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Re: Tell me, does anyone here really want to see Rock vs Cena again?

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Hell, I don't want to see three matches between the two. They should have had it at Wrestlemania 27 and been done with it. Waiting a year build killed alot of anticipation for it, not to mention the bickering between the two. They should have had Rock come back, challenge Cena to a match at WM 27. Had Cena win and at WM 28 Rock could have challenged for The Streak or even the WWE Championship. It's like like a feud with Cena is the ONLY thing they can do with The Rock going into Wrestlemania.

But unfortunately Rock won last year, so it makes sense for the top face to get his biggest win of his career.

Cena winning would have proven that he is the top guy of this company and he's beaten them all besides ending the Streak. They would have booked him as he should be booked, as the top guy who's unstoppable. Making Rock win made no sense but put over The Rock and the Attitude Era a superior to the current era. Which makes no sense at all. It's like if they put over Hogan over Rock at WM 18, same thing. No, they put over the present over the past at that show. For some reason, they put the past over the present which WWE hardy ever does, especially at big time shows.

As for the aftermatch: They could have had him be all happy because he's done with The Rock. have him say his next goal is the WWE Championship. Than, when he's about to leave, Brock Lesnar's music hits. It's basically the night after WM 19 all over again, but Cena doesn't threaten to leave. Lesnar comes back, and wins at Extreme Rules. They have Lesnar dominate Cena, and injure him to the point where he'll take time off. Since Lesnar beat the top face, he runs rough-shot over the entire company, winning the WWE Championship from Punk at Summerslam.
Well first off Brock Lesnar was not going to run through anyone because of the type of contract he has. The reason Cena beat him was to get him off of TV which looking back at it now was not a wrong move considering how they built Lesnar/Triple H.

Now as far as booking Cena has he should in your option Cena had his run as the unstoppable babyface in 2006-2007. In 2012-2013 there is no reason John Cena should still be unstoppable you add that to how guys come out of feuds with him looking like shit and it would make the show very hard to watch. But like I said this most likely this is going to be trilogy which is why The Rock won the first match. As far as it not happening in 2011 I think that was WWE's call they wanted to hype a main event match a year out before it happened.


This explains everything I dislike about John Cena.
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