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Re: The Undertaker... Where is He and When Will He be Back?

So you want punk to have the main event first? and then taker? so like i said you main event BEFORE you even get a chance at going aginst taker, I.E its more of a deal, as you may main event, dont mean you will face taker, if you face taker you main evented*

*Since it became a big deal
I couldn't understand a WORD you just said.

also you can care all you want, all that matters is what the most know, and thats, taker is just as good if not more so then the main event.
Not for a guy who desperately needs a WrestleMania main event. He's NOWHERE near as good as that.

If Taker was better than the main event, why isn't Cena facing him? You know, the golden boy? Answer that one. According to you, Punk is better off than him, and he gets the biggest match at Mania, when in reality it's COMPLETELY the other way around.

yu can keep complain, it dont amount to anything. end of the day, regardless of what you say, it is an honor if punk faces taker, more so with punk being a fan of taker
I'm a fan of Taker too, but I'm not blind either. This is not a slight against Undertaker. It's a slight against anyone who screws Punk. I can see that Punk clearly, CLEARLY needs to main event WrestleMania this year, his work DEMANDS it. He should not be saddled with anything else but the last match with the biggest star in wrestling, The Rock. I would be saying this if he was facing anyone else, including Austin, the greatest of all time.

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