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Re: WWE Considering Two Major Feud For Brock Lesnar In 2013

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Either do Lesnar/Taker or nothing.

Lesnar/Taker writes itself, they have a history, and it'll be different from the "I respect you but I'll going to kill you" at WM storyline. They should just have Lesnar outright say he doesn't respect Taker and (unlike Shawn and Triple H) he won't hold anything back. He has nothing to lose, and he has nothing else to prove. The Streak will make him the biggest name in wrestling history and he's do whatever he takes to win. Even if that means beating Taker to a pulp. And Taker never beat Lesnar in his rookie year. Now, Lesnar has years of experience both in the professional wrestling world and MMA world. He's a legit MMA fighter and former UFC Champion. He's not only going to beat Taker, he's going to break him. He broke Triple H's arm twice without remorse, he broke Shawn Michaels arm without remorse.

Brock Lesnar doesn't care about anybody else but Brock Lesnar.

Undertaker is frail old man, a shell of his former self but he somehow always find a way to pull through at Wrestlemana. How in the hell will he beat a former WWE and UFC Champion who shows no remorse for anybody. Not to mention Taker never beat Lesnar, so Lesnar knows how to beat Taker.

I mean, come on. It fuckin' writes itself. It's the only match that I feel is worthy of a Streak match besides Taker/Cena, which should be done ideally at WM 30.

Nobody wants to see Triple H/Lensar two. Taker and Punk have no chemistry. Who the hell wants to see Lesnar vs. Orton? The only match I can see happening is Lesnar/Punk, and that's only because of Paul Heyman's involvement with both men. But seriously, who's going to think there's a possibility of Punk beating Brock freakin' Lesnar? Even in kayfabe, Punk doesn't stand a chance.
Story does write itself but then again how do you bring Brock back to TV to fight Undertaker in the first place? Remember Brock "quit" WWE and only came back after Triple H begged him for a match. You can't just make anything up to get him back on TV their has to be a reason for Brock to "come back" to WWE and right now unless Undertaker returns and calls him out directly that will happen with Triple H pretty much willing to anything to get Brock Lesnar in the ring a second time.

The one other factor is like some have said who knows how well Lesnar & Undertaker get along these days and if ether man has even the smallest issue with working together then it won't happen simple as that.


This explains everything I dislike about John Cena.
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