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Re: Backstage News On Why Ziggler Might Turn Babyface Soon

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
There's no shame in stealing a moveset! No one invents their moveset! Brock Lesnar invented the F-5, that's the only example of a modern wrestler inventing a move that I can think of. Gunn didn't invent the fameasser, and it's not going to be retired any more than the neckbreaker when Randy Orton leaves.

And no, not everyone thinks he copied Billy Gunn. I think he's much, much better than Billy Gunn, in the ring and on the mic. And that's not the whole gimmick. Billy Gunn loving asses was his gimmick, and if its not a gimmick then he didn't have one. Ziggler is the show-off who promises to 'steal the show' and delivers by having the most exciting match each night. That's not just a gimmick, its one of the best gimmicks there is. The fameasser and shaking your ass is not a gimmick. Billy Gunn's 'gimmick' was so bad, so limited, that they turned him into a gay stereotype! Ziggler, on the other hand, is the next world champion, and just beat the top face in the main event of a PPV. That's not just a difference in accomplishment, that's a world of difference. Do you mean to tell me that Vince McMahon or anyone else was that crazy to not see the star power in Gunn, or that crazy to think Ziggler was a star?

The difference between the AE and today is Rock and Austin. That's it. Billy Gunn wasn't as special as you remember him to be, he was the quietest of a quartet, his ENTIRE gimmick was shaking his ass, and he just didn't entertain like Ziggler did.

Even if Ziggler is shit, the fact that you constantly compare him to Billy Gunn because of his look, ass shaking, and finisher shows how superficial your whole view on this is. If he can't talk, then he's as bad on the mic as a million other guys. If he can't perform well in the ring, then he's as bad in the ring as a million other guys. The fact that when you see him you just think "Billy Gunn" shows that you're not even judging him by a rational standard. Is Damien Sandow just Bradshaw 2.0? And he did not steal Gunn's moveset, he recycled a finisher like everyone else on the planet does. Ziggler is flashy high-flyer with pretty decent technical skills, with an actual wrestling background, like many other great technical wrestlers. Billy Gunn was Billy Gunn.
In before TLDR, he IS a Billy gunn rip of but you just can't get through to ziggler nuthuggers. 1 question do you swallow when Ziggler finishes?

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