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Re: The Book thread.

Originally Posted by SrsLii View Post

I'm almost done with them all already.

Feed me more.
I'm up to the challenge. I hope. :shock
The Hollows is a damn good series IMO. I am not sure if I can top it. But hopefully I can do justice to a couple of others.

I sense that maybe you appreciate a good female character or heroine. Rachel Morgan is obviously one of, if not, my favorite. But another would probably be Harper Blaine of the "Greywalker" series written by Kat Richardson. She is a P.I. based in Seattle who dies in the first chapter of the first book (so not actually a spoiler there...). She comes back with a special connection to the supernatural world, which ends up both helping and hindering her work and life. Well written series.

Another author to check out would be C.E. Murphy. The book "Heart of Stone" kicks off a trilogy of books with a normal human heroine getting involved in underworld inhuman politics. I wish there were more than three books in that series. Another book, "Urban Shaman" is the first book of what is called the Walker Papers, which is a very interesting series. The Main character, Joanne Walker, is a half Cherokee, half Irish cop (also in Seattle). The books are an interesting mesh of Native American and Gaelic folklore. There are about 9 or 10 books total in that one, with the last one coming out later this year.

If you have already read those let me know. I will ponder some more.

And, now that I think about it, I would highly recommend a few books from author Diana Rowland that are not getting the attention I believe they deserve. I have read two books so far in the series: "My Life As A White Trash Zombie" and "Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues". The third book, "White Trash Zombie Apocalypse" is slated to come out soon. Now you may be saying, WTF? Those are some pretty messed up book titles. And I agree they are. But I am a huge fan of the zombie genre, and these books are a real curveball to it. To a zombie enthusiast, these books provide a fresh, amusing take not presented in other undead books. To someone who isn't a big fan of the genre, they are different enough while still paying homage to the Romero-esque version of undead horror. And I will also put up Angel Crawford as one of my new favorite female characters. The books are a great "coming of age/personal redemption" story.
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