking a clothesline, and runs off the other side again, but this time, is met with a Monkey flip from Shawn Michaels!!!

Angle hit’s the ropes badly, and Michaels crawls over, to make a cover, but Angle punches him away. Both men look like they have found another wind, getting to their feet quickly, as we reach the climax of this awesome hour. Angle ducks a punch, and drives his knee into the gut of the Showstopper, before going for the Angle Slam, but HBK lands on his feet, and as Angle turns around, is met with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Michaels hooks the leg,



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

HBK cannot believe it. He argues with the referee, sure it was three. The referee tells him it was two. 03:43 remains, with the score still tied at 1-1. Michaels tells the referee that count was ‘Bullsh!t’, before getting back to his feet, and once again, begins to tune up the band.

HBK looks determined to put Angle down and out with Sweet Chin Music, and continues to stamp his foot, as Angle gets to his feet. Michaels goes for it, but Angle ducks, and ducks a second time, before landing with the ANGLE SLAM!!!!!!!!! Angle hooks the leg,



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

Staples Centre rises to it’s feet, in amazement, with both men, despite after over 55 minutes of action, are able to find more in the tank to kick out of two finishing moves. 03:02 remains, with both men fighting for air, with the finish now in sight. Angle rests against the ropes, and waits for HBK to get up, and as soon as he does, attempts to go for the Anklelock!!!

Angle is kicked away, but refuses to give up, and goes for the hold again, but Michaels again kicks him away. Angle comes to him again, but this time, Michaels jumps up, and throws at right at Angle forcing him back. Angle pushes HBK away, then runs at Michaels, but HBK leaps over him, and rolls him up for a sunset flip, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Shawn looks disappointed, and tries to reach his feet, clutching his back, showing he is broken down. Angle to reaches his feet, but both men look to be dazed, and groggy at this point, with it now being a question of who wants it most. Angle swings at Shawn, but the Showstopper ducks, and knocks down Kurt with a tremendous right. Angle then gets up, although slowly, but is knocked back down again. The Olympian gets up again, and this time, Michaels bounces off the ropes, and knocks Angle down with a clothesline. Michaels hits with such impact, that he falls into the ropes, whilst Angle goes down.

Michaels then looks over at Angle, and starts giving him the DX crotch chop, which the crowd give heat for. Angle says something to Shawn, and slowly gets to his feet, and is met by Michaels who whips him onto the ropes. Angle comes off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline from Michaels, then attempts to chuck him out of the ring, but Michaels hangs on!!!

Shawn Michaels hangs on for dear life, as Angle reaches over the ropes. HBK tries to skin the cat, and takes Angle down with a head scissors by doing so, but Angle catches his foot, and drags him into the ring taking him down for an ANKLELOCK!!!!

Michaels screams out in agony, then in one motion, he turns himself over, and cradles Angle, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! … BUT ANGLE HOLDS ONTO THE ANKLE!!!

Kurt Angle drags Michaels back to the centre of the ring, with the Anklelock locked in. He torques at the body part, and a huge groan comes from HBK, as Staples Centre goes berserk, desperate for Michaels to tap out, as Angle yanks at the limb, with HBK trying to push himself to the ropes, he crawls…and is soooo close….but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK!!!!

The reaction from the crowd becomes deafening, willing Angle to get the submission, as Shawn looks set to tap out. He once again crawls his way to the ropes, and is again one stretch away…..but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK AGAIN!!!!!

The Showstopper yells out in agony, his hands around his head, and Angle then clamps down with the grapevine!!! HBK is in REAL trouble now, nowhere to go at all. Michaels looks up at the screen for the time left, which reads 01:21 remaining.

The official lies in front of Michaels and asks if he wants to give it in, and Michaels grabs the referee by the shirt, almost showing his pain, and desperation, then, as the clock ticks down, Michaels tries to dig deep, ONE MINUTE REMAINS. Angle tears wildly at the Ankle, with Michaels in a world of trouble, not even able to move to the ropes anymore. 50 seconds … 49 … 48 … 47 … 46 … 45 … 44 … 43 … 42 … 41 … 40 … 39 … 38 … 37 … 36 … 35 … 34 … Michaels makes one last push for the ropes, but with 27 seconds remaining, he makes one last lunge to the ropes




Michaels cant hold on any longer, 21 seconds remain … 20 … 19 … 18 …




……………TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second Fall - Kurt Angle - Ankle Lock - 2-1 - 59:47

MICHAELS TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Angle goes 2-1 ahead!!!!! Less than 15 seconds remain, as Michaels desperately tries to do something to level the scores. He tries to pull himself up on the ropes, but as he does, his Ankle buckles, and HBK falls down again. Angle doesn’t go for the Anklelock, and instead, drops to his knee’s in celebration, knowing it’s over, as HBK looks ready to cry in the corner, watching Angle celebrate.

4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … 0

Winner; KURT ANGLE!!!

Kurt Angle is crowned the winner, and Smackdown wins the Clash of the Champions outright. Angle takes his title belt, and goes to the top rope, celebrating this amazing victory.

Shawn Michaels rolls out of the ring, almost inconsolable from a devastating defeat, limping heavily on his ankle, after being locked in the submission hold for nearly two whole minutes. His DX compatriots rush to the ramp to help carry out the Raw Champion, whilst the celebrations continue for Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross:
As God as my witness, that was the most awe inspiring sixty minutes of my wrestling lifetime. Never, in my 30 odd years in this business have I seen such a display of grit and determination from two athletes like I did tonight. It wasn’t a case of who wanted it more Tazz, because if you ask me, both these men wanted it as badly as the other, but on this night, Kurt Angle was able to find another level to take the match, and the victory for Smackdown.

These two are getting the standing ovation they richly deserve. For all we know, Kurt Angle may have wrestled 40 minutes with a broken arm, and Shawn Michaels might just have a broken ankle. This was a master class. Angle and Michaels have set the bar for any young man to enter this business, because THAT is what you should aspire to be.

Jim Ross:
This will be a night that I’ll never forget, that’s for damn sure. Smackdown may be the Champions at the clash, but the winners are undoubtedly, every single fan around the world watching this now. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you’ve enjoyed this night, as much as I have enjoyed calling it. Tazz, it’s been a pleasure.

Same here J.R.

Jim Ross:
Thank you all for watching, this historic night, For Tazz, I’m J.R, signing off. Goodnight.

Fade to Black


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