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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
no reason for it. he likes Russo and others don't. Opinion stated. Moving on.

I've heard numerous wrestlers say it never did. Then all of a sudden WCW got fixated on it and eventually led to Vince having to pay attention b/c of the force WCW was and the risk WWF had of losing possible business.

Meh. That's no different than when someone loves a sitcom or something. They'll occasionally see the ratings to see why and rumors about a cancellation are pending, but other than that, nah. I can't see any reason for any wrestling fan to care about ratings. It's...simply not an issue. I'm sure if New Japan Pro Wrestling had a show on a small cable channel in America that the ratings might not be very stellar. I wouldn't care. I'd watch that religiously. That's the point.

why is this a debate now? sheesh
I don't want to get into a big ratings debate ether, but you can't overlook the fact that they're important. The WWF started paying attention to WCW because they were their main competitor, offering a wrestling alternative in the same exact timeslot. That can kill ether promotion eventually since they cannibalise on the same fanbase. The WWF payed attention to the ratings even more when they did their lowest ever in late 1996 (which I believe was very close to the 0's, someone correct that if i'm wrong). The ratings are a direct reflection of whether or not your show is popular, it matters because the better ratings the show makes, the better business becomes and it assures that the show will remain on a solid network. I get your point about ratings not mattering to the wrestling fan, but I brought ratings up as a defense for Russo. Russo is such a horrible writer, yet the interest in WWF peaked when he was writing the show. How can that be?

Sitcoms have been known to get booted off the air due to low ratings. I don't think it's sane to concern yourself with ratings on a weekly basis, but I wouldn't fault a fan for occationally checking in to see how his show is doing. It's very important to the company, and it should be important to the fan to a certain extent, especially if the ratings go sour.

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