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Re: Nintendo announces a ton of games (new Zelda, WW remake, SSB, Mario, Mario Kart,

Originally Posted by Kun10 View Post
So..er... what exactly is your point here? They should release these games on the Wii because you don't want a Wii U?

Don't get me wrong, even with the price drop (around 100 cheaper now) I'm still not sold on buying the system. There's like one good game and that's ZombiU and it's nowhere near good enough to buy a system for.

These games however? I'd buy a Wii U for Xenoblade 2 alone, never mind Zelda HD, Wind Waker HD and all the rest.

I don't get people sometimes. You complained about lack of HD. You got HD. Don't like the touch screen controller? Don't use it. There's a reason why they ripped off the 360 controller and it comes with the premium package. Yet people still complain.
I have never complained about the Wii's lack of HD. If they released another Zelda or SSB for the Wii I'd buy it tomorrow without thinking about it. My point is that I'm annoyed I won't be able to play these games for myself because of there choice to put it on a new system which isn't off the gorund that much.

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