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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
Not a big fan of when people get all statistical about the pokemon games. So much of that stuff has already taken over so many games that this should be left out. Nothing worse than when people are comparing pokemon like they're ammunition and guns on COD.

Be a kid again. Play the game for what it is. If you try a pokemon and it's weak, move on to the next one and be done with it. Best part of being a kid playing the games was the discovery of stuff like that. The mystery of training one you've never trained etc. Not going on the internet and trying to figure out all the best pokemon statistically like you're an Olympic trainer.

Rant over.
From personal experience, the people who are playing whilst also checking stats are those who have been playing the game for long enough that the novelty of catching 'em all has worn off, mainly due to the fact that it is impossible to 'Catch 'em all' in any of the games. (Trading doesn't count as catching..)

I still wouldn't compare them to the CoD players who check every little thing.. (From Damage through Walls, to Reload time) Stat Checkers on Pokemon rarely actually check the stat anyways. They are more concerned about the move-sets of Pokemon, and not some stats that can easily be altered by a few in-game items.

I know stats of Pokemon because I played it competitively for a while and had to learn them to actually know what the hell I was using. It has even made the games a lot more enjoyable for me as now I know that certain Pokemon could struggle through the entire game and that if I use them, the challenge just increases, instead of just picking the same old team of 6 who crush everything in their paths because I've taught them the same 4 moves that I do every time I play the game.

Apparently it's not about having fun with games anymore. It's about competing to win junk these days.

Let those who dilute the fun of games including Pokemon do so. I'll continue to play the original way - catching pokemon, leveling up, and trying to catch them all. Back to basics
Competing to win junk? Not at all. Each time I went online to battle people it was some of the most fun I've had in Pokemon. That's why people do it, not for trophies, but for the enjoyment of testing the team that you have caught and leveled up to 100 against other players who have done the exact same damn thing. And on that note, that shows that your second point 'I'll continue to play the original way - catching pokemon, leveling up, and trying to catch them all. Back to basics' is the exact way that competitive players play the game too. We play the game the exact way everyone else does, except that after the main game is done, we still have new experiences to gain, instead of leaving the game for a week and then deciding that we want to start over again.

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