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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
The real money match main event is The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title in my book. They are the two biggest stars Vince has access to, and they both transcend WWE in ways that no other superstar can, and that is including John Cena. Both men are huge names with a lot of name real estate behind them that spans further than WWE's property normally can.

While post-Mania plans really don't benefit from a Rock/Lesnar showdown as both men will likely be gone after the event, there is no debating that it is the biggest possible main event WWE can table right now.

With that said however, Cena is the top full time star and needs to be also showcased in the main event spotlight on the big stage. To me, it's a simple equation for what will make this Mania beat last year's record breaking buy rate.

Rock + Lesnar + Cena + WWE Title = $$$

Just break it down...

Rock is the biggest star of the three, and his appearances on WWE TV since returning have proved he moves the needle. His also an A list movie star. Putting the WWE Title on him leading into Wrestlemania makes WWE more mainstream than ever before (and we all know that's what Vince is looking for). It's really pretty simple; when Rock's on the show, he is the main attraction - as he should be.

Lesnar is also a household name, but for different reasons. He's one bad mother fucker who brings a shit load of credibility to the table. It's as simple as looking at it with a dollars and cents lense. Lesnar was a major investment for Vince, and has proven to move the needle as well in his handful of appearances and matches. He's proved himself inside of the WWE ring during his first run with the company and furthered built his worth in UFC by winning the heavyweight title actually fighting. Not showcasing your biggest investment in the main event of the biggest show just seems silly to me. The only worry with Lesnar is that Triple H is selfish and wants his win back...which just seems absurd and I just HAVE to think that he knows better than to do that.

And as mentioned above, Cena is the golden boy and needs to be shown in the spotlight. Not much more raelly needs to be said to prove Cena's case.

The recipe is simple, and if I were to bet on it, I'd say Vince is looking at the money and knows this is how it has to go - a triple threat. It puts all their biggest guys at the top of the card on the biggest show of the year, in a match that makes fans and non-regular fans alike very interested, and would without a doubt shatter all buyrate records.

Seems like a no brainer to me.
The idea of the triple threat is definetly growing on me and as you say it just seems like a money match

It isn't my first choice of a match as I'd like Cena/Taker and Brock/Rock but I don't expect them to happen and a triple threat stops those awful rematches noone wants so I'm all for it
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