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Re: Tell me, does anyone here really want to see Rock vs Cena again?

no because we saw it last year, many other dream matches, even if cena was to turn heel it would be better vs taker

cena vs taker would get people talking for sure, just think about that match

rock and cena are the only two that i want to see face taker, punk could have a good match with him but we all know he isn't winning

rock or cena vs undertaker would be a huge match, and they are both legit threats to the streak, and are both big names, taker needs epic matches

then there's the lesnar factor, lesnar/rock could be great, they have history from maybe the greatest summerslam ever in 2002, and heyman was there to, another dream match at mania that would draw

cena vs taker
brock vs rock

rock vs undertaker
cena vs punk

both of these would be big draws, probably bigger then cena/rock 2

cena/rock 2 hardcores dont want it, and not even casuals do, if it was to get a bigger buyrate maybe i can see them doing it but with other dream matches that would draw just as much i don't want it
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