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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Yeah, that set did lack Colony. Don't know why. They were tag champs heading into the year and did plenty too. Finals vs BDK for example as well as the Claudio/Ares vs Fire/Solider championship change match from Wit, Verve, etc. Why the Unstable vs Portal match from that show made it over that I'll never know. Especially when the wild and awesome Unstable vs Portal match from Chikarasaurus Rex was much better and the blowoff to boot. I guess the complaint is fairly moot. A whole lot could have been on it, imo. Ophidian vs Matt Cross or Ophidian's four way from King of Trios Nights 2 & 3, respectively could have been fun additions too. More Ophidian is what I'm really getting at here, haha. He tore it up with Lince in the semi-finals of YLC -> leading into the GREAT finals as you pimped.

Soooo much goodness from 2010. YES @ the Pinkie Sanchez love. He was the man in BDK. If it wasn't for Donst being there he would have been my favorite. Both of their promos from A Touch of Class were stellar.

Never minded Jimmy much as I said. Wasn't crazy about his push, personally. Always was bigger on Colin though. Not b/c of the great work in WWE either...(lolz) He simply appealed to me more.

2009 eh? Another fine year from Chikara. It seems to be the year I trailed off and on during - have NO idea why - but luckily I caught back up in time to witness the epic BDK formation. All those years of building certainly paid off. Plus, 2009 was the year Danielson finally debuted & The Colony rose to tag team championship glory.

Didn't hurt having a great Claudio vs Hallowicked & Donst vs Hydra loser leaves town match either. Oh, and MASKS VS HAIR between FIST vs Colony.

I love that promotion so damn much.

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