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1st Raw
Eric Bischoff comes out for a interview.

Eric: Before anybody gets started this is not an Invasion. This is not a storyline. This is real as it gets. Fellow superstars have been agreeing with me lately that Vince has been killing the WWE and wrestling entertainment in general. Thats why fellow superstars like Edge, Chris Beniot, and Eddie Guerrero have joined together to help wrestling not the entertainment. We hate entertainment and we hate the Kliq and we hate McMahon.

Vince McMahon comes out into the ring.

Vince: Eric Your Fired. Your gone you screwed me and my company. Now...

Eric: No you listen its you and Hunter who have killed wrestling. You put has beens and talentless big guys into the main-event while we the New Generation will have wrestling more exciting and more enjoyable. You couldn't get entertainment to work Vince so you called me, you called Rock, you called Austin, but you never gave these guys the chance. They sat there making your show entertaining that you have screwed up big time. Now Vince we have an offer you can't refuse. We have saved over millions of dollars and we want to buy your federation.

Vince: What you must be crazy. You think I will sell my stock and all my power here in the federation. Hell no.

Eric: Ok listen to reason Vince. What I have done to your federation. Since me and friends have formed our alliance. You have increased in ratings and ppv buy rates have increase by a wide margin. Now if you want help I am the man to do it.

Vince: I will think about and give my decision by the end of the night.

Match 1
Test vs Kane
Kane wins via Choke Slam.

Kane grabs the mic.

Kane: Vince screw Eric Bischoff and screw the fans. I want these fans to lose interest so I don't to sign so many of those damn kids autographs.

Match 2
Jeff Hardy and Dreamer vs. Christian and Storm (Tag Titles)
Dreamer and Hardy win with a Dreamer Driver into the Swanton Bomb. Jeff looks upset.

Dreamer: Whats the problem Jeff.

Jeff: I have lost interest in the business. There is nothing about it that I care about. I am gonna to quit as of right now.

Dreamer: Jeff please reconsider we need here and the fans need you here.

Jeff Hardy walks away.

The Kliq enters the ring.

HHH: Last night some superstar had pinned me in a match that was never supposed to happen, never suppose to exist, but because of certain reasons it happens. And I will tell you something I am a very bad sore loser. So Jericho, me and the Kliq will do everything in its path to destroy your career.

HBK: Thats why I have decided that all of us should face Booker T. and Jericho in a 3 on 2 handicap match.

Jericho comes out with an enormus ovation.

Jericho: Hunter you can't accept that unless you have a script you can't beat me. As for me as well as Booker would probably agree with me in saying that we have no problem kicking your ass.

Match 3
Trish and Molly vs. Ivory and Victoria
Molly pins Victoria with a Molly Go Round

Match 4
Dudleyz vs. Rhyno and the debut of Sabu
The animals (Rhyno and Sabu) win with a Gore.

Match 5
Hurricane vs. Batista
Batista win with a powerbomb.

The Kliq destroys Booker T. backstage as Booker is rushed to the hospital. The main event had change.

Main Event
The Kliq vs. Jericho
Jericho fights off all of the men in the ring as Nash, HHH, and Michaels lay a beat down on Jericho. Jericho wins by DQ as the assult him with a sledge hammer as he is bleeding from the mouth again.

Vince comes out and calls out Bischoff.

Bischoff comes out.

Bischoff: So what is your decision.

Vince: No.

Bischoff: Well too bad. Because Linda McMahon your wife sold her portion of her company to me. Now its time to meet your new co-partners that make up the Board of Directors in your federations. Let introduce the New Director of Talent Relations Mick Foley.

Mick: Vince I am not against you but you won't let anybody help you out in this company that I couldn't see you destroy it.

Bischoff: Your new Head Writer of both Raw and Smackdown Mr. Paul Heyman.

Paul: The WWE will be better then ever without your help.

Bischoff: Your new Head Wrestling Trainers: Al Snow, and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat.

Ricky: I am going to make sure the talent will be great here.

Bischoff: And your new Vice President: Bret the Hitman Hart.

Hart: Vince you screwed me a long time ago, but now I won't allow you screw out anymore people.

Bischoff: And your new president Me Eric Bischoff. Now Vince the WWE will be better then ever.

Vince: Screw you all. I hate you and I hate wrestling. I didn't want to get better I wanted it to get worse and die. I was losing money off this and wanted to keep the money I did this for the money. Wrestling for all I care could die. And its not too late. My "talent" as I call it will destroy you.

Bischoff: Oh is that so.

Vince: Yeah, because if ratings don't signifcant ratings by Wrestlemania. Your company will be out of business. And now unless there is some kind of miracle Wrestlemania 19 will end the great world of wrestling.

End of Show.

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