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Re: Classic WWF/E stories and anecdotes

Originally Posted by RickeyP View Post
I found another golden one.

Back in the early 80's again. This is before Vince McMahon put the "Death Knell" on the wrestling industry dispelling making the public believe "wrestling was real". The territory Dog was in Easily was the poorest Demographic in the country for the business. This is Mid-South Territory Louisiana and surrounding states. JYD was selling out 30,000 seat auditoriums....WEEKLY. The public adored him fiercely, and again realize, the public believed Pro-Wrestling to be real. It was so rough the security for that company was stuff of legend. Bill Watts the promoter even had a place called the "room" where people that jumped a wrestler were taken too, beaten, and by Watts sometimes too. This all happened.

JYD had a program against The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Rogers). Make long story short - Michael Hayes has this cream that magicians use to create fire (Y'all DON"T KNOW just how much money that magicians cream made for wrestling btw), and he throws it in JYDs' face. Big Ol Fireball goes into Dogs face, and he sells it well. The audience is freaking, and the Freebirds run like madmen into a car that speed them out of the building. This was typical back then in this territory cause fans of JYD would wait outside the auditorium to beat-up JYDs opponents.

The Junkyard Dog is Blind! He'll never be able to see! His career is over! The public outcry was overwhelming. The big sell for the auditorium was JYDs farewell speech. Complete almost instantaneous sell-out.

Audience that night is SOBBING when he's led out to the ring. Selling it all, Dog has the dark glasses on and is holding onto a guys shoulder in front of him being led. Theyre in the ring finally, Security in the place is on High-Alert. Dogs talking - then all of a sudden the "Freebirds" show up.

Place is absolutely Out-of-control! Freebirds get in the ring where JYDs standing there by himself. What happens next was not "planned") They get in the ring, and "Bam" Some brotha dressed like "Dolemite" jumps two rows and is in the ring in-between Dog and The Birds. With a gun outstretched right at Micheal "P.S." Hayes. "I GOT YOUR BACK DOG! DOG I GOT YOUR BACK!!! For a few brief seconds Hayes thinks himself a dead man, and Dog has the gunman right in front of him, but he can't "see" remember. So he is unable to help because he CANT RUIN THE ANGLE!

Like Ants security swarms this guy! They tackled him hard simultaneously! Reports were he was elevated even in the air from impact like the Iwo Jima flag, and then smothered him like Secret Service. The Freebirds run like madmen into a car that speeds them out of the building.

Source: http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f44/ba...dustry-716912/
That's mental, gotta love the territory days.

Saturn and Raven had a strap-on on their forehead sometimes on the road called the "rhino". They created a slide and then went down the slide right into a girl's pussy with the rhino

When DX invaded Nitro, the WCW boys knew about it and loved it. The nWo boys, Nash, Hall, Konnan etc wanted to let DX into the building. Hall and Nash actually were pissed at Bischoff at that point and wanted to go out and hug HHH and X-Pac but they were stopped. Few years later TNA had the opportunity to somewhat "invade" the WWE too because the WWE was shooting a commercial near TNA's arena. Instead of turning off the lights and invading the place or something, they greeted the WWE wrestlers with cheesy balloons and cookies Yeah, it sucked. The TNA wrestlers were pissed but Dixie was scared the WWE would sue them if they had messed with their shooting.

I highly recommend the MLW podcast with Konnan and Court Bauer every week. Especially Konnan tells great stories.

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