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Re: Daniel Bryan is the best.

Originally Posted by Alkomesh2 View Post
1. The anger management skits with Kane and D'Bry got old eventually but they had some amazing moments to begin with, if you didn't find Kane retelling his life story funny then... I mean dunno, that was probably the funniest thing I've seen in WWE for a long time. The humour was supposed to be that its funny to see the crazy characters of the WWE in a more normal everyday context, I mean the very concept of a monster who can create fire having to go through anger management seems kinda funny on its face, guess thats not your type of humour but I don't see you can't see how that could be funny to others.
The Kane thing, as I've said before, was by FAR the best part of the anger management segments. The rest was garbage. I truly pity those who thought it was funny.

Originally Posted by Alkomesh2 View Post
2. D'Bry's current character is a bit silly, its meant to be to appeal to kids, not his choice I'm sure just an unfortunate bi-product of WWE's increased focus towards children.
What kind of kids? Retarded ones? I don't get how even they would find it funny.

Originally Posted by Alkomesh2 View Post
3. D'Bry has already far surpassed Kurt Angle by so much it isn't even funny, Kurt is awesome and all, but D'Bry is just a step above thanks to his understanding of in ring physiology and ability to tell a compelling story between the ropes and I just don't understand how you can deny that D'Bry is charismatic as hell, he got over huge while the WWE were trying to bury him. Unlike Cena he wasn't just booked on top until people liked (little kids like winners) him he got himself over through charisma, talent and a hell of a lot of hard work.
Far surpassed Kurt Angle...what a dumb statement. Angle was one of the top performers in the industry at a time when there were so many guys fighting for that top spot that it was ridiculous. And we're talking legends fighting for that spot-Austin, Rock, Hunter, Taker, Kane, etc. And yet within a year they were confident enough in him to put the belt on him and book him like an extremely credible top heel, and they gave him a pretty solid run with the strap as well.

He had extremely good feuds with Rock, Austin, Brock, tons of the industry's top guys.


He got himself over because the fans were annoyed that he got fucked at Wrestlemania. They saw it as an injustice. It had nothing to do with Bryan. Then they gave him the most irritating and blah catchphrases in years. Why do you think it got over? Because its easy. Its one simple, stupid word that means nothing that the fans can latch onto and blather over and over. Look at the What chants. We still get them pretty regularly, and they were exactly the same thing. Its not who said it, its that it was said and people for some god forsaken reason liked it. There are reports of people chanting YES at hockey games. How many of them do you think have heard of Daniel Bryan? Probably 5% max. Why do they chant it? Because its easy and they heard it somewhere else.

How much talent does it take to do what he does on the mic? None. Any moron can go out there and shout YES and NO. In fact, Del Rio couldn't get over, so they gave him the Mexican equivalent-Si. Now he's getting over. It has zero to do with Bryan or him being SO talented. Even the charismaless fucks like Del Rio can get over using it.

To compare someone like Angle who is extremely successful in wrestling to Bryan who has accomplished not even a fraction of that success is stupid. Its a blind Bryan mark statement.

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