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Re: 1/25 Smackdown, 1/23 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
LOL, wiped the floor with him. That's impossible. Biased reporting.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
And of course, Punk doesn't get to counter back, refuting all of his refutes.

Punk is flat out better than Rock on the mic, there's no way around it, it just is. There's no scenario I could ever believe where Rock could actually beat someone of this calibur in a verbal fight. He hasn't even come close yet.
If Punk is so wonderful on the mic or in fact, that damn great, why is Rock having to put him over in nearly every single promo he has done thus far then? Rock never did that with Austin, HHH, Mankind, Taker, Big Show, Cena... the list goes on. The reason is simple. Punk has no credibility. Full Stop.

I know some of you will blame the creative writing and yes, it is shitty these days but fuck... you can only go so far into blaming that.

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Possibly, if they did it just like every good promo Punk has done against Rock so far. I didn't watch the Smackdown promo yet, but it better favor The Rock, otherwise it's a terrible, one-sided buildup to the Rumble that will either A: not be a satisfying win for Rock fans/people who don't like Punk, or B: Just make it look like WWE has forcefully put Punk over a legend to falsely increase his all time status, and only current Punk marks will like it.
This right here is why I'm hating this feud right now. Rock trying to make Punk as a threat is just pathetic. Not his fault though.
Punk has ZERO credibility whatsoever and Rock is forced to build Punk as the greatest thing to come out of wrestling. Period.

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