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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Icon_Vs_Icon View Post
Theres a lot of misconception about this topic. From all my research Dwayne actually wanted to juggle acting and wrestling but Vince was pissed he wanted to do movies outside of WWE Studios. Rumor is Hunter convinced Vince to let Rocks contract expire go to Hollywood, fail, then come crawling back which would allow them to resign him for far less money. I for one dont think Hunter had anything to do with it but its interesting none the least
The one thing wrong with that, to those who believe it, is that the only people who would know would be HHH & The McMahons, and I'm fairly sure they would never be the ones saying it. I've heard that rumour, and I can imagine it was something along the lines of some crappy shoot interview with a wrestler who has no clue what he's talking about saying he thinks that's what's happened and then people on wrestling forums quote it like it actually happened.

Not you mate, you said you don't believe it either, just read it a few times and always amazes me people believe it. In fact, I'm not saying HHH didn't get vince to do this, however it's the fact people believe it because they've heard it when there's no chance those in the know would spill it.


This is the first PPV I've genuinely looked forward to since MITB 2011 in a way where I can't wait and interested massively in Punk and Rock. I just don't want The Rock to win clean, and Cena to win the Rumble leading to Cena/Rock 2 at Mania. If that happens, I will stop watching WWE for a few months. They have a chance to solidify something here and enforce Punk even more and maybe make a new star. Hopefully it goes the right way as I haven't spoken to, read or watched a single person say they want Cena/Rock 2.
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