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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by SVETV988_fan View Post
I make excuses for my favorite wrestler, and I can admit to going overboard with it. It's human nature to be passionate about certain things, and sometimes those emotions get the better of you. I can't point out many factual mistakes Dualshock made on Russo, but i'm sure he's been wrong a handful of times. I don't want to speak for him directly, but i'm sure he's just tired of people on the Internet saying silly things like "Russo killed the Wrestling Industry" or that Vince Russo is to blame for TNA going in the shitter and so on and so on. Does Vince deserve some of the blame? Sure he does, but he also deserves credit which very few people give him. I think Dualshock is trying very hard to change that perception of Russo, and in his quest he might of slipped a few times. We are all human, and I understand that because i've been in his shoes.

I am not a fan of Russo at all, but I can admit that he was partly responsible for the biggest boom period in WWF history, and I don't buy the garbage that he killed WCW, I think that whole WCW situation was destined to fail before Russo arrived. I also disagree with you on ratings, they do matter because they indicate whether or not a large amount of eyeballs are watching your show or not. Does the Nelson ratings cover everyone? No, but they are a big indicator, especially back in the 90's when everyone was still on dialup connection.
a) who cares if people make that claim about Russo? nobody should and it's mindless venting.
b) the fact you claim ratings matter somewhat makes this point moot. they don't. they do to the people within the company, b/c they run it and it's their job. wrestling fans? why should they care or concern themselves with it? watch and enjoy. all there is to it.

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