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Re: Shows that shouldn't have been cancelled

Originally Posted by NoGimmicksNeeded View Post
It wasn't cancelled though, it just ended. I loved the finale, personally. There were some good hints in the build up to that scene, and there's a lot of really interesting analysis out there. And my friend downloaded it 3 times convinced he had a dodgy version every time, which was awesome.
Originally Posted by i$e View Post
Sopranos wasn't cancelled and it's the GOAT ending to the GOAT show.
Good to see there are others who love the finale. I'd have hated a cliche shootout or merely Tony going to jail. Sometimes its preferable to not have the fate of characters you're attached to spelled out to you. I thought the entire scene was a great tribute and documentation of the whole show: which was to highlight the deterioring health and mindset of Tony in trying to balance the demands of his work with his family. Seeing the way the scene was shot and how ordinary looking people were made to look suspicious and dangerous through the eyes of Tony just highlighted how paranoid and hopeless his life had become, to any of us at best they just come off peculiar, to Tony however everyone is a potential threat and killer. His life working in the mob has ensured he knows the ins and outs of the game and no matter how well his children do in life, or how much he loves Carmella, all the killing, the cheating, the fallout with rival families and those closest to him has taken him to a place he can never escape from. Throw in amazing hints of escalating tension such as the camera switching to show the potential shooter having a clean shot from the bathroom (a homage to a famous scene from Tony's favourite movie) and the way they built Meadow struggling to park..everything was tense, gripping and entirely unpredictable.

Knowing that Tony may be alive but would never be able to overcome his paranoia, fear and general detachment from his mob dealings, it showed us the development of a vile, thuggish and horribly violent man who had been stripped of his confidence and power and was now a shell of his former self. As the synopsis of Season 1 stated: "If one family doesn't kill him, the other will". I don't see how that entire final scene and its outlook on what Tony had become isn't as true to the synopsis of the show as it could possibly get.
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