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Re: 1/25 Smackdown, 1/23 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
The comedy.

There's no one better than The Rock, that's impossible because no one in the history of the business had the combination of his charisma, delivery, cleverness and presence to captivate every audience. He's in a world of his own, playing a completely different game than anybody else. Punk is not top 10, smooth delivery, nothing more than that. Why people think Rock consistently put Punk over in his promos? To sell him as a credible opponent against him, Rock is basically doing in 3 weeks what WWE couldn't do in 430 days. Everything Rock said to Punk so far was a soft version of the original point, all to protect Punk's image before the PPV because with his status and crowd control it can be a character killer to any performer today. That's how you promote and create interest, by building up your competition so when you overcome it, it would mean something in the eyes of the viewers. Rock's string of money promos leading to the Rumble did more than just selling the PPV. It sold Punk and brought back meaning to the title.
Truth hurts...

people creaming their pants over the god line dont realize that the only ones that buy it are the ''stream on the pc'' audience,that doesnt sell PPvs,putting your opponent over in the ring,mic and making the title mean everything to you does...


Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post

No problem bro, just thought it can be used a lot, especially now when The GOAT is coming back to be the Shark of greatness in the middle of a sea of mediocrity :Rock
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