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Re: Randy Orton vs. The Rock @ WM29 - It should happen.

Originally Posted by Randy Orton View Post
“The Rock comes back to our show to do this programme with Cena going into WrestleMania and he cuts this promo talking about how he never left and he promises he’s never going to leave again.

"The WWE has always been a place in his heart and the fans 'if it wasn’t for you...'

"Then he wasn’t around for weeks to come. He literally said ‘I promise I will never leave you again.'

"Someone had asked me who I thought was better, John Cena or Rock. I said Rock needs a teleprompter. Rock needs a writer to write all his stuff.

“Cena is awesome on the mic. When it comes to wrestling in the ring and the technical aspect, I feel as if I blow him away. I feel like I’m more of an athlete.

“The guy can squat 800lbs, I’m not saying he’s not an athlete, but watching him I feel he’s a little bulky, big. A little stiff, hard to move, robotic. That certainly hasn’t hurt him. That’s not necessarily a dig.

“I’m much better but on the microphone, he’s light years ahead of all of us. Including The Rock.W

"I heard Vince was mad, and John Laurinaitis, the Vice President of Talent Relations, pulled me to one side and I shouldn’t have said this going into WrestleMania.

“Basically, Rock called the office and said ‘Randy Orton did an interview and buried me and Triple H.'

“Now I talked about Triple H and Undertaker’s match, talking about how I respected these guys. I didn’t ‘bury’ Triple H, but Rock threw his name in the mix so that it would get attention.

“So I actually talked to Hunter about it, and it’s this big to-do over nothing.

"Rock never came to me. I’ve worked with him before. I thought about going up to him in catering and saying ‘Really? Is that what we do here?'"
That was Orton's side of the story.
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