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Originally Posted by Mrs. Austin Aries View Post
Aries said himself that the man (person) holding the belt gives it its credibility. I don't think one company's belt is more credible than the other, because they are, after all, two separate companies. And like I said in another post, there can never truly be a "best" or "most" anything because subjectivity is based on personal preference. There is no such thing as "the best" anything; only the best for you or to you.

So I say again, what is this?

I see where you are coming from with this. I am not a Jeff Hardy hater, but I get absolutely nothing out of him being champion, because I feel that, to his fans, he would be relevant without the belt. They're not attracted to him because he's champion, but because he's different. But I don't personally think of him as a great champion because I don't get that passion that you mentioned from him. I don't like that he made his own belt. If he wanted his own belt, then he could just have one and not be the champion. When he did that, he separated himself from the true championship, in my opinion. I can understand wanting to make your own belt if you're naming yourself a new kind of champion (it's been done before), but the original of an already-establish championship is the one that is supposed to hold the prestige. Compared to Aries, he's an exceedingly dull champion, and while I used to be a fan way back when (Hardy Boyz and Lita), I don't care for his ring work either. He feels like a self-promoter at this point, and while in general I suppose that's not wrong, if you're the champion, you need to try to get the company over as well. Like Aries did in his speech. But if you make your own championship belt that doesn't even carry the company name on it, you're promoting yourself at the expense of the company. I didn't realize that I thought this until typing it now. Jeff Hardy is not the TNA Champion; Jeff Hardy is the Jeff Hardy Champion.
This is where TNA is smart. They know jeff is the only one who can help TNA improve ratings.

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