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Re: Top 5 Worst WrestleMania's Of All Time?

Originally Posted by Boygirl View Post
Also, here are my top 5 OVERRATED Manias:

1. 17 - Many hail this as the greatest event in pro wrestling history which is an overstatement.

2. 6 - Apart from Hogan vs. Warrior which I think is the best 'showmanship' match in wrestling history (yes, even more entertaining than Taker/HBK), the timing for the other 13 matches were terrible. That's right, this WM has 14 matches crammed into less than 3 hours.

3. 24 - A lot of people praise this Mania for having it all and creating an almost perfect execution for each match. A lot of stuff were very predictable though: Flair losing, Taker winning, and Mayweather winning.

4. 10 - Apart from 2 legendary matches, the undercard sucked big time. (I still believe Lex Luger deserved a short WWF Title reign btw.)

5. 19 - This Mania was oozing with starpower indeed. Some people just think it's better than X-7 which is not true.
Gotta agree a little bit.

WM X could've been booked better. VI is a one match show. 24 is full in tons of fillers (Umaga-Batista was nice, but filler). XIX is really booked horribly (They could do more special things for this Wrestlemania).

About X-Seven: I gotta say that exept for some matches (The main event, the TLC and the McMahons) it was a really rushed card. Angle-Benoit, Triple H-Undertaker and such were made in the last seconds. I think that that Wrestlemania should've been booked otherwise.
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