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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Originally Posted by TheFranticJane View Post
Ryback is more or less a talented version of Goldberg.
He has a good moveset, isn't too bad in more evenly paced matches and - above all - has moved passed the 'winning streak' gimmick, a gimmick that is usually the Kiss of Death for the poor guy who eventually has to lose.
Ryback's got a great moveset, his mannerisms are appropriately threatening and in general I think he could - at any time - be put into the main even scene and be a credible threat.

This does not mean he should get the belt, you understand. But he's on a level that it feels right for him to be competing for it. I think he's got a very bright future indeed, and rightly so. Guy's worked his ass off.
Talented? Goldberg was a natural athlete and moved extremely fluidly in the ring. Ryback is kind of a klutz.

And Ryback doesn't even have 1/10th the charisma Goldberg had.

Basically, he's a Goldberg carbon copy but everything isn't as good. That's probably why he gets so much hate.

Me...don't really care one way or another. Nice to see another face in the main event at least.

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